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Role-Playing #1

Posted on: July 10, 2007

yes #1… if it weren’t for the fact that I obliterated the last one by mistake it would be #2 but…well you get the point.that said,I welcome you to the first (official) role-playing article here on fire emblem blog.

[Edit:You Can Use Whatever Weapons You Have,Regardless Which Class You Chose]

there are a few rules to follow.

•you must give others a chance to post.just wait about ten/twenty minutes after you post to post again.

•you should stick to the current role-playing theme,however you are free to do whatever you want.

•in order to fight you need weapons; to get them simply go to either the armory or the shop (both located on the side of the ‘blog) .request what you want,and have the gold for,and you will get it as soon as the lazy bum of a shop owner gets to it 😉 .if you dont have money for real weapons you will have to use one of the following weapons:trainer sword,trainer axe,trainer lance,trainer bow,shadow (dark),sparks (anima),flash (light) .

•oh and…no calling hackers for help this time -_- . any hackers summoned to the role-playing will be executed on the have been warned.

this article will not be open to comments forever,however I have not decided on when im going to close comments.its safe to say that it will be opened for atleast three days though.with that out of the way,have fun 😛 .

~Theme:You are whatever class you chose from Poll #10.~

 by Saint Of Swords


53 Responses to "Role-Playing #1"

aww what am i going to do with this fire tome then 😡

you will get a chance to use it,just not now 😕 .

anyways,since im saving my money ill take the trainers to form a mercenary guild,all units are welcomed 😛 .

well since im a thief im just going to go to ostia and steal some stuff from Hector

You Can Now Use Whatever Weapons You Have,Regardless Which Class You Chose.

thats cool but no one else is here -_-
i’ll just… burn.. the ground..
*uses fire*
*uses fire*
*uses fire*

hmm…where is everybody o_0′? og well *attacks the ground* .

We’re posting elsewhere because your stingy on the gold and that makes it impossible to afford weapons. We cannae defend ourselves. *Uses unsanctioned magic to erect a weapon proof barrier that stays in place until user has possesion of a weapon.*
So whats the system for attacking and taking damage and missing and hitting. If we don’t have one it’ll go back to random slaughter and ressurection. Which is almost as bad as hackers.

Lol, you can say that again. Well… I’ll just… view the carnage from this magical place in the heavens where no arrow or magic spell can reach. ^_^

you can use the trainer weponds that SoS invented 😉

would you prefer everyone have every weapon 😛 ? fine…I might change the prices a bit,however I will be limiting how many items every one can have to five.if you want a new weapon and your full you can sell one back for half price.that better?

Yeah. Pretty much. But that brings me back to this point: How is damage and death decided? If we still make everything up then we would never need anything othr than the basics. Gaze into my crystall ball:
P1: *Spends 4000 Gold on Weapon X*
P2: *Spends zip on Trainer Weapon*
P3: *Buys Basice weapon and sits on the sidelines*
P1: *Attacks Player two and gets two hits*
P2: I dodjed thems hits so im okay *Attacks and kills P1*
P3: *Jumps in and kills P2*
P2: *dodged*
P1 I ressurected. *Kills P3*
P#: I ressurected too.
so on.

nobody can double attack or critical at order to do something besides a basic attack you need to go to the shop and purchase a stat lets say you have a speed wing,you can say you double attacked,if you have a dragon shield you can say it didnt damage you much,etc.however you can only use the items three times and they disapear from your addition you can only have one of each type.

you cant decide if someone is defeated,and if they are they dont die,they retreat.if someone is being like kabuto and clinging on to life longer than they should they will be marked as defeated 😛 .ill be editing all the pages on FE blog today so the new rules for the RPing will be up as well.

question Saint… Can I have Orochimaru back? :p he dissapeared when the last roleplaying thing got obliverated

Why do you lik orochimaru? Hes pervy and sadistic, besides, he’s the bad guy.

Shinigami Ninja said: Why do you lik orochimaru? Hes pervy and sadistic, besides, he’s the bad guy.

im not sure what you mean with the first thing and im not sure i want to 0_o’ but i like him because he can stick his tounge out :p and he was my assistant last time..

MT: im just going to take him back Saint hope you dont mind.. I wont make him attack. He’ll just be my adviser,
*uses fire on Shinigami Ninja*

fine you can have him back.

saint:now hiring recruits for my trainer sword mercenary guild! are all welcome…exept people who try to kill me 😐 .

Shinigami Ninja said: Why do you lik orochimaru? Hes pervy and sadistic, besides, he’s the bad guy.

? er…um…ne-never mind.anyways more often then not the bad guys are the most interesting characters in animes.not to mention coolest 😛 .

Equally, I’m starting a Magic Training Guild for the Peaceful but Influental. Or, MTGPI for short. All magicians welcome… as loong as you don’t attack the inhabitants. All problems will be settled between individuals in the battlefeild.

I’ll join UZM’s guild. As I’m a magic user, and He joined my alliance over at Subrosia. BIG TOES FTW!!!
*Attacks MatthewThief* TAKE MY HATCHET YOU *NAVI* That fire hurts.
Its just the way he talks about Sasuke and the one guy who was gonna be his body but then got injured and couldn’t be. It sounds kinda, well, gay. I guess.

I activate my Flash Tome, and blind everyone on the battlefeild except for the people who have joined my alliance, ^_^

MT: Hmm.. uberzeldamaster..
*steals from uberzeldamaster*

hmmm…im going to pick a location that this will all be taking place on.nobody can change it either :p .

[New Location:Forest/Plains]

with that I want my fort to be in the middle of the forest 😛 .

MT: I found a cave! Hurry up Orochimaru, to the cave!

Well it doesn’t matter much where you have your fort, it still has the same stats.

UZM, we must gather more to the banner. We need a marketing device. Join now and you get a free Wii.
*There are no caves, Forest/Plains denotes no caves. *Attacks MT with Hatchet at a distance while she’s in the fetal position pretending to hide in a cave*

hmm… I got it! First of all, the Guild for Peaceful Sorcerers as it is now called will be gving away free wii’s with a copy of FE for which ever system you want. And loz TP to boot. but our grand location will be in the sky! You have to be a Mage, shaman, or other class of magician to get up there. And the name of the actual building is Celestia… you know, the Sky City of the Oocca? (Except I deep-fried them in their own sweat and kicked thier butts out.) ANY OBJECTIONS?! *swivels head around looking at the carnage* Good… and MT? I blinded you so you stole from SoS instead, not me.

MT: Saint.. can me and Orochimaru join your mercenary group? Im a thief remember

sure,and heres a pair of sun glasses so your thieving skills aren’t stoped by magic.

now then *uses a canon to reach celestia* attack! *attacks UZM* .

I have a barrier that will only be stopped by one magic spell. I am not telling you what it is, for only I know what it is. Once all my mages are done training… we shall rule!!!!!1 pwn hackzZorZZ! l33t ma6e pwn n00bs!!11! w00000000000t!!!!1

Me: Hhm, Can I have Onigoumo my pre-promote sage back? Anywho. *Rides on my horse Ryu over to Matthew thief and hits him with a trainedr lance.*

… I look down and heal MT with my…. never mind. I forgot that I don’t own anything yet.

to kakashi:you can have Onigoumo back,but he serves no practical purpose 😛 .

and now for that barier…heck…I cant do anything about it 😕 *smacks barrier with the dull side of the trainer sword* .

btw kakashi…didnt you buy an iron axe? why are you using the trainer lance then 😕 ?

Because lances are more acurate then axes and thieves have high avoid.

Onigoumo:Hello everyone! *Frolicks in field of flowers.*

Me:Yikes what is wrong with him. Anyway. *Uses Onigoumo to infiltrate UBZ’s base* Hey the barrier m,ay be down but it is still in the sky. Also he said that peacful practicioners of magic can enter and…that sums up Onigoumo perfectly.

*uses heal rod on myself*.. i bought one.. Saint just didnt get to it yet 😐 . *runs in Sos’ fort with Orochimaru*

Me:Ok now Onigoumo teleport UBZ down here.

Onigoumo:Rightie Oh boss. *Skips Over to UBZ*

Me:What am I going to do with him? *Slaps self on the forehead.*

Onigoumo:Here we go sir. *Onigoumo teleports UBZ down to earth, then hands him to me.*

Me:Ok Onigoumo go frolik in the fields of flowers.

Onigoumo:Rightie Oh. *Frolicks in field of flowers.

Me:Ok now for you. *Sets down UBZ, then swings my iron axe at him making a direct hit.*

MT: that would of happened if Saint wouldnt of said that Onigoumo would have no practical purpose 😛 *runs back in Saints fort*

Me: Ah but it isn’t practical, because in doing so he incrteased UBZ’s power ten fold.

Onigoumo:Lalalala. *Continues frolicking in field.*

nope,no teleporting…that would be practical 😛 .

How would that be practical since he can’t teleport me?

Me:Hmmm, what to do? Ah, I know. *Rides to Sos’s stronghold.* Hello I would like to join your mercenary company.
Onigoumo:Lalalalalalalala! *Frolicks in field of flowers.*

hmmm!!! *attacks Kakashiofthehsharinganeye* oh SOS please can i have barth and guy back? i had just made my tower.. but then…… but then….. WP ate it. *crying* . i’m going to kill someone for this! oh and Shinigami Ninja…. is my pet druid gone??

Saint probally will give you one of them back, pokemaster luigi.. but they will be useless..

first of all PML…you just attacked one of my new recruits -_- .second you can chose one person to have back,but they cant serve any purpose.

I really should go buy a weapon or two 🙄 ….

…… only one…………….. Guy i pick guy…. and new recruit??? SOS! don’t tell me… you went to the dark side!!! fine then its war.. oooooo Orochimaru!!!! *attacks Orochimaru*. 😆 nerd!!

Me:Ow that almost hurt. Lucky for me myrmidons like you have low strength pml. *Puts horse in the stables. Then goes into a saloon in town.*

Onigoumo:Lalalalalalala *COntinues to frolick in flowers.*

*steam comes from SoS’s head* how could I go to the “dark side” if I didnt even do anything?!?
*attacks PML with trainer sword*

MT: *uses heal on Orochimaru* well Orochimaru.. why don’t you go and see the flowers that Onigoumo likes so much.. i have some work to do.
Orochimaru: OK *leaves*
MT: Pokemaster Luigi.. it is true that in adition to being weak myrmidons also have bad RES?
FIRE! *uses fire tome on PML* thats what you get for attacking my poor, helpless Orochimaru!

Onigoumo: Hello friend! *Waves at Orochimaru.*

Me: I’ll take a milk.

[A Fire Dragon Threatens The World…You Have One Day To Defeat It,Or Face Total Annihilation]

as the leader of the trainer sword mercenaries I sugest we….RUN! *runs away* . wait! this is wrong…im the…only one without a pet!

ill take rikku. *grabs rikku and hides under a rock* .

[btw,just to avoid confusion I will control the fire dragon…odds are no one here will defeat it anyways! Mwa ha hahahahaha 😆 ] .

*Saloon gets destroyed by Fire dragon.*
Me: Aw, dang it I didn’t get my milk yet. *Throws hatchet at Fire dragon.* *Tink.* *Catches falling hatchet.* I am screwed. *Gets horse then rides away as fast as possible.*

MT: *grabs Orochimaru* umm.. im guessing only legendaries hurt the dragon -_-‘ I uh.. im going to go now *runs away with Orochimaru*

Me:*COntinues to ride away from Fire dragon as it destrtoys the sorounding countryside.* Dang that thing is strong!

Onigoumo: Lalalalalala! *Frolicks in field oblivoius to the dragon.*

*soren comes and kills the fire dragon*

ike: what r u doing!*finding out the dragon was good*

elincia:*floates on top of the clouad* what the heck!

ike: calill! put her down!

MT: um the dragon cant be defeated by characters. you have to buy weoponds to defeat it. so its still alive.
*hugs Orochimaru and screams*

[Fire Dragon Destroys Everything]

Fire Dragon:T-h-a-n-k-s f-o-r p-l-a-y-i-n-g!

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