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“Goddess of Dawn” Discussion Rules

Posted on: May 26, 2007

I recently made a spoiler rule forbidding talk about goddess of dawn,save a few small things.I realise though that what one person views as small could be viewed as large to someone else.with that being said I decided to make an article covering what can be talked about.

Sothe:its a well known fact that hes in the game,he seems to be your main character in goddess of dawn…and strangely enough hes still a thief :O ! other than that information there’s nothing else that can be talked about concerning him.

Laguz:since goddess of dawn is going to be the sequel of path of radiance,its pretty obvious that the laguz will make a return.however,very little is actually known about the laguz so any information about them that is revealed in goddess of dawn can not be talked about.

Magic:ill be honest,I really don’t know how the magic system will work 😥 .all I saw is a picture of someone casting blazing sword (FE7) and sacred stones the magic system consisted of Anima,Light,Dark,and staffs…however the magic system in path of radiance consisted of three anima type spells (wind,fire,and thunder) and staffs.whether or not they will continue the new magic system or go back to the old one I cant say,however if you have any information on it you can feel free to talk about cant talk about the individual tomes though.

No bonus Experience:for better or for worse they have decided to discontinue the bonus experience system.on one hand its kind of good since you will have to work hard once again to get your units leveled up,on the other hand-given that new recruits start at a small level do to the automatic class change system-its kind of bad because new recruits (especially late game ones) are going to be alot harder to work on.

Other Game-play:I don’t actually know any “other game-play” but if you know any feel free to talk about it.just don’t say anything like “Boyd’s magic levels up fast” or “there’s a swim ability on the fish peoples planet” or anything else that would reveal information about the game 😉 .

if any of the information listed here is inaccurate do not correct it since you would be revealing information that isn’t obvious,thus you would be spoiling somebody.if you have any information about the game-play though feel free to comment,just as long a it doesn’t contain a spoiler.also if there is ever a release date for goddess of dawn I will report it here 🙂 .

by Saint Of Swords.


17 Responses to "“Goddess of Dawn” Discussion Rules"

By other game play, would that mean talkng about a new system, like the skills system that was introduced in PoR, Or adding a “mace” class weapon? Or that horse archers are able to operate ballistae? I really hope they can, that annoys me that they can’t.

By the way, i made all that up off the top of my head.

yeah,stuff like that is fine.

a mace could be kinda cool 🙂 i might know something new there doing in the battle system… but i dont think i can tell 😛

‘whether or not they will continue the new magic system or go back to the old one I cant say,however if you have any information on it you can feel free to talk about cant talk about the individual tomes though.’

My understanding is that they’re going with a sort of hybrid system — wind, thunder, etc. keep their own triangle, but dark has been added back in. How light, dark, etc. interact — like whether they have a triangle, whether dark is particularly good vs. the elemental magics, whatever — I don’t know. But I’m very certain that dark has been re-introduced to the game.

thats of the things I was most looking forward to in PoR was the dark magic.

The dark magic is so awesome. Flux is just so cool looking.

na dude, Luna is better.

i like apocalypse the most…its bramimonds magic he used during the scurring.

i like apocalypse too (you actually get it as a legendary in FE6) im going to make a video from my GBA to show everyone what it looks like. but besides that one, i like flux or fenrir

i uploaded a video(that i recorded from my GBA) to this site hopefuly it will work. it has horrable audio 0_o so dont bother with that, its blurry but you can still kinda tell. BTW the things that circle, there like spell text 😀

Im pretty sure you said we could discuss like the magic triangle they do a thing were they keep the old ones but dark magik beats all the nature types all the nature types also are good against light and light is good against dark

so hows it going to be? is there going to be a thunder,wind,fire,dark,and light weapon level? or is it going to be anima,dark,and light again?

either way im happy as long as dark magic is back ^_^ .

ok they have the old one but when two anima magic tomes face of it uses the path of radiance triangle

oh,thats pretty cool.

Ugh path of radiance sucks. IT puts the first one, and sacred stones for the GBA to shame. Ok #D is kinda cool, but where did the beasts come from? I like the original story of slaying the corrupt evil dark magic guy, like Lyon, or Nergal. PoR was waaaay too short, and waaaaaaay too easy. It also has NO replay value at all. Im hoping that GoD will be better than PoR.

actually PoR does have a high replay value,its just the twilight princess of fire emblem…if you compare it to the other games it seems lacking.though I do agree that it could have been done better.

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