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Common Misconceptions 1

Posted on: June 22, 2007

This article was submited by Aveyn Knight.I should warn that the link in this article leads to some content from goddess of dawn,however the article itself is spoiler free ๐Ÿ˜› .

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Some of these you might have heard of, some of these you might even have fell foul to. Whatever the case, in our endless hunt for truth, misconceptions shouldn’t exist (especially common ones). Listed below are a few common ones, which should be our job to correct where possible. That, and to educate and entertain (although, is that even possible?)!

* High weapon Weight equals high Weapon EXP (General)

This is merely a coincidence, especially since Weight and Weapon EXP are two seperate weapon stats (Weapon EXP is hidden). It is likely that most heavy weapons have more Weapon EXP to make them worth using.

This is important in Path of Radiance, where many people often discuss forging a weapon with high Weight so they will gain Weapon EXP faster. DON’T do this. You will only gain Weapon EXP slower because you will likely double attack less and thus attack with your weapon less and, therefore, gain less Weapon EXP.

* Tactician affinity increases growth rates (Blazing Sword)

Some people still believe that choosing your Tactician’s affinity to be the same as a character’s affinity will boost that character’s growth rates. This is actually completely false, and was proven with people hacking the game to give characters varying growth rates (95 to 100) and to see the effect of Tactician affinity. To make a long story short, there was no effect.

* The Fire Dragon moves! (Blazing Sword)

Now this is actually tricky territory and even I’m not 100% sure, but from what I’ve seen and heard- the Fire Dragon never moves. Not even in the Japanese Hector Hard mode. Heck, I don’t even know where this originated from, but has anybody ever seen the Fire Dragon move? I played the Japanese Hector Hard mode and did everything possible… for 20 turns, and he didn’t do anything. Personally I believe it was a prank or wishful thinking, as an explanation for the huge vertical space in the Fire Dragon’s map.

* Lyon (The Sacred Stones)

Ah, Lyon. He’s the centre of many myths.

Firstly, many people believe his maximum HP can surpass 60 as a playable character. However that is false, in all versions of the game, as 60 is the maximum HP for all characters. The only reason Lyon as an enemy (and other enemies) can have higher HP is because enemies do not have a HP cap (aside from 127, which is the maximum stat value).

Secondly, some people believe the Lyon could command all four magic types (Anima, Dark, Light and Staves) in the Japanese version. This is again completely false- he could still only use Dark magic and Staves. This myth probably stems from the opening class roll, which shows Lyon casting Thunder magic. I don’t know why he casts he, because he can’t… Not without cheating anyway (in case you didn’t know, all magic classes share the same animation for casting either of Anima, Dark or Light magic).

* The Beorcguard doesn’t do anything (Path of Radiance)

The Beorcguard’s description states that it reduces damage from Beorc attacks, similar to the Laguzguard’s description, so you would think it would have a similar effect, right? However it doesn’t seem to be working when fighting normal Beorc enemies…

That would be because the description is actually incorrect- the Beorcguard only negates the effectiveness of weapons effective against Laguz. Although I never actually used the item, I think it also negates the effectiveness of Anima magic against the different tribes, but not bows against the bird tribe, although some confirmation would be appreciated.

* Nasir froze the Black Knight! (Path of Radiance)

Actually, I’m not sure if that was ever said. However, some people do think that Nasir breathes ice, thanks to his weapon’s description which states “the icy breath of a white dragon”. In fact the “icy” part was added for the English localisation. Nasir’s breath looks more like light magic in battle, so I am inclined to believe it is Light magic-based.

* Rajaion (Path of Radiance)

Seemingly a very large misconception. If I asked 100 people about this misconception, I think 99 of them would believe it. As I already said, this is a very large misconception, so I didn’t want to ruin your lives by posting the truth here. Instead, if you want to know the truth, please follow this link. Personally I recommend that you do follow the link, but it is really up to you.

Note: The page in question is actually a Goddess of Dawn page, but there is practically no Goddess of Dawn content.

* All pre-promoted characters aren’t worth using (General)

First things first- this isn’t really my domain. I am not good at debating, so apologies if my arguments are poor.

This is quite a common phenomenon- that is, people urging others not to use pre-promoted characters (characters that are already promoted when recruited) or calling others “noobs” if they do use them. To be honest, this practice has diminished, but I thought it was worth commenting on.

Pre-promoted characters are usually surpassed by non-promoted characters that reach the same level as them. In some games (such as the first three games and Sword of Seals) most of them completely failed (IMO). As such, people with more experience sometimes tend to ignore them, and encourage others to as well. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t worth using.

Although most pre-promoted characters are lacking in potential, they usually come with high weapon levels (useful in Path of Radiance where Weapon EXP grows slowly) and good bases. In harder difficulties, promoted characters can be a necessity (at least for a period of time), such as Titania or Marcus. Pre-promoted characters receive much less EXP compared to other characters, but you shouldn’t fear using them. In difficult chapters, using them can save other characters’ skins, who you can build up at a later date.

In particular, do not completely avoid them in unfamiliar games. For example, pre-promoted characters were actually exceptional characters in Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776- especially in the former, where characters like Sigurd, Shanan and Sety are worshipped as being the most overpowered (in a good sense) characters ever.


19 Responses to "Common Misconceptions 1"

good article ๐Ÿ˜› .

im suprized about a few things…one being rajion…I guess im in the majority,or was ๐Ÿ˜• .second is the beorcgaurd…I thought for sure that halved damage.I guess it was all in my head…then again I never really stopped to do the math ^_^’ .

i dont know about the tactition thing… whenever i pick thunder, Heath almost always maxes in STR, SKL and SPD and nearly DEF, or maybe Heath just likes me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok if the tactician dosn’t give a bonus what is the point of him/her having an affinity.

Characters with the same affinity get a +1 accuracy and avoid bonus for each big Tactician star (the ones when you go to the augury), with a maximum bonus of +9. I perhaps should have mentioned that : )

ohh so thats what those are for! I like avoid and accuracy ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually get lots of stars, until the level were you buy stuff that is… And I guess Heath just likes me then ๐Ÿ˜›

thats pretty cool,though maybe that explains why my people always get hit ๐Ÿ˜› .just kidding.

I never knew a lot of this stuff. I always thought that the affinity gave you people higher probabilities of gaining points in the different stats depending on your affinity. They have a guide of it on
I also didn’t know Raijon died. It really is very clear. They should said *dies* in his text box.
I always knew that the Pre Promos you start with i.e. Seth, Marcus, sucked compared to others of the class but the Pre Promos you get later on, like Pent, are really good.

i had a really strong feeling that he did die.. i guess it was right too..

Lyon…. it is sooooooooo anfair that Lyon can’t use anima magic. man its not right. the game is a lier. ๐Ÿ˜ก

if they kept him with an S on every magic he would have been too good.then again you would kind of expect him to be since hes so hard to get.

…you know,talking about this is making me remember my 99:99 game I had in sacred stones 0_0′ .I almost had everyone maxed out in everything…

I don’t have the attention span to do that. Once the plot ends I put the game down.

if I recall corectly I had a really bad cold and needed something to occupy myself with ๐Ÿ˜› .normaly I cant stand being away from the plot for more than maybe one sidequest.

Sometimes I can’t even stand playing the game because the plot gets so thin and boring. I love twists and sometyhing more original than “Empire from the (insert direction) once ruled by a kind and generous ruler is now trying to conquer the world, and the good kingdom of (Something starting with E, A, or N) is conquered in a night, with only the prince/princess and a handful of royal guards as a resistance”.

yeah…that kind of gets cliche after awhile.

Actualy in path of radiance it the good kingdom dosn’t start with any of those it starts with a c and there are quite a few plot twists in PoR

actually a country getting concured isnt too bad a way to start a game,however if its not done properly it can be really boring.FFII and FE6 do a good job of portraying a sudden war.

FFII was one of my points. I never finished either games in Dawn of Souls. SO REPETETIVE!!! SO BORING!!!! FFIV Sucked too. The plot was dull as a pipe.
PoR did have soem good plot twists. I was mildly surprised to hear that Greil was a Daein General. I had suspicions that he worked for Daein when he was killed by the Black Knight (its just a flesh wound!) and they were talking about the Black Knight’s training. Also, I was mildly surprised by the Apostle being like 6.

Isn’t she twelve cause she is about the same size as Tormod who is the same size as rolf who is twelve

Shinigami Ninja said:FFII was one of my points. I never finished either games in Dawn of Souls.

if you never finished the game how would you know ๐Ÿ˜ ? also I think FFIV missed its chance to be a great game by not focusing on cecils story earlier in the story.

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