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New (But Not Real :( ) Classes

Posted on: June 20, 2007

There are a few things I wish Nintendo would do with the fire emblem series. One of the things would be adding a few new classes.


one of the classes I would like to see would be a ninja I know they would seem to be too similar to assassins and rogues…but take a look at the newest (English release 👿 ) fire emblem.the only one of those two types still present in the game is an assassin…and there is only one. with that I see no reason not to merge the two into something better. what could a ninja do? well,ninja stuff! one thing that would be cool is if they were unaffected by terain,but still received the benefits from them. after all,ninja are all about terrain advantage, right? the ability to pick locks like rogues can would also work well with the ninja theme. finally I was thinking that they could perhaps throw special weapons to KO certain enemys.the weapon-probably a shuriken or something-would have to be about as rare as silver swords are in the begining of any FE.

the next class would be a wizard.I actually got this idea in Aveyn Knights last article 🙂 .I got to thinking that shamans and druids aren’t really known for their dark magic.true,in some cultures they are supposed to do dark things…but they just don’t seem like wielders of dark magic, or practitioners of the dark I myself think of shamans as wielders of dark magic…but thats because I first heard of shamans from fire emblem 😕 . anyways,wizards work fine in final fantasy,so I see no reason they would have a problem in fire emblem. There’s not really much to be said about them. they would just take the shamans place of using dark magic.ofcoarse I really have nothing against shamans using dark magic…its just an idea I got.

the next class would be the samuri.again…they might sound familiar to another unit- mainly swordmasters-however they are fairly different.swordmasters seem to focus more on their speed and presision,while samurais (atleatst some of them) seem to focus more on strength.they could wield a different type of sword…probably a katana…that other classes couldnt use. samurais usually have a lot of armor ( *caughmitzurugicaughcaugh*) so I would think they would have a fair amount of defence,and their attack would most likely be high.Also Auron is awsome so…yeah…samuris should be in FE too 😉 .

the last class I can think of would be a tactician.true,it already…sort of exists, but that’s only in blazing sword. in addition,the tactician doesn’t even fight! he (or she) is practically an NPC! anyways,the tactician could get attack and defense comparable to that of a bard…but they would have an ability comparable to ninians rings. what it would be is when they go next to a character they would have an option of uping one of the characters stats by about two until the next turn.they would probably wield a knife…though I guess a sword would work just as well.alternativly,they could cast magic.

and that about does sure there are a lot more types that I could think of,but these are the only ones I can think of for the time being.

by Saint Of Swords


29 Responses to "New (But Not Real :( ) Classes"

I like the ninja class i actualy thought of that class a long time ago i din’t go into as uch thought as you did though. Also the wizard thing i totaly agree with. The samurai class just seems to remind me to much of a knight that uses swords. Tactician clas seems cool to me and they should also be like lords in the respect that if they die it is game over atleast in my oppinion since without a tactician you are screwed. One last thing are these classes promoted or unbpromoted? And if promoted what do they promote from?

Oh also if your reffering to the elibe bards i think it should get a little more than that since if it didn’t what would the point in a weapon even be though i agree it shoulld be low. but nils had a pretty good chance at no strength at all even at level twenty so i would like more strength on the tactician or just not give them a weapon at all.

a samurai would be cool… and you know i always wanted a weak unit to be able to use swords so yeah.. Thiefs dont count because i always give them energy rings…

Knives would make more sense for a tactician since you dont really need much skill with knives to use them. So since tacticians are usually behind the scenes and not fighting. They wouldn’t have much skill with there weapon atleast in my oppinion.

A samurai has far more speed than you may think. The art of Kenjutsu relies very heavily on speed as the first stroke is often the last. A samurai would Have to have great skill, good speed, good strength, and moderate defense. They could upgrade from Bushido.
I think a Ninja would be cool. Awesome Skill and Speed but only moderate Strength and defense/resistence to offset the lockpick and terrain advantage abilities to prevent thm from being a cheap super weapon. They could upgrade from a Rogue, the difference in the two could to be the lockpicking. Alternatively, it could be a Spy, in which case, they would have the terrain bonus.

I think the tactition thing wouldn’t work so great. One weak unit is enough, I wouldn’t want to babysit another fething non-com, a dancer is plenty.

True eenough but it would make an interesting game mechanic

ide like to also see some new magic , theres already light, anima, dark, staves and summons(kinda)
i cant think of anything else cool 😕

babysiting… reminds me of in the japanese FE (6) theres a board were this stupid old paladin(who makes FE7s Marcus look like he has good stats) and his 2 cavaliers (probally worse than a LV2 Sain or Kent and their LV 8’s, i think) come, they think there so strong they go rushing off to kill the enemies, almost getting killed themselves and you have to make your lord run around and try to talk to them to recruit them -_-

Wow dang that is pretty bad oh and to shinigami ninja i have never needed to babysit bards or dancers in fe 7 they could dodge everything and in fe 8 they just always survived somehow those are the only fes i have got far enought to have one as of yet so i wont discuss other ones.

actualy they have a good chance of getting hit on hard mode when there LV10 and under and in FE6 my poor bard Elphin only had 14 points left because he got hit by a wyvren lord with a silver lance, good thing i gave him a robe. and he usualy dodges everything. BTW the wyveren lords in FE6 are very Vaida-ish, because they have tons of HP, ATK and DEF. and theres tons of them -_- and Thethys always seems to get hit for me 😕

Yah tethys sucks since she dosn’t have overkilled speed and luck like ninian and nils she would almost always get hit but she would never die she would always dodge any attack that would kill her

they should bring rings back, like filas might. I actually thought theifs could use rings too when i first played 😕 because matthews invontory was full and all of his items looked useable

Yeah they should bring back rings. Ring were the best part of blazing sword. Well not the best part but there dfinitely in the top ten.

they should make some kind of unit that has helpful status effects like the ings did

Kakashiofthesharinganeye said:One last thing are these classes promoted or unbpromoted? And if promoted what do they promote from?

I uh…didnt include that cause I couldnt make up my mind ^_^’ .I supose a samuria could turn into a shogun or something,a wizard could turn into a magus,a tactician could turn into a stratagist (maybe…),and a ninja…well…theres about a hundred different titles for high ranking ninjas,go nuts with it 🙂 !

Shinigami Ninja said:A samurai has far more speed than you may think.

I know,but samurais dont move much when they fight,unlike that sence they differ.

MatthewThief said:they should make some kind of unit that has helpful status effects like the ings did

or make it where they can put status ailments on the enemys.

a tactician would be cool because they would be well at speed & luck probably. & i was thinking you could customize a tactician to your liking. 😛

Yeah that would be cool

Uprgrading to Shogun woul be like upgrading to King. I still think they should start out as Bushido and then go to Samurai.

but.. it would be cool if it was your lord. in one of the games the lord in it turns into a prince. and zephials type is a king..

That would be cool

it would be cool, but FE isnt a japanesse based game, so they’d have to redo all the classes… theifs could be ninjas…paladins could be…umm… this could be a really cool coversation but i can’t think of any more jappanese-ish units to replace with FE units 0_o’

Yeah fe is more of a england and other such places based game well middle ages england that is

Shinigami Ninja said:Uprgrading to Shogun woul be like upgrading to King.

actually,they are pretty much just genrals…or more accurately “military genrals”.also…bushido is a code that samurais use.

I know that, but Zolo is called a Bushido, because he lives by the code but he’s not a Samurai. And Cavalier comes from a French word for horse so I don’t see the problem.

Isn’t cavalier a adjective

I don’t think so, but at any rate, it all stems from an old French word for Horse, I think its along the lines of Chevalier (Shev-all-yay).

Ok i looked it up and it is an adjective as well as a noun the noun version is a horseman or knight. The adjective is basicaly discurteous.

well,I suppose it would be possible then.although,my dictonary says cavaliers are mounted soldiers 😕 .then again my dictonary is on AOL so…….

cavaliers translates horsemen for me (in french)

IT is derived from the word for Horse. It is not the word for horse, rather, its root is.

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