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A Bunch Of Stuff From E3

Posted on: July 12, 2007

first of all Super Mario Galaxys release date is said to be November 12th.not sure if thats new news or not,but since its nintendo I doubt that matters 😉 .from what I hear its suposed to be better then mario 64 so it should be good.metroid prime:corruption is suposed to be released august 27th,07.and super smash brothers brawl is sceduled for release december 3rd,07.

now for the interesting stuff;

nintendo anounced new controller for the wii.what it pretty much is is a shell that holds the wii remote and the nunchuk controller to form a gun.its called the wii zapper:


kinda seems pointless to me,but then again you never know.nintendo also anounced mario kart wii (release date is sometime early 08),and with it another new controller,the wii wheel:


the wii wheel will be sold with mario kart wii.

in addition nintendo also anounced a controller,or a mat,that will be used for games requiring exercise,as well as the use of your feet.there wasnt much said about it though.

thats about it for now.


by Saint Of Swords


15 Responses to "A Bunch Of Stuff From E3"

When will we get some RPG’s or adventure games announced. Or rather, ones that aren’t movie based.
Games that require excercise? NOOOOOO!!!! I hate this!!!! Games are not supposed too be exercize!!!! There is such a thing as TOO Main Stream, ninty.

a wheel 0_o’ ahhhhhh! I hate real driving -_-‘

The wheel is prolly optional. Though seing as how it packaged with the game maybe not.

well it woulnt be that bad after all, you dont have to worry about “what if i accedently bump into a real car or sign” 😉

not to mention a person or something as trivial as that 😆 .

It should count as driving hours. *Lightbulb* HEY! They should make a realworld driving sim that could count for driving hours!!! Ownage!
Besides, just a wheel isn’t like real driving, there’s no pedals.

Ok, three things.
… what is this Mario Galaxy gonna be about? To me, it sounds like Nintendo is sending Mario in deep space.
Go Super Smash Brothers Brawl!
and what about LoZ or FE?

not much was said abot zelda,aside from the fact that the controls were easy to learn in phantom hourglass and that it was a bunch of peoples favorite zelda.

as far as fire emblem there was a new trailer for goddess of dawn that I might post,as well as the release date (see previous article) .

and as for mario,from what I hear hes going to be in space….I wonder how thats going to be 😕 .

Wow, SoS are you the only person here who gets G4, or did you pick this stuff off the internet.

… eh… what’s G4? :p I don’t watch TV enough to know.

G4 is a station that shows E3 …one that I think I have,but wouldn’t watch at any rate do to its digressiveness lets say 😉 .so to answer goron 55’s question; yes,I picked this stuff off of the internet..gamespot to be specific.


I watched some of the G$ coverage. Needless to say I got bored with the Xbox 360 and PS3 stuff becaue I don’t own and will never afford either. Besides, my parent s won’t let me get any M rated games or games where you kill humans with guns. Swords are fine, I guess (They let me get Prince of Persia) but not guns, which covers 90% of the interesting games on either console. Other than that, Nintendos stuff was kinda boring. I was hoping for some sweet hardcore gamr titles to be announced, but no. Mostly just Expanded Audience games and release dates for games we already new existed. This E3 was a let down.

well… I’m thankful I didn;t watch it then, :p


luigi is going to drive!!!! oh ya!!!!!!!


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