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Poll #1

Posted on: May 31, 2007

well I looked for a really long time to try and get a decent poll system and finally…I gave up 😦 . but I was thinking,it might not be such a bad idea to have polls anyways (albeit you wont be able to check the number of votes for each one…) . so without further ado,I give you poll #1 !

[Update:Hector is the winner]

Who is your favorite fire emblem lord?




just write your answer in the comments area. feel free to give your reasons for voting for your choice,too.remember though,only your first vote counts 😉 (so lets just say…your torn between ephriam and hector….whoever you say first counts =(  ).


by Saint Of Swords.


19 Responses to "Poll #1"

I vote HECTOR ^_^

Lyn, she’s hot. But maybe Hector because he’s like a main battle tank. I don’t know. Well, not Roy, because outside of SSBM I’ve never played him, not Eliwood because he’s a wimp, both in character and stats, not Eirika or Ephraim because they were knida bland. Ike, was cool, just, I don’t know, PoR wasn’t my favorite. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, hmmm. Lyn. She’s hot, she never gets hit, and she has a katana. My favorite weapon in the world.

😥 Eliwood is my 2nd favorite lord. BTW if you hate Eliwood so much you’d hate Roy too 🙂

Dude, definetly Hector. He’s such a tank! He can just blast through almost anything. He’s not to shaby of a story character either.

And I have to agree with shinigami on Lyn, she is hot. But I vote Hector. Period. End of statement.

Eliwood can be good, but his stats just don’t like me. Only once have I played it and had his str be above 9 at level 15. It normally gets stuck at six, and doesn’t go up until he’s level 15 or 16. His def in awful for me too, and his speed is generally moderate, so he doesn’t attack twice against most sword wielders. Once my sister got his Def better than Hector’s. I have had his speed better than Lyn’s before but not by much, and only after he was Heaven Sealed.


As I said before, I haven’t played so many FE games. But looking up stuff about the other characters here, I’d have to go with Ike because of his personality. I particularly admire his … ethical values would be the phrase, I guess. He reminds me of some of my better qualities, and possesses many good qualities that I’m still trying to develop. Secondary reasoning for picking Ike: he feels like the best choice to me, and Aether is very uber.

I am torn between hector and eliwood hector turns out good more of the time but when eliwood turns out good he is even better than hector not to mention the movement thing i think ill vote eliwood cause i soloed the dragon with him sure i healed him but it was over real quick like and he was the only one attacking

Canas accidentally killed the dragon for me once.

I suppose I should vote,too 🙂 ….

well…maybe later I guess I would have to pick hector.hes everything I could want in a lord 😛 ,not to mention he makes hard mode easy 😉 .aside from him eliwood,lyn,ike,and *sniff* ephriam 😦 would probably be my favorites.

Shinigami Ninja said:Canas accidentally killed the dragon for me once.

i dont mind if he accidentaly kills the dragon,I just hate it when athos does.I have nothing against him,it just makes me feel like i took the easy way out (and I wasnt even trying 😯 ).

Athos usually gets pwned by the dragon.

I never thought of that. Luna on a Dragon. I always used the tome he comes with.

try casting fillas might on athos sometime then give him luna 0_o’ .

Oh, I see. that would do some serious stuff. Well, I have to finish PoR again first.

must be nice to play one game at a time… I just finished FE7 again about 5 days ago, finished FE6 yesterday for my…5th time i think. Plus im working on not one but 2 PoR games(one on hard,one on normal)im half way through the linked OoA, just started minish cap, half way done with FFX. Plus my little brother wanted me to play pokemon ruby, so im playing that too. im over booked 😥

BTW i forgot to mention… i dont play my games all day. i only play “TV” games(GCN/PS2) for about an hour(if i do play) and GBA for about 2 hours :p

I have nothing to do so I play all day sometimes. Either that or I watch anime and play video games all day.

Well Eliwood i guess he’s cool

hector is my vote becase he is very bold but in a good way. he is a good player he gets str def. a decent amount of skl to. 😉

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