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Poll #2

Posted on: June 5, 2007

Sorry I took so long to get this pole out,Ive been kinda busy as of late *remembers reading zelda manga* ,plus I dont like to post multiple articles on the same day so I didnt have much room to work.anyways,heres the poll: 

Which Class Would You Most Want To See Cast Magic?

[update:thiefs win]


 1.) Mymidron/Swordmaster~2

2.) Knight/Genral~0
  3.) Thief/Assassin~4
  4.) Cavalier/Paladin~0
  5.) Merchant 😛 ~0
  6.) Mercenary/Hero~0
  7.) Pegasus knight/Falco knight~1
  8.) Wyvren rider/Wyvren lord~0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want to you can also include which character(s) in the class type you would most want to see cast magic as well.I didnt include the lord class cause I thought almost everybody would vote to see that,so to avoid a boring landslide I felt it had to be done.there are plenty of other classes to choose from though so it should be a few days I will post the number of votes each answer got.remember,only your first vote counts 🙂 .

by Saint Of Swords


45 Responses to "Poll #2"

Sword master with guy that would make him even more awesome since characters in that game except magik users have low resistance

Thiefs! Matthew, I always give him the wind sword. In case your wondering how i got a wind sword, the previous owner of (my) FE7 had a special promo thing to get extra items.

I would say, umm, Peg Knight. They seem like they should be magic users to begin with. I mean, when I think Pegasus, I think of magic, not lances.

acctually in the older fire emblems, i heard that instead of a lance and sword they used a lance and rods

Dude I would have to say thiefs. I mean it would just feel right with them. Unlike some of the bruiser types, like Generals. And Warriors can already use bows for aneffective ranged attack.

Man typing on my Wii is anoying.

my vote would probably go to swordmasters,if only because they would look cool with it.and the character I would most like to see is karel 😛 .

I still say pegasus knights. If Elincia had magic she might have been good because she wouldn’t have got butchered every time you use her. Honestly, a level one Pegasus Knight(thats pretty much what she was) one chapter 27/28 is ridiculous.

i just use her for either killing something with 8 points left or healing. i ussually use her when ever i play, but im on hard mode this time so i dont know…

yeah they definitely should have made the princess crimea class a magic using class cause her average level twenty magic stat is like somewhere around 26 but since princess crimea isnt up there and i dont think pegasus knights should have been magic using class and they didnt use rods because there wa no falcoknight class pegasus promoted into wyverns in the first game

yeah in the first games, but in FE4 pegasus knights turned into falco knights and could use rods

I still think pegs should have magic, no matter what you say. Why the hack would a sword master have magic? That makes no sense. They’re masters because they devot their life to the study of swordplay, magic requires immense amounts of study as well, having a maginc using swordmaster doesn’t sound right. Maybe, they should have a whole new class, the Mage Knight. What could upgrade too? Sorcerer Knight? that sounds kinda dumb.

in fe 4 and maybe some others there was a promoted class named Mage knight that uses thunder wind fire magioc and swords.

Shinigami Ninja said:Why the hack would a sword master have magic?

well I dont know,just because it wouldnt make sence dosnt mean I wouldnt want to see it.also I wouldnt call joshua very devoted to the sword,and hes one of the best swordmasters there is 🙂 … *waits for MT to bring up rutger* .

hee hee i got rutgers(swordmaster in FE6) critical up to 100 last time i played 😛 2 supports and a wo dao and he took out some pretty good damage too

can you imagine if merlinus could use magic, hes like your MVP when you play on hard mode

Hector is always my MVP. It would be nice if merlinus could use magic though. He dies to much.

yeah he always has to take one for the team 😉 thats why hes my MVP, but it would be nice if he had a chance. in the board with nino and jaffar he always has to go down and occupy ursula 😛

poor merlinus…ursalla torched him in my game just before the mission ended 😥 .

i also wish dancers/bards could still use swords

why they had a strength growth of five in blazing sword i mean really they couldnt hurt anything unless they had a silver blade they wouldnt be able to hurt anything and that would kill there strength which is there strength

it would just be fun if they had swords, kinda like giving a sage a knife in PoR

but it would be near pointless i dont get it it would only hurt you if anything i would prefer them having magic like bards did in the real early games of course back then bards weren’t move again units

the reason my sister (MT) would want them to have swords is just for the fun of would be stupid to consider sending a bard out to battle with the hopes of having it kill something in a physical contest.

well they could kill a transporter if it was a low enough level and if they could even just do one damage with there amazing avoid there is a chance they could kill it espesciaaly if it is an axe user but then again there is probably noone they could hurt without butchering there speed

how about nomads, snipers and pirates 🙂 they would be cool with magic. wind magic for the nomads.

I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that whole, “Bards can’t hurt anyone” thing. I’ll prove my point.
First panel
Elan does alot more than that too.

me and my brother (saint of swords) might not be around (due to power outages) because we have some bad storms comming soon
[MT: theres no need for this anymore]

Breakdown of my vote and why I chose it.

Not fighter/warriors. They’d be awesome with magic but they wouldn’t be fighters anymore. Knights would be cool, but unless their magic was weak they’d completely unbalance the game. Plus, all the FE magic I’ve seen seems to involve hand gestures/etc, which are kinda hard in armor. Thief/Assassin make sense as a fairly good choice except that their lifestyle would make studying magic hard. So it’s conceivable that some individual thieves might have magic, but as a whole class it doesn’t make sense. Merchants would make a lot more sense but I don’t know how merchants function in FE games. Paladins with magic would be pretty uber, but just like knights it would really disturb the balance of the game. Heavily armored hit-and-run-capable physically strong warriors…would work as bosses. Not so much as a player class. Ditto to pegasus knights and wyvern riders, although a new class de-emphasizing their personal physical strength and having a mage riding a physically powerful creature might work. Myrmidons+magic would be very happy as long as they’re on your side, and it makes sense because someone with such intimate control over their body could develop similar control over their mind… BUT they’re still not my choice.

My official choice is: 6.) Mercenary/Hero

Mercenaries can’t afford to have obvious weak points. Their life style promotes taking advantage of every possible weapon, and because they might often work in small numbers they need to be prepared for pretty much anything. A soldier in an army, on the other hand, usually has some general training but specializes in one specific field. With lots of troops that works pretty well ’cause all the pieces fit together and cover each other’s backs. With a mercenary unit it doesn’t work so great. So I’d suggest having mercenaries able to use both weapons and magic. Just like in Path of Radiance, limit it so they can only develop one of those to S-weapon rank level. Then the player could choose which type of skill to develop. The tricky part would be with a mercenary-hero like Ike where the storyline wants to make him go one way — he needs to be able to use Ragnell since there’s no other way for him to wound Ashnard. Clever game planning could get around this though. And just for once I want a mage unit that can stand on the front line and hold it’s own. ‘Nuff said. Mercenary/Hero.

Have you ever played the sacred stones cause both Ewan and Lute once to like level 20/5 will have the speed and luck to go on the frontlines and survive throw in a support or two they wont get hurt at all

Light Walker,You havent played the other games yet, correct? in the GBA games clerics turn into girl bishops & use light magic instead on swords. troubadours are girl units on horses, they start off as healers but depending on what game you play they can either use anima magic or light magic. basicly all the girl healers in GBA FEs wont ever get hit once there promoted plus they get tons of LUCK and RES.

My favorite mages in sacred stones are Artur and (i dont care if you all think hes not good :p ) Knoll.

Light Walker said:
“Paladins with magic would be pretty uber”

Just so everyone knows, ‘uber’ does not mean ‘super’. Its a german word for ‘over’, as in ‘above’. Das Fleugzeug fliegt uber dem Boden. The Airplane flies over the ground.

Artur is awesome once you get him over his hill of weakness. Later in the game with all those monsters that are weak to light, he pwns. Knoll is cool because hes dark magic, but Canas is more awesome. Monocles make the man after all.
But yeah, most of the mages in the GBA games are invincible once they get classed up, and even when they’re level 15 in first class. Erk, for example, though he could do with a haircut, he rocks.

Pegasus Knights should use magic, not weapons in my opinion. The weapons should be left to the wyverns.

Knoll actually has really good magic and RES. but the poor thing starts out with no luck 😦 i think every dark magic user (except for niime, canas’ mother 😛 ) is cool. BTW what do you make Artur be a bishop or a sage?. i usually go with a bishop but this game hes going to be a sage because he my only anima user.

I went Bishop i think. I inly actually finished the game once. It didn’t grip me all tht well. I went half way through it though, just to play as Eirika and get her missions.

i actually only won it twice. once on eirikas and once on ephraims mode

thats cause you dont like to see the ending 😉 .

true enough…

i played FE7 about 20 times :p FE6 five times, i think? and PoR three or four times.

About the mages — Hey, cool! Fire Emblem must be even more different from other games than I had realized! I still stand by my choice of #6, though.

Mage units that can survive in melee… heh, I may have to get my hands on a few other FE games.

About uber — yeah, I know it means over rather than super. Thanks for the heads up, though 🙂 I always like to find out new things, so I enjoy comments like that. I suppose it’s doubly bad that I deliberately misuse that word even when I know how to use it correctly … apologies, Ninja. -.-

I forgive you.
I’ve played FE7 and finished it like, 4 times maybe. PoR once, SS once, but I’ve started numerous files on each one. Some just for the early support conversations.
Out of curiosity, who’s that in your pic, MT?

same here mostly with sacred stones. but i WILL finish it this time 😉
and my avatar is Kurama from yuyu hakusho ^_^

I’m on chapter 15. I hat that one. Valter is ridiculous.

thats the last chapter i like playing

im probably the only one who likes playing SS :O .also ephraim can take valter down fairly easy…plus hes got the coolest conversation with him 😛 .

i agree with all but the first part since i like playing ss also

Thief! lol. tell me how to vote plspls

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