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Posted on: May 24, 2007

I know everybody is going to hate me for doing this but I think it needs to be done 🙂 . starting now there will be a spoiler rule in effect regarding the next fire emblem title “goddess of dawn” .

now it may be that the game doesn’t even have a release date in the states yet (or wherever you are for that matter!) ,but im almost sure that its actually out in japan. that means spoilers-major ones at that-could be as possible as if the game were already out.I myself have almost been utterly and completely spoiled in my search to get more members here…in fact if I were to tell all the information I have about goddess of dawn to you I’m certain I would be in violation to my own rule!needles to say spoilers are now possible,even if we don’t have the game yet (it kind of makes you feel like you got the bad end of the deal,eh?).so as of now,do not post comments that reveal a spoiler from “goddess of dawn” ,and if you post a link that contains spoilers make sure you give a warning.any post that gives away a spoiler will be edited or altogether deleted depending on which is should be noted though that little things like sothe being in the game are fine to put in since its already a well known fact 😉 .


there will be a reminder about the spoiler rule in the upper right corner of the ‘blog,so you cant say you forgot 😉 .if you have any questions regarding the spoiler rule feel free to ask them here (but don’t ask if *insert spoiler here* is counted as a spoiler 🙂 ).

by: Saint Of Swords.


6 Responses to "Spoiler Rule"

Well, this may come as a surprise, but, I’m glad about this. I hate it when stories get spoiled. Like my brothers friend Kevin ruined half of Naruto for me bacause he went and read everything he could about it on the internet. I’m ready to kill him now. I’m content to know the Contintent, Main hero’s name, and the battle system, i.e. how class up will be different from the previous game, how the magic will be different, etc.

glad to hear it 🙂 .that must be annoying with the naruto spoilers.

also im thinking of making a follow up article listing all the facts about goddess of dawn that I dont mind being talked about.they’re all small facts so theres nothing to worry about.I would like to know if everybody would want to hear it though.

Would I like to hear it? Sure, better to spend a little while checking to see exactly where the lines are than accidentally step outside them.

Normally, I wouldn’t really care one way or another about a spoiler rule, although I would obey it because other people DO care. What matters to me isn’t so much the element of surprise in a story as the philosophical themes, characters, etc. That’s a good thing because during my search for various tidbits of Path of Radiance data — and while trying to find out how stats in PoR will transfer to Goddess of Dawn — almost every secret in the game was revealed to me. The identity and agenda of certain characters, what exactly is meant by the game’s title, the final boss, etc. etc.

I care this time around, though, because there are two particular tidbits of info I’ve managed to dodge discovering. I know that some important things will be revealed about two of the characters I really liked. Therefore, this spoiler rule makes me HAAAAPPPPYYY!!!! Thanks for putting it in place.

alright great 😛 .

whatev’ whatev’ man it don’t matter to me.

well how about that,it seems nobody hates me for making a spoiler rule 🙂 !

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