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Poll #9

Posted on: June 29, 2007

Whose Your Favorite Character in Path Of Radience?

[The results are can still vote for anyone in path of radience though]


1.) Reyson~1 vote

2.) Kurthnaga~1 vote

3.) Leathe~1 vote

4.) Mia~2 votes

5.) Zihark~1 vote


I know what anybody reading this is going to be thinking; “why path of radience”? the answer is actually pretty simple…1) I neglect the game far too much on FE Blog and 2) if I gave you the choice to choose between every character in the fire emblem series I think the poll might get a little out of hand 😕 .at any rate there are plenty of people to choose from so there should be no problem.since I dont want to list every option,and also dont want to limit who you can vote for,I will just let you list your favorite character and then after some time I will put up which characters actually got voted for and  how many votes they got/ always only your first vote counts.

 by Saint Of Swords


49 Responses to "Poll #9"

Reyson ^_^ i finished drawing him about 2 days ago

Hhhm, this is a hard choice. Maybe Sorenor Ike or Rolf. Dang it there are to many choices. Oh i know Kurthnaga, and if it has to be playable Ike. So i vote Kurthnaga.

I can’t say, I don’t have PoR.

Then why did you even post in this article?

im going to vote leath,she just has the personality that I seem to like so much 😛 (lalum,serra,midna,etc…) .

goron55 said:I can’t say, I don’t have PoR.

well…why dont you read some character descriptions 🙂 ? unless you plan on getting the game sometime that is.

Man, this is hard. I’m gonna have to say… uh… hm… Not the Princess or Ike. Nephenee, Leathe, Illyana, or that one Myrmidon Chick. I’m gonna go with that Myrmidon Chick that you get early on. I like how she calls Ike “Boss” and stuff. I don’t remember her name. I think she wears orange with purple hair.

yeah i know who your talking about, her name is Mia 😀

Yes, thats the one. Her stats rock too.

I always hate not being able to use her on hard mode….shes just too fragile for half the enemies 😥 .

zihark is a cool Myrmidon. his stats are crazy! in my game his stats were 30STR 31SPD 24SKL 19DEF 14LUCK and 4RES. 😥

Maybe you were just unlucky. I thought she was fine on hard mode.
I can never get Zihark any good.

Uhm somehow Pml i think you are exagerating since the swordmaster strength cap is 24 and speed cap is 30.

oops. i forgot. but my point is zihark is a good player. 🙄 . and he is fragile to but i like him alot.

Poké Master Luigi did you forget he wasnt a laguz :p

Shinigami Ninja said:Maybe you were just unlucky. I thought she was fine on hard mode

maybe…I can’t say it would be the first time that happened 😕 .

Well, I haven’t played hard mode much. I did get past that part though. I kinda gave up on it after a while.

I’m currently on hard mode but i can’t get past chapter 5 sure i have only tried once as of yet but still.

Good luck. I got stuck on 7 and kinda gave up.

Yeah i am thinking now that i should have tried normal before skipping straight to hard.

i havent got stuck yet.. but in the board when nesallas crows come.. i was tring to let them all live so i sent marcia to go bait him out so ulki could talk to him… a stupid killer axe warrior had JUST enough ATK to kill her with a CRIT 😡 not a very big crit chance either -_-‘ anyways i restarted the mission and just killed the stupid crows

I always kill them. Its not worth it to let them live. TH ebonus expirience you gain from it is negated by the the amount of time it takes to talk to them.

really on easy mode i got to naesala on the second turn. I admit some died but it was as npcs so i got the knight ring and the bonus experiance aswell (I think)

I’d have to say Mia. At any rate, she was a very good team member. (Though she was a little weak in Hard Mode, I agree with that)

uberzeldamaster said:(Though she was a little weak in Hard Mode, I agree with that)

well,I dont feel too unfortunate then 🙂 .

she always turns out weak when i play with her 😕

Maybe she hates you. Eliwood hates me, so its concievable.

No I think it is more plausible that she just sucks. Since she never gets any strength.

well strenth isnt everything, i guess

Yes it isn’t but with her base strength she loses all her speed if you give her a sword that she can actualy hurt the enemy with.

i wish they had heros(besides Ike) in PoR.. then swordmasters could be weak and the heros could be strong

Ikes not a Hero he’s a Lord. The only Hero in that Game is Griel the sucky.

his stance is just like Griels when he promotes

That dosn’t matter,He is still not a Hero since he cant use Axes unlike greil.

Kakashiofthesharinganeye said:Ikes not a Hero he’s a Lord. The only Hero in that Game is Griel the sucky

im guessing you gave him that title based on the fact that you can kill him in the first chapter,right? I thought he was weak too,however he has a skill that lets him modulate his strong is he really? well,he was standing up to the black knight with an axe…that should tell you something 😉 .also ike might not be called a hero,but if you examine his attacks and compare them to a FE6/7/8 hero they are the technically he is a hero,hes just not called one in the game.

I call him that because the discipline skill only reduces your stats by one point. So add one point onto each stat and you have a jeigan.

he was probally going easy and lowered his stats willingly

Kakashiofthesharinganeye said:I call him that because the discipline skill only reduces your stats by one point. So add one point onto each stat and you have a jeigan.

I dont remember discipline saying how much it lowers the stats…

It dosn’t i did the math with Boyd’s stats. Also according to a site i go to that rips the data from the games discipline dosn’t actualy have any effect on the stats and that those are his stats. And that discipline was just put there to hide how bad he was.

then the Black Knight must stink too eh 😉 umm but really what kind of commander uses leathal force to train his son 😕 ?

It couldn’t be lethal as long as he avoided the head. They were using wooden sticks for crying out loud. Also the black knight was toying with him the whole time. Look at his stance it isn’t firm it is sort of wobbly not reaally but it isn’t firm.

Also the black knight isn’t that tough i beat him in three rounds only one aether.

heh try without aether… and Greil didnt have aether

first of all if you rip something off of a game its going to be as it was programed,not how its really suposed to be.

second,what do you mean you did the math with boyde? I dont remember him having a discipline skill,but even if he did theres no saying how much he was suposed to weaken himself.

third,griel had several handicaps while fighting the black knight,but he did stand a prove my point do you think that the training griel would be able to fight the black knight? or rather,do you think a lv 1 or 2 ranger ike,who beats the training griel,would be able to battle the black knight 😐 ?

No and neither could greil it was over without the Bk even trying. Also greil may have had Aether since when you fight Boyd it dosn’t show his Tempest skill, and the hero class is programed to be able to use aether.

[20 gold earned]

well i do think that “ripping” stuff of a game is sort of illegal, so i think this conversation should be dropped…

[20 gold earned]

ahh personally this conversation is out oh hand. i thought this was a favorite character article. 😐 . and i also like the BK. i always wanted him to be in the aftermap. 😥 .

[20 gold earned]

You mean the trial maps. And why would you want that Ashnard pwns the Bk.

[20 gold earned]

i like him personally. i don’t care how good Ashnard is. i don’t like Ashnard and i like the BK more. 😀

[20 gold earned]

soren! or elincia…

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