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Posted on: July 5, 2007

alright,before I get started I wanted to point out that Subrosia is open once again.if your a fan of the Zelda series or are just interested in it and need a place to talk about it make sure you check it can find it by clicking the Subrosia button on the side of the ‘blog.

now then…about the actual article…

after the succes of the last role-playing subject I made I thought it might be a good idea to do it again.however I have decided on some new rules.there is now,in fact,a system to follow.

if you want to use an item while role-playing you must purchase them from the armory .if magics more your thing,wait a while…I didn’t make the shop yet 😕 .you can earn gold by posting in articles or by submitting articles and having them posted (which is up to me to decide).to learn how much you you can get go to the gold acounts page ,the amount of gold you get is dependent on how much you type out in your post/article.since nobody (exept me 😆 ) will have gold for a while I wont start the RPing yet,but rest asured it will be started soon.if your new and have no gold when it starts…well,nobody says you cant be nice and not fight for a while 😉 .

by Saint Of Swords

[gold earned:100]


15 Responses to "New Role-Playing"

sounds fun.. but confusing figuring everything out 😕

[20 gold earned]

it shouldn’t be too hard…I hope.

[20 gold earned]

are you going to add it up or us?

[20 gold earned]

yeah,hopefuly ill get it right so I dont have to add a courtroom into the role-playing section ^_^’ .

[20 gold earned]

ahh. when i get some gold i will buy a bow. err a dark tome. errr i don’t know. keep the gold comeing. oh and saint of swords. how much is a bow and a tome. a dark tome to be exact.

[20 gold earned]

these are the bows…

Iron Bow: 250 gold
Steel bow:350 gold
Killer Bow: 600 gold
Silver Bow: 800 gold
Brave Bow: 750 gold
Short Bow: 500 gold
Long Bow: 500 gold
Reifleche: 2000 gold

[20 gold earned]

ahh i found the armory. but i am broke. 😥 . saint how come you get all the gold? oh well i’m going to make my tower. *building the tower*.

[20 gold earned]

i’m going to save up my gold and relax in my tower.

[double posts get you no gold 😉 ]

Poké Master Luigi said:ahh i found the armory. but i am broke. . saint how come you get all the gold? oh well i’m going to make my tower. *building the tower*.

this isnt the role-playing yet 😛 .

[20 gold earned]

… Please explain that again? :p but this sounds fun.. and I love magic, so I should really like this! Good idea, SoS! Maybe I should do something similar on my site. Oh, and by the way, everybody, my site is still up.

[20 gold earned]

well to put it simple the more often you post the more gold you will get.once you have enough (I think the lowest price is 150?) you can go in the armory and say “I want to but a [WEAPON HERE]” .you will then get that weapon and then you can enter the role-playing area (not up yet) and use it to battle foes or…if your like me,defend against massive people 😛 .

[20 gold earned]

hmm. well i’m going to post for now on. a lot of posting. and i wish the role-playing would open.

[20 gold earned]

Well, this should work out better than just randomley killing each other.

[20 gold earned]

thats the plan 😛 .

[20 gold earned]

Although, we still randomely kill each other.

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