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Posted on: June 4, 2007

before I make my next article I wanted to ask everybody a question;what do you want to hear an article (or articles) about?

I have allot of ideas for articles,however it might feel more like a blog if I get some ideas from the readers (even though that’s what my lonely contact page is for,but I digress 😉 ) .in addition,it might prove to be a more entertaining article for you since it will be something you actually want to hear can request whatever you want here,just as long as it doesn’t violate the goddess of dawn spoiler rule.which idea I choose wont be a matter of the number of votes each idea gets,just whatever inspires me the most I guess.that’s not to say that if I dont use an idea for my next article,that I wont use it some other time.on the contrary,the main reason I’m making this article is to get some good ideas for new articles.I did say I have allot of ideas for articles,however how interesting they would be or how much I would have to say about the subjects I cant with that, have at it 🙂 !

(note:if anybody can think of a better name for articles like this it would be greatly appreciated 😉 ).

by Saint Of Swords


20 Responses to "To:’Blog Readers"

something about FE6 would be nice :}

I don’t really are. I don’t know anything about FE 6 though. Maybe something about FE:SS. We really need more people here. You’ve got all of three readers.

Shinigami Ninja said:
We really need more people here.

I know.the wierd thing is im getting alot of views,its just that nobodys posting…hopefuly this rather flexible article will encourage more people to post 😛 .

ok then how about something simple like about a charactor 😕

I don’t care.
I’ve only played two FE games BS and SS

come on now,everybodys giving me such vague answers 😛 ! I cant make an article the readers want to read if the readers dont give me a strait answer 🙂 .

ok fine how about something about Fargus?

Yeah or how about something about elbert or hectors brother i cant remember his name Uther i think

Who the fajita is Elbert? Is that Eliwoods dad?
Yes, Hectors brother is Uther. How about the two brothers, Linus and Lloyd, they were good guys at heart, they just got mixed up in things bigger than them.

Yeah elbert is eliwoods dad and i tottaly forgot about the reed brothers i change my vote to an article about them

this is going to be hard to decide which topic to pick 🙂 ,so far everybodys is good.

oh,by the way,I didnt pick the topic yet for my next (non-poll 😉 ) article so if anybody has more ideas feel free to post them.

how about something about the original black fang before they gto corrupted or how abou something about ninos real family

ooh or maybe something about the cult known as oswinism if you know anything about it

its a cult that started on the fire emblem forum on FEW they are pretty strange all i reaally know about it is they praise people of the jeogan archtype and scorn people of the Est archtype.

hmm,well im afraid I dont know anything about that 😕 .

well thats ok

ill be deciding the topic by tomarrow so if anybody has any more ideas make sure you post them.

Topic decided.I will have the article out by tomorrow.thank you for your ideas.

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