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New fan-art section

Posted on: June 12, 2007

Hello everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that Fire Emblem Blog now has a fan art section. You can find it listed under pages.



5 Responses to "New fan-art section"

great 😛 …now all I need to do is motivate myself to draw 😕 .

well if i ever decide to draw again that will be useful otherwise meh

Cool. If only we had people who could draw. How long did it take Zeldablog to take off?

I think about a month or two.ofcoarse you have to remember zelda has a considerably larger comunity,so it was probably easier to get people to…I think TML had a plan before opening other than just hoping people came =\ .

Well, yeah, he had conections to a lot of webmasters and such, he got a bit of promotion.

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