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Fire Emblem…The Accurate Title

Posted on: June 27, 2007

often times game developers would start a series, only planing one game for it. eventually-if the game in question was in fact good-the game became so popular that people wanted a sequel to it, or just another installment to the series.but did the game developers have that planed? did they know,or even suspect, that they would have to twist the name of a game into the name of a series? if the answer was no…one can only imagine the trouble they must have had…

Lets consider a few games. I should point out that most of these were developed in a time where the word ‘sequel” didn’t quit exist, as such nobody could really anticipate that such a thing would be wanted by so many people. that being the case not many now game series actually planed on being just that, a series. They just made cool games that people would like and labeled them with cool names people would like.

the first game is “the Legend of Zelda” .the game was simple enough,you had to collect magical objects to save a princess from a monster.the princess was…and still is…named “Zelda” .also there was this neat little backstory in the booklet that came along with the game that mentioned something about a,the game became the legend of zelda.the title worked great,you only heard rumors of Zelda from the booklet, thus making her seem like somewhat of a legend.but what would happen if a sequel was ever to be made? one in which you actually meet Zelda in the beginning of the game? well simple…you make her be asleep for the whole thing! you cant talk to her, therefore she must still be a legend! but just like scotch tape…that simple solution didn’t last forever. as the games went on you met Zelda earlier and earlier until you could eventually talk to her on a regular bases.whats more,shes not even in every game! one must ask…is it really “the Legend of Zelda”? not only is Zelda absent from most of them but she is certainly not a legend anymore. my point? the title really only makes sense for the first couple of games in the series. after that it just sort of sticks.

the next game to look at is Final Fantasy.the game is very magic based,monsters,magic,the whole bit.I would assume that that is where the “fantasy” part comes from in the games title.and the “final” part? if I recall correctly you had to save the earth from decaying in final fantasy 1 , so by putting “final” in the title it showed that you had an objective to complete, that your quest would end eventually.and,unlike the Zelda series, it didn’t have to worry about not having the same character in every game. however final fantasy had a flaw of its own as far as the title can it be final fantasy …..XII? It really dosnt make much sense. chances are the developers of Final Fantasy didn’t expect to make a sequel…or more appropriately more installments to the series.again,the name just kind of stuck after a while and nobody seemed to notice.

and finally? fire emblem.the name of the series is the only one in my opinion that makes sence,er,completely.though it may not be such a strong part of the plot in every game, the fire emblem does make an appearance in every title. in sword of seals it is used to unlock many of the legendary weapons used by the 8 blazing sword it is something eliwood has to find in order to allow zephial the ability to become heir to the throne. as a result he gains access to the location of the shrine of seals as well. in sacred stones it is one of the…well…sacred stones.and in path of radiance it is the medallion that ashnard is always after.I regret to say I don’t know about the older fire emblems, but judging on how the other two series worked, i would have to assume it was atleast mentioned in the game.

But after all is said and done…fire emblem does not win the “most accurate series title” award.that award would go to the simplest, but also one of the most entertaining, series of all time…Super Mario Brothers 😀 .

by Saint Of Swords


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It does make a pretty good game title though : )

BTW, in the first game and its sequel it was a key item used by Marth to fight the dragons. In Gaiden it was never mentioned. In Genealogy of the Holy War, it is only mentioned as the family crest of a royal family. In Thracia 776 it is never mentioned (although it in the same continent as Genealogy).

your article makes alot of sense… i guess the others just stuck..

The name Fire Emblem for Lehran’d medallion is so obscure my sister didn’t even notice it was in there. It’s mentioned briefly, once. “It is also known as the Fire Emblem.” That’s it. And its the same in Sacred Stones. In Blazing Sword its so tacked on its kind of embarresing.

Its a good thing for game developers that people dan’t always associate series titles with game content.

hmm…I guess it wasn’t in every game then,who would have though 😕 ? still it makes far more sence than a lot of the other series do 😛 .

The only ones tha don’t make sense are ones with final in the name. How the hell do you have a 2nd and 3rd final destination?

i dunno… maybe there all different worlds or the makers didnt think it out very good :p

probably both 😛 .

maybe Final was a mistranslation, maybe it was supposed to be Finer Fantasy.

Finer fantasy that dosn’t make any sense, at all.

it could have been a japanese to english translation that distorted the word “final” from what it originally was.

the jappanese word ‘kyuukyoku’ means ultimate, final and eventual, so maybe untimate fantasy. Makes sense to me

that could be…now someone explain why zelda is still called “zelda’ if shes not in it 😛 .

Mistranslation of Final Fantasy? Don’t they usually call it Fainaru Fantashii? It’s pretty hard for Fainaru to be anything other than Final. (Well it could be Finer, as suggested, but that would be silly.)

hmm…Fantashii dosnt come up in my translator 😕 ,but that dosen’t matter much I guess.”Fainaru’ only translates to final (again,in my translator) so I guess there really is no way it could be a mistranslation.

perhaps “finer’ means something else in japan 😛 ?

The “Final” in Final Fantasy was supposed to mean the game was Square’s final game before they went bankrupt. But it was able to save Square, and they continued making more games.

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