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The Branded

Posted on: July 3, 2007

I think The branded are perhaps the most interesting aspect of path of radience.the whole story about them is fairly easy to pass up though,and as a result many end up doing just that.unfortunatly,even if you do come across the information, whether it be in the game itself  or…online <_< >_> <_< >_>  ,there really isn’t much that’s said about them. Nonetheless, I tend to take an interest in things like this so I figured I mine as well write an article about them 😛 .

the branded are, more or less, a race of there own. however I don’t think their race would be called the branded. simply put, they could be described as nothing less then “humans” .now I must sound crazy,the branded are half beorc and half laguz after all,theres nothing human about them! But that’s just the thing. did you ever stop and ask yourself why the humans in path of radiance have to have a special title? Why are they the beorc and not just the humans? the answer can be found in our fuzzy, feathery and…scaly friends, the laguz.

when the laguz came to be they drove a wedge through the human the laguz did come to be will probably never be revealed, but I digress. despite how much they resemble animals they are,presumably,still human…just a different race of human. as a result the less fury humans, the beorc, required a title as well. think about it; would it make sense if one type of human had its own race but the other type was just plain human? wouldn’t that make it a human human 😕 ? no…it would make no sense so they became known as the beorc.obviously,the beorc and the laguz are two halves of the human race, but neither are quite “human” .the laguz are far to strong and the beorc are far too weak.but merged together,they would infact be human.

Cue the branded. They are, like I said above, half human and half laguz. as a result they are also the two half’s of the human race. If you do your math…50% human plus 50% human would equal…100% human.and there is my proof as to why the branded are, with that in mind, why are they so hated? often times in support conversations within path of radiance the branded are referred to as abominations. in fact if I recall correctly Stephen was prepared for mordicai to abandon him do to the fact that he is a branded. perhaps the reason they are hated so much is because you can look at them two different ways….they are either both Laguz and beorc, or neither laguz nor beorc. If you choose the later they are like something that dosnt exist, and that could be why they are viewed as an abomination.

Being rejected by both races they live alone in the desert. Stephen tells soren that he knows he’s a branded as well. he tells him that when his friends find out about his secret and reject him, that he has friends in the desert. it seems being branded isn’t an easy thing to cover up. despite sorens younger looks, he is actually about the same age as ike.see,the branded age differently than laguz and beorc,and in time they start to stick out.

And that’s about all there is to go on about the branded. Im guessing they will be involved more in goddess of dawn, but that’s only a guess.Until then it’s just one of those things you wish nintendo would have done a little bit better :\ .

by Saint Of Swords


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If they age differently they aren’t normal humans. The Beorc are Normal Humans, the Laguz found some awxome power and perverted their humanity, thus being no longer human, and the Branded are of mixed beorc and laguz parenage, therfore they are not human either. The laguz use the term human as an insult, just like th Beorc over use the term sub-human as an insult. Thus, no one wants to be human, so no one is, however, biologically the Beorc are Human and the Laguz are not, and the branded are half of each, making them not human.

Pretty much everything about the Branded is revealed in Goddess of Dawn, as well as how the Beorc and Laguz came to being. So don’t worry about those questions never being answered : )

And to Shinigami ninja you are completely and utterly wrong on nearly all acounts. But unfortunately I cant tell you why since it would brake the Goddes of Dawn discusion rule.

interesting article.. i feel bad for them 😦

So do i. Makes fell like the Branded are those two kids at that high school… they were so frustrated that people saw them as different that they went on a shooting rampage and afterwards commited suicide… maybe… maybe the Branded will do something similar in Goddess of Dawn…

Most of the branded are several hundred years old. Don’t you think they would have snapped by now, if they were going to?

i think reysons only like 25?

SO he was five when serenes burned down? i doubt he could have a friendship like the one he had with naesala by the age of five.

Shinigami Ninja said:Thus, no one wants to be human, so no one is, however, biologically the Beorc are Human and the Laguz are not, and the branded are half of each, making them not human.

ah ah…both races hate the branded and hate being called sub/human.see the conection 😉 ?

MatthewThief said:i think reysons only like 25?

hes not a branded…you just wanted to bring him up,didn’t you 😆 ?

SO he was five when serenes burned down? i doubt he could have a friendship like the one he had with naesala by the age of five.
by Kakashiofthesharinganeye

meh.. why not?

i forgot it was about branded not laguz 😳

[i]ah ah…both races hate the branded and hate being called sub/human.see the conection ?[/i]

That isn’t exactly true most beorc don’t even know the term beorc. Nor do they know that laguz use the word human as an insult.

nope…ike was one of the only ones who where unaware.that being the case because he lived a secluded life as a mercenary.

Still they call themselves humans so i doubt they wouldn’t want to be called humans.

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ike didnt know what the branded were either.also like I said they didnt know the difference.

one thing I forgot to point out is that genral petrine is a branded as well (the bloated looking female paladin).judging by her looks…I would say shes well over 100 😛 .

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It never openly states that she is a branded. Sure in sorens boss convo with her she says she is just like him, and she does have a mark on her chest. But it never openly states it, it is all speculation.

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well…she seemed to be hiding the fact…I supose she could have been a spirit charmer or something 😕 .

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If anyone ever reads this. UZM, your talking about Columbine, its not the case. THe two were not picked on nor were they outcasts. They both had friends and were fairly normal until the incident, they were later found mentally unstable.

Okay, so Beorc are humans, but Laguz are not. You can’t be human if your part animal. Human is a species, Laguz do not conform to the parameters of the species, and are therefore not human.

Also, why don’t we have Godess of Dawn yet?

Because the official release date is November 2007 not june.

Shinigami Ninja said:Okay, so Beorc are humans, but Laguz are not

tsk tsk…ranulf would be so disapointed in you 😉 .the laguz are offended by the term “sub-human” .that being the case,they must still count themeselves as human,otherwise they would just nod and walk away since they would agree to being called “sub-humans” 😐 .

or not…to be frank im still really tired @_@ .

No, becvause that would mean that they are a form of lesser human. They have, however, ceased being human alltogether, and have become something else, Laguz. Not at all human except in apearance.

You obviously have not looked at spoilers for goddess of dawn. Also SoS does the no spoiler rule count even if i type them in my own language that i made up… hope not because i am about to.

[SoS: maybe 😉 one can never be too safe]

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