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Poll #3

Posted on: June 10, 2007

ha,im actually on time with this poll D ! though come to think of it there really isnt any “time” .ah well,anyways heres the poll: 

Which character Do You Think Deserved More Attention?

[Update:matthew is the winner]

1.) Matthew~3 votes

2.) Pent~0 votes

3.) Forde~0 votes

4.) Saleh~1 vote

5.) Leathe~1 vote

6.) Stephen~1 vote


these are just some characters that looked like they had a chance at the spotlight but ultimately didnt.If the character you would really want to pick isn’t in here,dont worry…i’ll probably be making another poll like this one in the near future. if there’s a character you would like to see in the polls, just e-mail me via the contact page.ofcoarse…tell me what your talking about so I don’t sit there confused for five minutes ? .As always I will be tallying the votes for each answer after about a day or two. Only your first vote counts,*feels like he’s reading off of a script* and feel free to state your personal opinion about the character you choose P .

by Saint Of Swords


23 Responses to "Poll #3"

i vote Matthew, because first, hes my favorite FE character, and second he has such a big part in the beginning. after dread isle… they dump him 😥

Stephen. Why was he a Hermit, and, being a Hermit, how did he get a one of a kind sword, the Vatti Katti, or whatever. And what does Katti mean anyway?

i dont know, its not im my dictionary or encyclopedia

I wonder if Stefan will be in GoD?

saleh i mean they really should have gone into his backstory more i mean not even his supports go into it but im sure it would be extremely interesting i mean he is more interesting then ephraim or Eirika

I’ve decided I hate Eirika as much as I hate Eliwood, their character is similar (weak, soft) and their stats alway suck. Plus, they fence, I don’t like fencing. Its too dance like.
Saleh could do with more backstory, but I would like to know what Stephen’s beef with society is.

actually i have a really strong eirika this game 0_o
did you ever read stefans supports, hes half laguz

yeah and since he si half laguz he was shunned by society and that is why he hates society have you ever gotten him to support with mordecai i mean really he openly states it.

hmmmmmmmmmm……*thinks of possible article* …nah,ill save that for a rainy day 😉 .

anyways I think i’ll vote for leathe just cause I like her alot and the little bit of text she gets in the game isnt enough 😛 .alternativly I would pick forde…though I hate him so,but I must abide by my own rules.

i didnt even see forde in there 0_o’ not that it changes anything

forde: …jerk -_- .

the only real reason I would vote for him is the fact that he starts out as one of ephraims right hand men,then he just dumps them once he gets more people (though come to think of it I would have done the same…if not sooner).

Well, you know how it is, all the wandering mercenaries are so much better than the royal guards. I’d drop them too. I was actually hoping that Lethe and Ike would for some reason fall in love by the time you get to ‘A’ support, but no, they just want to fight.

i thought it was kinda stupid that there were no alternative endings in PoR


I like thiefs.

the reason there were no alternative endings was because they knew there was going to be a sequel so if there were alternate endings in PoR it would mess up the storyline of GoD

They better have good support stuff in GoD. Like, the ability to reread your supports after they’re made in the game. Like the GBA games. And I want them to bring back the ‘aftermath’ stories. You now, where they tell you “And after the battle with _____ So&So married ‘A support’ and they went to live peacfully in the land of wheresit”
Or, “After the army disbanded, Blank stayed with ‘HeroX’ as a Royal Bodyguard for several years, then mysteriously vanished, never to be heard from again.”
That’s the kind of stuff that made it so great to play through FE7 a dozen and a half time.

ooh does telling about the support system brake the no talking about fe10 rule

Kakashiofthesharinganeye said:ooh does telling about the support system brake the no talking about fe10 rule

it depends…provided you dont say anything about the characters its fine.just make sure it dosnt reveal anything about the plot either.

Eh, Matthew definetly deserved some attention.

well they have the ability to reread support and if you transfer data it shows those supports to and also they totally recked supports there all completely generic

hmm…well atleats they have them.

uberzeldamaster said:
Eh, Matthew definetly deserved some attention.

I didnt think so many people would vote for matthew 😛 .then again,looking at who i all put in the poll…I really dont know who I expected to win 😕 .

Yeah matthew… definitely. anyway how do you vote?

you just write who you vote for like you just did,then in a couple of days I update everybodys dosnt have any poll systems unfortunatly so I had to make my own :\ .

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