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Posted on: July 6, 2007

Hi im MatthewThief. This is my first real article on Fire Emblem Blog..

In Fire Emblem 7 we have Geitz the warrior, and in Fire Emblem 6 there is a pirate named Geese. In Geitz’s support with Fiora he mentions his brother Geese.

This is Geitz from FE7


Fire Emblem 6 takes place about 20 years after FE7. 20 some years later this is what Geitz’s brother, Geese looks like this:


Judging by how Geese looks he’s about 25/27. That means in FE7 Geese would of been about 5 or 7 years old. Now that everyone knows who im talking about on with the article.

Geitz is always wandering looking for a place to call his own. He hates being known as the son of a famous merchant because his father didn’t treat his servents very well. Geese doesn’t mention anything about Geitz in FE6, probally because he didnt exist at the time at the end of the game its says that Geitz kept looking for a land to call his own, and Geese, who was only 7 at most when he left, probally didn’t remember him. Geitz probally found a land to live in and eventually stopped wandering. I would guess that he eventually joined Fargus’ crew. He seemed to be really interested in about pirates in his support with Dart.

Geese takes over the merchant bussiness eventually. He was the captain of a merchant ship, but unlike his father, he respected his crewmates and was kind to them. After Bern started the war, Geese told his crewmates that he couldn’t continue his bussiness with the war going on and persuaded “the boys” that they were going to be pirates. This is a quote from one of his supports “But we were originally just ordinary seafarers.  We don’t like fighting or robbing or any of that stuff”. Eventually Geese and his crew tried to rob a small trading ship. The captain of the ship had no goods, and said that he too might have to resort to piracy. After hearing that Geese decided that he couldn’t steal from someone like that.

 A few days later they decided to steal from a rich trading ship, that way no one would be hurt he said. They eventually came accros a large trading ship, they got on board only to find out that the ship was one of Berns battleships. Bern chased them for three days, somehow they escaped, but there ship was trashed.

At sometime Geese and his crew made it to the western isles. They helped the villagers by bringing them supplies. But one day his crewmates got captured there and were forced to work in the mines, until they died. A little after Geese sets out to avenge his crewmates he meets Roy.  Roy hires him as a guide, because he’s familiar with the land. After the war Geese probally ended up helping the villagers of the Western Isles.


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19 Responses to "Geese"

good article.

I didnt know half that stuff about geese,save the very obvious stuff (like the fact that he was a merchent) .

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Verry interesting I didn’t even know Geitz had a brother.

[20 gold earned]

he mentions his brother Geese in his support with Fiora

[20 gold earned]

I’ve never got that one. I don’t use fiora she just joins to underleveled.

[20 gold earned]

Anyways, Geese is one of my favorite players in FE6 ^_^ right up there with Alen and Rutger

[20 gold earned]

what I find interesting is how much younger looking geese looks from gietz =D .

[20 gold earned]

hmm… I can’t imagine a life like that… wondering, with no place to stop and rest at without knowing it’s not where you belong… and then being a pirate… I know I can’t do that… but, what can you do.

[20 gold earned]

Being a pirate could be fun. If I got to have a shower and brush my teth. So I’ll stick with foot slogging.

[20 gold earned]

foot slogging o_0′ ? whats that?

[20 gold earned]

Like, a foot soldier. They’re sometimes referred to as foot sloggers. As in slogging through mud.

[20 gold earned]

i like FE pirates but theres this reality pirate show and i hate it so much it almost trashed what i think about pirates >:|

[20 gold earned]

Well i am glad i haven’t seen it then. Pirates are awesome i wouldn’t want something to destroy my resoect for them. So in summary: Pirate FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

its a horrible show u_u i do not group them with cool/real pirates… like Geese ^_^

Ok, a pirates life was one of theft, alchohol, violence, alchohol, murder, alchohol, tobacco, alchohol, general law breaking and alchohol. You can’t put that into reality TV. Whoever thought of doing that is Bakka to the extreme.
FE Pirates are cool, and pirates are fun to romanticize, but in reality it would have sucked to be a pirate. I still love One Piece, and Darts pretty good, so Pirates are still cool. But not cooler than Ninjas.

Yep, ninjas pwn pirates. But i best give some reasons why. First ninjas look cooler in myoppinion. Second ninjas are stealthy, where as pirates are quite the opposite. ThirdNinjas can do things that may seem impossible to normal people, and i am not Talking about stuff from naruto I’m talking about how they could run really fast while remaining quiet and that kind of stuff.

but if they both knew each other was there ninjas would lose the one thing that makes them have an avantage

No they wouldn’t. They have sweet blade skillz, plus martial arts. And on a ship the ninjas could close the distance between them so fast a pirate couldn’t use a gun to his advantage. A pirate is rally just a sea-faring gangster. Ninjas own tons of gangsters on a daily basis.

its hard to say who would win because pirates are known for their indurance.a few hits from a kunia might not kill them…allowing them to counterattack

…not that im suporting pirates or anything,I hates them!!!

Also I will continue the arguement against MT’s post.

First alot of pirates were drunkards, and ninjas are trained for nearly there entire life in stealth. The idea of a pirate knowing the ninja is there is practicaly infeasable.
Plus even if the pirate did, that dosn’t get rid of the fact that ninjas are fast, most likely smarter, and they wouldn’t have to reload. Thus if they were equaly stocked on supllies and there was no element of suprise, even then the ninja would win.

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