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after rigged random choosing a winner has been decided for the Fire Emblem Blog Lotery! who is it? well…ME OFCOARSE! MWA HAHAHAHAH…Huh? its…not me?!? crud…well whatever,the real winner is…………………..

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First i would like to say that this article has really big Fire Emblem 6 spoilers in it..

FE7 ends with Hector and Eliwood talking about strange reports comming from Bern about Berns King and Prince Zephiel. One saying that the prince was killed, the other said that the king was killed.

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within the series of fire emblem there are many different look alike,or sometimes act alike characters.the most note able of these would be the griel mercenaries and the gerik mercenaries.

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welcome to the first ever Fire Emblem Blog lotery! here you can win large amounts of gold,wether you be a poor bum or a rich snob 😉 . 


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Zunamna, they are a race that is barely mentioned in PoR. Supposedly they predate both the Beorc and Laguz races. A servant in an info conversation, in Chapter 15 states that there is a group of thieves who some ruins from the time of the Zunamna as their base.

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to keep things interesting todays “poll” will actually be a top ten put things simple you can pick characters from any game,but they have to come from a game first…not an anime (this saves me some frustration of sorting through my anime and game list 😉 ) .

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I was looking over my blog stats and-to make a long story short-they are doing about as good as isadora 😦 .so I want to get some new ideas.what do you,the readers want done on this blog? it can be anything from the sites colors to the pages section…and anywhere in between.

 please note though that I might not accept every idea 😉 .

 by Saint Of Swords.

E3 was nice enough to give us atleast one fire emblem video,thankfuly its pretty good.there are a few character spoilers in it though so consider that before clicking the link to watch character spoilers I mean it shows a few characters who are in the game (didnt bother me much though 😛 ) .

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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