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Posted on: May 27, 2007

somethings been troubling me lately.I’m usually really good at developing theory’s on things that are intentionally kept unclear in games by the producers,and I have fun doing so.usually…I usually have fun doing so.however I have recently rediscovered something that I had managed to push to the back of my mind a long week and a half ago time ago…and now its all I can do to get to sleep at night!

okay,maybe I’m overselling it a bit,but take my word for it: this little mystery has me completely stumped…!

our story takes place in fire emblem seven:blazing sword,a good amount of time into the game.we are told to go see the mysterious “living legend’ …but who cares about that right now!?! that’s not the mysterious thing! the incident that I’m talking about happens a little bit after nils throws his “I’m gonna die” tantrum,where we see pent being attacked by…really weird bandits :\ .here’s the conversation they have:

Paul : Oh, look at this kindly soul, Jasmine! He’s waiting all by himself to give us his treasure!
Jasmine : Oho, Paul! I do believe you’re right! Such generosity!!
Pent : …It’s taken me many days to find this. I’ve worked too hard to hand this over to you thugs.

treasure? ah yes,that’s what athos was talking about:

Athos :Hmph, Your companion is still searching in the dessert.
Louise : He’s not having any luck finding what he’s after, is he?
Athos : No. I believe he’ll find it before long.

so what is “it”? lets look at the rest of the information we get.after completing the mission hawkeye and pent have a very brief conversation:

Hawkeye : Pent, did you find it?
Pent : That I did. And as I thought, it’s spectacular.
Hector : !!!

ooh,a spectacular treasure,eh? sounds interesting! and I bet he gives it to me 😀 ! *holds out hands waiting for the treasure* …wh-wheres the treasure,pent? he…he walked away! hes not even saying what “it” is.well whatever “it” is its got hector freaked out since-if your on hector mode-he comments on it and says “what is that thing,its huge!”.how am I supposed to be able to concentrate on finding a living legend without knowing what “it” is!?!

canas gives a small hint on what it might be…he says that many magical artifacts lay hidden in the sand.this hints at it being some sort of tome.fai gives us a hint too.she says a man came to her house and she told him where some treasure was,near the bones.she also tells us that the man looked very happy when she told him.if she wasn’t refering to pent she would have to be referring to paul and jasmine since they are the only other people in the desert who want treasure,and since they are always together,she would have said “men”.so assuming it is pent,you would think “it” would have something to do with the bones since pent was said to have been so happy when fai gave him the bone information.also the mission starts with pent standing next to a pile of bones,and the missions start is presumably around the time when pent finds “it” .

these are a few of my theory’s on what “it” is that have been inevitably shot down one after the other 😥 ; afas drops were my first theory.they are precious,and they seem to be the kind of thing pent would be interested in.however athos gives those away…and at any rate they don’t seem huge,nor do they seem like something that would freak hector out.after that I thought it was the heaven seal,but athos gives us that,too .plus I dont think it could be counted as “huge”.desperate,I decided that it might be one of the items you can dig up in the desert…but I dumped that theory very quickly since…well,it makes no sense! how could we get something pent already has? it would be beyond desperate to say he found elfire or one of his other items in his inventory (including the physic) …maybe…he found bones? {sarcasm} sure! I can see pent hauling a pile of “spectacular bones” back to athos’ place {/sarcasm} .

that’s all my ideas.the only thing I have left is that its a gold gem or something,but why would pent of all people want money? hes rich!.it should be noted that they say nothing about “it” in the desert side-quest or any other board for that matter.”it” is truly a mystery 😐 .

by Saint Of Swords


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it could be forblaze 😕 but it seems unlikely that Athos would lose his legendary tome that he used during the scurring…. 😕

I’m almost positive it the heven seal. because, i’m pretty sure hector did not know the seal was and didn’t pent give you the seal?

i’m pretty sure it was the Heaven’s Seal. I think those things are like, the size of a shield. Or at least a large platter.

but hawkeye gave the heaven seal to pent…

Maybe “it” is a giant bottle of Sake. Or a large onigiri or maybe its just mistranslated somewhere.

goron55 said
I’m almost positive it the heven seal. because, i’m pretty sure hector did not know the seal was and didn’t pent give you the seal?

read this:

Hawkeye : … Pent, hold on.
Pent : What is it, Hawkeye?
Hawkeye : I was holding this for the master.
Pent : It’s a … Heaven seal!

if pent did find the heaven seal hes either playing dumb or hes looking for extra attention for finding it 😛 .also hawkeye says hes holding it for the master,which shows he got it from athos.

Maybe “it” is just a plot device for finding Pent.

all right, all right. I haven’t played in a while.


Maybe we should hatemail nintendo ask nintendo.

I doubt they even know 😛 .they probably just did it to drive us crazy 😡 .

Ooh, I know. “It” is that one thing.

that was my other guess 😉 .

It may have been something that they put in and then forgot to finish it before the deadline.

I hope they release a lot of good news at E3 about GoD.

yeah,that would be nice.if I recall correctly all they showed from it last year was a little video :\ .

A very little video. It was about fifteen seconds and it was meshed together with roughly a dozen other fifteen second videos of other games, like Project HAMMER, Battalion Wars II I think, and numerous others.

thats what I thought.heres hoping this go-round will be better 😛 .

Here’s hoping they explain why the heck they chose an optional character like Sothe to be the hero. I bet he’s some sort of “chosen by the godess” kinda guy.

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