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New World Order

Posted on: June 13, 2007

uhhh…okay,its not really a new world order…more like a “new FE Blog order” .

anyways,I noticed that lately I might have been posting too many articles per I know it dosnt effect you,the readers,but its a big strain on me,the writer.not only is it hard to think of interesting subjects to write articles about,but its also very time consuming.that being the case,I have decided that I am going to drop down on the number of articles I will be making per week.


from now on I will be writing (at most) two articles a week.ofcoarse there is always the possibility that end up posting three or more articles in a week,i’ll just try not to exceed my limit 😉 .

I will,however,continue to post the polls every other day or so as I have been wouldn’t believe how many hits per day I get for the polls alone,I have to asume someone likes them 🙂 .plus they arnt all that hard to think up so it wont be a problem.

that being said,im sure you can all entertain yourselfs in the other articles already on FE blog…i know I used to all the time on zelda blog 😛 .

by Saint Of Swords.


3 Responses to "New World Order"

ah but articles usually die in a week so that limits us to two at a time

not really,like I said I will be doing the polls as I usually do so there will still be plenty of places to talk…I just wont run out of ideas :p .

Articles only die because he makes new ones. During E3 and such I’ll expect several a week, as long as they talk about it that is. AUGUST RELEASE PLEASE NINTENDO!!!!

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