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Whose Your Favorite Character in Path Of Radience?

[The results are can still vote for anyone in path of radience though]

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often times game developers would start a series, only planing one game for it. eventually-if the game in question was in fact good-the game became so popular that people wanted a sequel to it, or just another installment to the series.but did the game developers have that planed? did they know,or even suspect, that they would have to twist the name of a game into the name of a series? if the answer was no…one can only imagine the trouble they must have had…

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Which Magic Would You Most Like To Cast?

[Update:Essence wins]

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This article was submited by Aveyn Knight.I should warn that the link in this article leads to some content from goddess of dawn,however the article itself is spoiler free 😛 .


Some of these you might have heard of, some of these you might even have fell foul to. Whatever the case, in our endless hunt for truth, misconceptions shouldn’t exist (especially common ones). Listed below are a few common ones, which should be our job to correct where possible. That, and to educate and entertain (although, is that even possible?)!

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There are a few things I wish Nintendo would do with the fire emblem series. One of the things would be adding a few new classes.


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How Do You Respond To Failing In Fire Emblem?

[Update:The results are up]

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 This article was submited by Aveyn Knight.

Due to a few discrepancies in the English localisation of the Fire Emblem games, as well as the absence of 6 out of 9 games in the series, some changes to Fire Emblem elements may seem strange at first. However there are reasonings for most of them.

Many of these “strange” changes occur in Path of Radiance, which actually brought back many elements from the older games (prior to Sword of Seals).

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well I was originally going to make an article challenging anybody to kill Fargus (I got the idea from MT in the “to:blog readers” article),but it didn’t turn out so well.not only do I not know what would happen (as far as glitches) , but I don’t think anyone would try,instead of that I’ll just write about a different idea (sorry MT…I know you like Fargus so much 😉 ).

I had to chose between Ninos real family and Elbert…and since I don’t know anything about Elbert (who does?) I decided to go with Ninos family.


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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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