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The Reed Brothers

Posted on: June 9, 2007

well of all the ideas I got from my little questionnaire I decided to write about the reed brothers (if the name of the article didn’t already give that away) . although this is the first oneΒ I chose I might still use some of the other ideas…I already have some ideas in mind to be honest. well anyways,on with the article:

depending on what level your lords are, you either fight Lloyd or Linus first…then you fight the remaining brother later on in the game. so for the sake of simplicity I decided I would write the article based on my favorite path to take.

the reed brothers,Lloyd and Linus,are the sons of the black fang leader,Brenden Reed…thus the name “reed brothers” πŸ˜‰ .they are also among the feared group,the four fangs,the strongest of the blackfang assassins.Lloyd is the eldest son of Brendan Reed,with the nickname “white wolf”.he has a lot of authority among the black fang, as he seems to have his own men, or “underlings” as he so aptly puts it, that work under his orders.Lloyd also seems to be an exellent tactician,as he-no matter which board you get πŸ˜‰ -always has a plan that would lead to an easier victory for his group.

Linus is the youngest son of Brendan Reed,with the nickname “mad dog”.he seems to play the sidekick roll to Lloyd since he is always receiving orders from him (nothing too wrong with sidekicks, right? we all like luigi…or feel pity on him),however it seems Linus has his share of underlings himself,or perhaps he and Lloyd share underlings πŸ™‚ ? either way its obvious that he has a lot of respect among the blackfang just as much as his elder brother does. though he has a bit of a reputation of never following orders, his people follow his orders loyaly regardless.Linus, very much unlike Lloyd,has very little patience for strategy and would rather just use his power, along with his brothers, to best his enemy. this dosnt necessarily mean he’s dumb but… πŸ™„ .

one thing that the reed brothers have in common above all else is that they fight with honor. so it goes without saying that when the black fang undergoes new management…evil management…both brothers are greatly bothered by the sudden change. as assassins,Lloyd and Linus must follow there orders no matter if they like them or not, and as there ill luck would have it…there mission is to assassinate eliwood and friends.however, Lloyd-being the smart one and all πŸ™‚ -still questions whether or not these orders came from Brendan Reed,or Mrs.wrinkly face.ofcoarse Brendan reed loves his wife so much that he agrees that he gave the orders (I think that he was afraid of his wife but…)…and so the brothers agree to the mission.

Lloyd tells Linus that he’s going to go and get reinforcements for the battle, and that Linus was to watch Eliwoods company so they didn’t get away.but Linus attacks them anyway…told you he never listens πŸ™‚ .in the end Linus is defeated…but Eliwood,friendly to a fault,decides to talk to him. this gives Linus the chance to capture the poor unpromoted lord, which he does.however,even though he has the chance to kill eliwood strait out, he releases him saying that he dosnt trust the orders he was given. later on Linus considers talking to his brother about the orders he was given, but before that happens he’s murdered by limstella ( πŸ˜› β™₯ ) . this leads to Lloyd thinking that eliwood killed him,and sends him into a rage.

eventually Lloyd attacks eliwood and his company with a massive army (so those are the underlings) …an even scarier army if your on hector hard mode (luna druids galore) . when the time for his defeat comes,Lloyd just says that he will be joining his brother soon.

and that’s the end of there story. a bit unfair for the reed brothers, but you have to admit it makes them some of the most diverse characters in all of fire emblem. I didn’t mention how the brothers both liked nino a lot since it felt sort of out of place.

by Saint Of Swords


17 Responses to "The Reed Brothers"

good article. there the traditional FE characters that make you feel bad for killing

YEAH!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I got picked! Or rather, my idea. I think it was mine anyway. Nice article. I think the least amount of tries its taken me on either map is about six.

realy if you get nino to a level 20/5 or higher sage the map is pretty easy

or a general oswin πŸ˜‰

espescialy if yougave Oswin the boots

Honestly, i’ve seen worse fates for people than the reed brothers.
What is the /5 for in the 20/5? I’ve been seing it a lot lately and I have no clue what it means.

like Lyon :p
i think it means promoted/level 5 promoted?

Shinigami Ninja said:Honestly, i’ve seen worse fates for people than the reed brothers.

the thing that makes them sad is that they are manipulated so much.though I suppose lyon would take the cake for the most manipulated FE character.

I would agree, poor sap. He never saw it coming. Ena was pretty manipulated as well.

the thing about her is that she really didnt care that she was being manipulated πŸ™‚ .but the reed brothers were really trying to fix their problem.its kind of frustrating watching them try all these things only to fail.

Somewhat. But, hey, at least you didn’t kill them, eh?
Unfortunatley for Lyon, he had no clue what was happening and then got butchered by his own friends.

you kill the last brother.

That’s true, but he started it.

actually Lyon sometimes knew what was going on, and in ephriams mode, he liked that he became stronger by being evil, now in eirikas mode he has tons of regrets 😦

yes that is true but he was still being used so still kinda sad

yeah, i know. FE usually gives somewhat good endings…

Bottom line the reed brothers were cool

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