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Poll #8

Posted on: June 23, 2007

Which Magic Would You Most Like To Cast?

[Update:Essence wins]

1) Anima~1 vote

2) Light~0 votes

3) Dark~2 votes

4) Staff~0 votes

5) Essence~3 votes


since this poll is a tad bit vague allow me to explain: the question pertains to you…which magic would you like to always only your first vote counts and i’ll put the number of votes each choice got up after some time.once that happens the poll still isnt over so you can still vote if you haven’t already.

well,have fun with it 😛 .

by Saint Of Swords



31 Responses to "Poll #8"

i want anima, i like fire.

Anima. It would be by far the most useful, unless staves can cure the common cold. But being able to start a Fire at will, or call down a lightning strike, or freeze something instantaneously (hey! I spelled it right!), would rock my socks off. Especially fire, I live in Minnesota and I have a paper route, in the winters it gets very cold, I would love to be able to warm my hands up or melt a path through the snow.

ill pick anima…tempting as nosferatu is,fire and thunder are cooler.

As cool as sapping life is, its illegal. Dark and Light are only good for killing, staves are only good for healing and teleporting other people, but Anima is good for killing, heating, cooling and everything else.

yeah…something tells me this ones going to be a landslide 😕 .

Actualy light magic could be used to light up dark places. Also staves have a lot of different abilities there is the torch, sleep, and beserk staves, and those are just the ones of the top of my head. But i vote anima it is just so more wide ranged than the others.

luna luna its cool. i mean luna is based on a moon. plus its so dark and exotic looking. and finally ever since i first got the game i was always hoping you would get a shaman. and when i got one i never wanted to make it into a druid.

I’m gonna have to go with dark, mostly ’cause I love flux.

If there was a charm staff, and it had more than a 10% chance to work, I would use staves. If I could reanimate the dead with dark magic, then I would use dark. If I didn’t live in America, where there are street lamps 20 metres and lights in every house then I would use light. But as it is, I would love to have Anima. With that, you can kill people and light up places, plus, you can do other stuff too.

I was going to include essence magic but I wanted to keep it simple.essence magic would be like nergals magic and lyons magic.

oh oh oh! i would REALLY like essance magic. then i could make my own morphs, hehehe :p

okay fine…ill edit the article,if anybody wants essence magic just throw away your old vote and exchange it for essence magic.but you cant trade it for one of the options that were already there when you voted…that would be cheating 😐 .

and I vote essence magic 😛 .

oooook.. essence it is then.. morphs 😆 hehehe

now I shall repeat what I said before,I think this ones going to be a landslide 😛 .

Ok to shinigami ninja on none magic using enemies the staves have a decent chance of hitting (atleast for me). Also in4 not sure about other games if your magic was higher than the enemies resistance it aoutomaticaly happened.

unless there on a throne.. now when do i get my magic 😉

Well, I’m going Essence then. Morphs would pwn. I could make an army. I want my magic first.

ide make maybe 3 morphs ^_^

Why 3? Why not rule the world with an army of them?

they would get boring then 😛 .

because i have 2 special ones i want 😀 and one random one whos not decided you and they might get kinda borring if i had too many

Well, you make two special ones, like Sonia, you know, ones with emotions, and then you make mindless ones that you never talk to except for giving orders to conquer the world. A million AK-47’s go a long way.

sonia was gross :p i liked ephedel and limstella

Sonia was the only one with emotion though. I don’t remember where but someone makes a comment about them being creepy and emotionless. Yet Sonia has emotion. I would make a few that are good at video games and tabletop war games, and the other million and half would be out conquering the world for me. I’d start with America. Mostly because thats where I am and it would be difficult running a war in enemy teritory and partly because I don’t need the global police pestering me when I’m trying to carry out a genocide in the countries that don’t submit. Like the middle east, I don’t feel like dealing with insurgencies day in and day out. France would have to go too, I don’t like France. I’d build a summer home in Italy, great food. And I’d winter somewhere nice, like Hawaii. Anyway, I’d make millions of morphs.

kishuna had emotion too. Hehe i know, i’ll make one of them be reeeeeealy good at drawing so they can finish the picture of Reyson im drawing draw for me when my hands hurt too bad 🙂

sorry for the double post Brother but…
Shinigami Ninja, you should go to the role playing page. Its not really a fourm. its still in blog format 😉

Its kinda fun.

To shinigami ninjas post about sonia being the only one with emotion. (Yes it was a long time ago i know.) Both Ephidel and Limstella had emotion, you see ephidel was disgusted by Laus and disgust is an emotion. And if you read Limstellas death quote you will see that she was sad that she was dieing.

[20 gold earned]

ephidel might have had emotion,though im not sure about limstella.her death quote is “this body is but a construct…yes,as is this sorrow” …or something like that,so I think she was saying that even her sorrow was fake.kinda confusing…like trying to figure out if a cups half empty or half full XP .

[20 gold earned]

No it’s not. It’s obvious she is sad but she believes that her sorrow isn’t real because Morph’s aren’t natural beings.

[SoS:Your spamming,to say your opinion is one thing but dont claim it to be fact]

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