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Posted on: May 20, 2007

this is fire emblem blog,a blog dedicated completely to fire you can share your opinions,ideas,and thoughts on fire emblem.

to the best of my knowledge there aren’t many blogs out there that are dedicated to fire emblem (then again my knowledge is very limited so……I might be wrong ;) ).I’m hoping that this site might become a place where fans of fire emblem can talk about the series and share there opinions.

I am currently the only one who can make articles on this blog,however you are free to post comments on any articles made here.chances are you probably cant do that right now though,you have to follow the instructions on the “become a member” page before you can post ^_^” .

How well this blog will do and how long it will last is completely up to you….well…sort of….you and anybody Else willing to contribute to this site that is.there’s also the fact that i need to think of articles to write,but that’s a different story ;) .

with that,happy posting D ! i’ll write a real article just as soon as I know someones actually here besides me ? .


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I’m here. What do you think of the Wii FE’s name, “Godess of Dawn”?

that I need to get a Wii quickly 0_o’ .just kidding 😛 ,im hoping it will touch up on some problem spots that POR also hoping it will clear up some unclear plot looking forward to it I just need to get a Wii .

ohhhhhhh….name ^_^’ ,my bad.lets see….well,by looking at the name you can pretty much tell either 1) one of your characters is going to be a goddess in disguise or 2) by level 10 you will be fighting to protect a goddess 😛 .

im here too… yeah the silver haired girl could be a goddess.. i hope Reyson comes back in it(seeing as the laguz like for 100s of years) so far all i know Sothe is in it

lets just hope that the silver haired girl isnt too powerful a goddess (asuming ofcoarse she is a goddess) that they make you wait untill the last board to play her…I hate when they do that 😡 .

Like Elincia. Getting her any good was impossible, haveing go into combat at level one that late was a joke.

From what I know, Sothe and one of his old friends are the main characters. Also, the name Godess of Dawn doesn’t even mean there will be a godess. “Path of Radiance” was never spoken of in the game. I want them to tell us more about this amulet and why the heck King Ashnard wanted constant war.
I would like them to go back to the Light-Anima-Dark triangle again too, not the elemental thing. I like my Shamans, Canas was the cooloest guy ever. He seems like Father Nightroad from Trinity Blood, clumsy and weak by appearance, but in battle, steady, smart, powerful and concentrated. Being able to reread and save support conversations lke on the GBA games would eb cool too.

honestly,you have to give elincia over 1,700 bonus experience to get her to a good shes a flyer so arrows still kill her easy.add in the fact that mist has just about the same amount of movement (as a valkrie) as she does and the only thing elincia has going for her is her sword (which isnt that great really).

as for the whole ashnard thing,I think that would make for a good article.however-no offence to you or matthewthief-but i would like to know that I have a little more readers before I make an article 😛 .

and finally regarding the anima magic thing I have to say I hated that.and how did nosferatu become a light magic anyways!?! also if you like dark magic users you should try to get fire emblem six (japan only =\ ),you get three of them in there 😀 .unfortunatly one of them is a prepromote so she kind of st-ah who am I kidding? she really stinks!

But it in Japanese. I don’t want to play it if I can’t read it. That takes the fun out of it. I want them so bad to translate a pick of the earlier ones and put them on the VC.

you can find a translation on hard part is actually getting the game.also if they would have said something about the VC having fire emblem games on it I would have really considered getting a Wii 😛 .

Maybe if we petition to them, they will put on some of the best ones.

Shinigami Ninja said:
Maybe if we petition to them, they will put on some of the best ones.

i doubt it.nintendo seems to be recycling things from there old fire emblems.just to name a few:lyon looks just like this mage named arthur and titania looks like this other (female 😉 ) paladin.

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