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Strange Changes In Path of Radiance?

Posted on: June 16, 2007

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Due to a few discrepancies in the English localisation of the Fire Emblem games, as well as the absence of 6 out of 9 games in the series, some changes to Fire Emblem elements may seem strange at first. However there are reasonings for most of them.

Many of these “strange” changes occur in Path of Radiance, which actually brought back many elements from the older games (prior to Sword of Seals).

* Ranger as an Archer promotion (The Sacred Stones) and Ike’s starting class (Path of Radiance)

The horseback Ranger class was called Forrest Knight in the original Japanese version, and was derived from the Jugdral saga (a shorthand term, which I will use to include the games Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776) class of the same name (although, back then it couldn’t use bows). Ike’s Ranger class had the same name in both language versions.

* Valkyrie with swords and no magic

Mist’s class branch is actually new to Fire Emblem, although the localisation implies otherwise. What we know as Clerics were actually Sisters, and Valkyries were actually Valkyrias. Valkyria and Valkyrie may seem very similar, name-wise, but they are actually very different- Valkyria is pronounced along the lines of Val-ki-ri-a, while Valkyrie is pronounced similar to War-ku-ray. Mist’s Valkyrie class is also reminiscent of the Jugdral saga’s sword-wielding Troubadours (in fact, its internal or in-game name is Troubadour).

* Generals with swords

Not as commented upon compared to the Valkyrie, but there may still be fans disappointed to see that Generals couldn’t use axes. This change seems to stem from the very first game (Dark Dragon and Sword of Light) where Knights and Generals could use both swords and lances, with Generals commonly using swords.

* Nosferatu as Light magic

Probably the one that gets commented upon the most, mainly because of its ridiculousness (IMO). This is actually a combination of localisation discrepancies and returning to past elements.

Firstly, what we know as Nosferatu is known as Resire in the Japanese version. For the English games, Resire was given the name Nosferatu and the real Nosferatu tome was given the name Fenrir. Secondly, Nosferatu/Resire was a light-based magic in earlier games. Even Shamans (now seen as a dark magic class) were primarily Light magic users when they first appeared in the Jugdral saga.

* Split up horse knights

Like many elements, this derived from the Jugdral saga. Although Sword Knight replaced Free Knight and Bow Knight replaced Arch Knight, and the new horse knights all promote into Paladins, whereas they used to promote into different classes each.

* Fire, Thunder and Wind magic trinity

Again, this derived from the Jugdral saga. Genealogy of the Holy War was the first game to feature a weapon and magic triangle, and they started with this magic trinity. Even the spell tiers are based on the Jugdral saga (although most of the spells, such as Thoron and Bolganone, existed in earlier games).

* Unexplained changes

Well, this isn’t completely accurate, because there are explanations, but they just don’t fit into either two categories (localisation or return to past elements) that I’m interested in.

These include, for example, Wyvern Lords having axes, the introduction of Laguz and other things. The decision to give Wyvern Lords axes is likely due to gameplay purposes, and to distinguish them from Falcon Knights. As for the introduction of Laguz, the explanation (or theory) would probably need an article in itself!


23 Responses to "Strange Changes In Path of Radiance?"

What is Jugdral saga? the reason Nosferatu is stupid (no matter what) as light magic is because Nosferatu is a name for Vampires.
I want to play these games, translated versions of them brought to the VC or a compilation Disc.

but it wasn’t called nosferatu untill changed to dark magic and Intelligent Systems was just beeing stupid when they didn’t change the name back to Resire.

Stupididty must be contagious, it would seem nintendo has caught the bug. I would still like to know what the Jugdral saga is.

I thought using the term Jugdral saga would cause confusing, but it’s stated what Jugdral saga is: a shorthand term, which will be used to include the games Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776.

yeah i thought they were starting to copy the older games, why else would Arthur look so much like Lyon 😉 so uhh.. do you need a jappanese SNES to play those 😕

good article 🙂 .

alot of the changes made in PoR frustrated me at first,one of them being the gazillion horse units you get :\ .I dont know,maybe its just me but exept for a few of them they all seem to have wierd personalties.not to mention that the more mounted units you get,the less interesting units you get.also nosferatu always drove me nuts…and it still does.though I wonder why they made the shamans be dark users? is nintendo to good to use wizards and sorcerers 😛 ?

yeah shamans as dark users didn’t make sense to me sincee shaman were mediums between humans and the gods of whatever culture the shaman was from maybe if it was Dark shaman but hwy shaman

all I can think of is shaman king…and I dont want to :\ .

Shamans performed some rather dark rituals as well though. Not all mediums between man and gods are holy. Go look up Aztec on wikipedia, you’ll know what I mean.
Also, Voodoo priests are essetially Shamans, they have some pretty dark stuff up their sleeves.

But not all shamans thats why there should be a dark shaman class and a normal shaman class. Also druids as dark magic users is stupid i mean they worshiped nature and in myths and stuffed partially controled nature. Now i could live with the Sacred Stones version where they secondarily used anima but in the games were they are pure dark users that dosn’t make any sense in the least. Also on a totally non FE subject why do tv shows always put Druids and pegans with halowween i mean Druids were basically hermits they couldn’t really do anything like haloween and pegans ok the start of it the celtic religion wich dosn’t exist anymore was kinda pegan in a few aspects but they weren’t exactly pegan also the only other religion i know of to accept Halos eve as a religous holiday is early christianity. Wich is probably not pegan considering most if not all christians think pegans are going to hell. Sorry about that just needed to get that off my chest.

0_o’ when i hear shamans it just makes me think of canas

Why is that when i hear it, it makes me think of ghosts and the world beyond life and what it will be like. Go me and my deepness oh yeah

its a good idea not to bring up religious (or political 😉 ) discussions.that way flame wars can be avoided…and I dont need to vaporize any posts 😛 .

ike a ranger? rangers are suposed to be people on horses,not people on the ground.and he dosnt have a bow.that made no sence 😕 .

Why do rangers not having bows make sense. And do real life rangers ride horses no really im asking

i meant not make sense in that first sentence sorry. stupid keyboard.

actually rangers having bows is popular in games.
and FE’s not real life so it doesnt really matter :p

But real rangers dont have bows so why would them not using bows not make sense.

p.s. Sorry for using a double negative

ehh, i dont know,doesnt really matter i guess, what is, is. BTW Poké Master Luigis my little brother so.. you know 😉

no i dont but anyway ike’s class as ranger isn’t that strange

Kakashiofthesharinganeye said:no i dont

the rest was “be nice” .seriously…there is no need to nit-pick disscus things is one thing,but do it in a nice,freindly way please.

I didn’t think i was being unfriendly sorry next time someone tell me earlier

dont worry about it too much.

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