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Poll #4

Posted on: June 11, 2007

this should prove to be an interesting poll,and for once I already know who im voting for !

Which Character Would You Trust With Your Life?

 [Update:giffca and hector win]


1.) Allen~0 votes

2.) Dieck~0 votes

3.) Hector~2 votes

4.) Oswin~1 vote

5.) Ephraim~0 votes

6.) Myrrh~0 votes

7.) Ike~0 votes

8.) Giffca~2 votes


odds are I missed somebody but we’ll have to save them for another day .

…the same rules apply as always,if you dont remember them go look at a previous poll :p .

by Saint Of Swords


7 Responses to "Poll #4"

Hector. Definitley Hector. Although, if Lyn were on here I’d vot efor her. She’s almost as invincible as Hector, and she’s much less irritable. I’d probably tick He4ctor off pretty quick with my inceasant talking.

Giffca,he’s crazy. I would pick Alan but if he got hit by a warrior/berserker with a halberd that would be it 😦 .

incase i wasnt clear before, i voted Giffca

i vote oswin because he is reliable like hecto but also calm so yeah that is who i vote for

I vote giffca 😀 .with 50 attack and 30 defence I dont think he can die 😛 .

alan would acctually make a really good guard personality wise, because hes a knight(hes a cavalier actually, get it 😉 )

Hector gets my vote. He’s very reliable, and powerful, and I feel I would easily get along with him.

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