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Goddess of Dawn Trailer (Spoiler)

Posted on: July 13, 2007

E3 was nice enough to give us atleast one fire emblem video,thankfuly its pretty good.there are a few character spoilers in it though so consider that before clicking the link to watch character spoilers I mean it shows a few characters who are in the game (didnt bother me much though 😛 ) .

click here to go to game spot and view the video.please note that while this article is marked spoiler you are still not allowed to discuss any unknown  information about goddess of dawn.

by Saint Of Swords


42 Responses to "Goddess of Dawn Trailer (Spoiler)"

interesting.. makes me want it now ;_;. But I do wish a certain someone would of been in that video.

Lemme guess, Reyson?
Someone that looks like Ike, Ilyana, Soren, Rolf, Jill, Titania, and Boyd are all in this. Sweet. That chick that was gonna hang is hot too. I bet she’s a swordsman.

Shinigami Ninja said:
Lemme guess, Reyson?

uh huh ;_;

His role was kind of completed. I don’t know if he’ll make a comback.

well… you just never know.

Ike looks pretty cool,so does soren 😛 .and titania…is still just as ugly,wonder if she’ll turn into old titania 😆 !


Maybe she won’t be playable! Or she won’t come in until the later chapters. Anyway, I don’t think she’s that ugly. I thought Sothe was going to be the main character in this one though, so why more Ike and Co.

hmm i dont know.. maybe its like a Lyns mode thing with either Ike or Sothe, were eventually they meet up Like Eliwood,Hector and Lyn did?

and oh, i dont know if you know this but in adition to FE7 Marcus is also in FE6. Thats were the old Titania comes in, because everyone calls FE6’s Marcus, “old Marcus”.

Eh… I didn’t even know what FE was until I came here, but it looks awesome. I will probably get it once it comes out, then I’ll be able to discuss everything in the know! ^_^ but then… that one part was rather exciting…

Get Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for the Gamecube before Godess of Dawn comes out. You’ll know the backdrop of the continent better.

Eh… sure, why not? ^_^

Don’t think this is a spoiler, but if it is please delete it.

shinigami ninja the girl you said was hot I am geussing is the girl who was tied around the neck, if so that is Lucia.

……….. once again… never played this game. And that was the hangman’s noose, not just a rope.

i dont think that would be a spoiler, i mean were sitting here talking about Ike and Titania 😉

I knew it was a hangman’s noose…I can just never remember what it’s called.

That’s why I said she was gonna hang. She looks different than in PoR. Short hair, better figure.

Well it is a… Wait I’m not sure if that would be a spoiler so I will be more vague. Well it has been a decent amount of time since the end of PoR, do you truly expect her to look the same?

ohhh i hope rolf is in it.

well pokemaster it looks like hes in it, either him or shinon.. rolf seems much more likely since shinon left ikes group originaly

They showed a green haired archer pwning on a Laguz. it sure looked like Rolf to me. Same hideous Neon Green hair. I know anime is often odd with hair color, but at least blue and red looks good, Neon looks like a Vacancy Sign.

yeah his hair is a goofy color

It showed both shinon and rolf in that clip. I don’t remember a green haired archer fighting a laguz, but i do remember a blonde one.

rolf: my hair is not goofy. and i like me and i hope he is in it..

I’m pretty sure he was green haired. Whatever, I don’t like Rolf, hes a whiny brat that needs to dye his hair.

pokemasters going to hate me for this.. but i hate Rolf too -_-‘

Shinigami Ninja Said:Whatever, I don’t like Rolf, hes a whiny brat that needs to dye his hair.

omit the “his hair” part and i’ll completely agree with you 😀 .his hair is wierd though…looks like someone barfed on him 😕 .

YOU JERKS!!!! how dare you…. 😥 no one in my faimly likes me… 😥 .!!! Shinigami Ninja!!!! i’m i the only one who likes rolf!!

Saint of Swords said: omit the “his hair” part and i’ll completely agree with you 😀 .his hair is wierd though…looks like someone barfed on him 😕 .

so you mean: Whatever, I don’t like Rolf, hes a whiny brat that needs to die.

That would work too.

I’ve never played an FE Sequel before, I hope its good.
Say, Kakashi, did they bring back the Blazing Sword style magic system?

You mean anima over light, light over dark, and dark over anima. If so i already posterd this somewhere else but i will again. They have that one but they still have the anima triangle for when two different anima users go up against eachother.

Also PML I like rolf to, he totaly pwns the other two archers I can remember in GoD.

Thanks for telling me. I like dark.

Shinon looks cooler though. His hair doesn’t give me retinal scarring. And he has a cool Ponytail.

There is an archer in the game with blonde hair. That might be better for you. But…No wait that might be considered a spoiler.

Blonde is better than Neon green.

well i tried to tell SOS and MT how good he is but…. they did’t like it. sure hes weak….. but when you get him promoted he rocks.. and SOS said if a player is good it good no matter what LV the player is.. man i don’t no him anymore.. and his stats in my game were 24STR 4MAG 25SPD 24SKL 12LUCK 20DEF and 15RES.

I had him even better then that but I don’t feel like searching it up so here are the only ones on the top of my head.

Strength: 25 Cap
Defense: 23
Speed: High
Skill: Capped I think
Resistance: Good

i can only work on a unit if i like how they look or act.. Clarice is the only exeption -_-‘ shes a little brat, but as bratty as she is she makes it easy.

well i like Rolf a lot. and i think hes good! 🙄 but i guess you can have your own opinions..

I liked the way Rolf acted, and compared to Shinon it was no competition and i always like to have an archer on my team.

sigh…I guess i’ll try rolf out sometime…would he last in hard mode? for some reason I feel strange when I play PoR on normal so I always pick hard 😐 .

SOS try it you will like it. Kakashiofthehsharinganeye you have good taste…. he is the best archer i ever played with!

Yah I picked to use him because I liked him more then shinon and so i could get the triangle attack I was never expecting him to be as good as he was. To SoS’s question about hard mode I wouldn’t know he probably would as long as he doesn’t get screwed but it would take longer to raise him with bonus experiance.

meh…I worked on maklov on HM…why not try a fragile little boy,eh 😉 ?

… i never played HM..

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