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The Magic Seal

Posted on: June 2, 2007

the magic seal,or kishuna, is one of the most mysterious characters in blazing sword.he makes many appearances,and has allot of text dedicated to him (though not quite from him), and yet he remains a mysterious character up until the end. 

his first appearance is on valor,or the dread isle,where he becomes a major obstacle to your mages in training.his very presence nullifies all magic,whether its a friend or foe doesn’t matter.not only that but it seems that his anti-magical field also causes tension…perhaps only to non-magic wielding units since neither lyn nor hector can use tomes or staffs and they end up fighting…er,more than usual that is.its possible that magic users feel a strain on there magic when around the magic seal and cant use it properly,and non-magic units feel the strain on there mind,and cant think properly (kinda like being really tired or really hungry 😉 ).whats also interesting is that neither the good guys nor the bad guys seem to like him,and the feeling is obviously mutual.since nobody in your crew is the “well informed” type,nobody knows a thing about him so they just ignore it.

later on in the game he becomes a little more detailed when he attacks you in the nabata desert…well…actually you fall in on him,but im sure he set that hole up,too 😛 .a flashback ensues showing a morph created by nergal,and obviously being praised…even though it didn’t really do anything 🙄 .this morph is also the only morph of nergals that was given unless kishuna has a grudge against that morph,its safe to say that it was him in that flashback.its soon revealed that the magic seal can summon morphs of his own,since he brings a miniature army to you.whether or not he actually creates them I don’t know,but I doubt it.after the chapter pent says how a magic seal is a creature who’s very presence distorts natures simplest laws .

finally,if you go quick enough,he is found dwelling in ruins near the dragons gate.another flashback comes,only this time its not so nice as the last one.nergal is seen presumably angry at kishuna for his lack of ability.he cant fight,he cant gather quaintness,and so hes no use to nergal.after you finally defeat him,nils says how he could sense sadness from the magic seal. 

so who exactly was he? and what was he doing stopping everybody magic? I think-since he had emotion and all-he was depressed (or angry) that nergal rejected him and he was trying to use his power to prove nergal wrong.that or hes mad nergal never gave him the ability …………to talk :p . 

by Saint Of Swords


9 Responses to "The Magic Seal"

crud,I wasnt going to post this for a couple of days, ^_^” oops.

i think he was depressed like you said, and wanted to share his pain with everyone else

I feel sorry for the guy, but I still want to kill him. It also backs up nergals evilness.

what I wonder is if he actually controls the anti-magic field.

As opposed to it being subconcious? I think its subconcious or else his mages woudl be able to work inside it.

Shinigami Ninja said:
As opposed to it being subconcious? I think its subconcious or else his mages woudl be able to work inside it.

yeah…you’ed think he would hire some more physical units though o_0 .

Ah, my first creation…. I regret casting him away? He was the only one i ever loved.

maybe you would have loved him if you hadnt lost it towards the end of the game 😛 .

he always made me mad with his ……….. it is soooo annoying. 🙄 i was so glad i killed him. 😛

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