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Renovations…Not Started Yet.

Posted on: July 16, 2007

I was looking over my blog stats and-to make a long story short-they are doing about as good as isadora 😦 .so I want to get some new ideas.what do you,the readers want done on this blog? it can be anything from the sites colors to the pages section…and anywhere in between.

 please note though that I might not accept every idea 😉 .

 by Saint Of Swords.


36 Responses to "Renovations…Not Started Yet."

hmmmm… 💡 how about a built in lottery? you can think of a number every day!! it would be gold…… at least 300.. man that would be so cool!

The site colors could be more Fire Emblemy. Like, parchment yellow intstead of white and a bunrt red instead of blue.

maybe sword of seals and path of radiance pictures.. other then that i cant really think of anything else

If your thonking of how to get more people to join/ visit, I can’t help you. Other than tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know about it.

I think the layout is great.

You could have more Fire Emblem entries, like random thoughts about Fire Emblem- kind of like “It” and “Ashnard’s ambitions” during the start of the blog. They don’t have to as long as those though.

I agree with Ayven Knight. But I think maybe an Ike background might be cool.

Aveyn Knight said:You could have more Fire Emblem entries, like random thoughts about Fire Emblem- kind of like “It” and “Ashnard’s ambitions” during the start of the blog. They don’t have to as long as those though.

so kinda like a forum,only not so forumish?

regarding the other ideas I will try them not sure if will have a good enough theme to match fire emblem though.

The layout hurts my eyes.

ok I changed the theme.however the current one dosnt allow a custom image other words no picture on the top 😦 .tell me what you think.

I think it looks a lot more Fire Emblem like. To be honest I only looked at the picture at the top like twice, then it got old, so I don’t mind that aspect. It looks much better.

hmmm….! i know you can download music!!!! oh and my lottery idea isn’t bad you know. i mean you can think of a number like 1 out of 100! oh!and i like the dusk background to!

The theme’s name is Quentin. Yeah, I’m awesome for knowing all this stuff about everything.
A members Profile Page Copying that of your Sister’s site would be good.

this theme is really nice. It looks a lot better, and it’s easier on the eyes.

alright i’ll keep the theme like this.also shinigami you lose awsomeness points do to the name of the theme being at the bottom of the page 😆 .

I might do the profile thing,and I already told you PML i’ll do the lotery 😛 .I cant however put music up for download… dosnt allow that.

Now, you may not know how to get the word out, but I sure do. I could make a sig/link. Thats a picture that goes in your signature space, that you can click on to take to a certain site or web space. Its not hard, just let me know if you need advertising, I’m part of some big sites. ^_-

advertising would help a lot,if you could do that it would be greatly apreciated 🙂 .

hmm… i’m out of ideas… 😥 .

ZeldaVet just threw the knockout ounch, I’m out too.

I noticed a problem in the layout and it’s horrible.

They dont have…the little links to go to the next article or the last one now i have to do it manualy.

well my sites like that too.. all Saint would have to do is put a recent article widget up on the top right of the page

That would fix it. Say, do we get Gold for these?

Yah do we? ANyway SoS what is your e-mail I probably am not looking weel enough but I can’t seem to find it here and I wanted to make an article.

Never mind I found it.

P.S. You don’t have to pay me for this post.

But if your a nice guy you’ll pay him anyway because it doesn’t really cost you anything to type in
[20 gold earned]

yeah you get gold,I just decided not to mark every post so it dosnt make the site look bad :p .

also i’ll get to the article you sent me later kakashi…i am…once again…ready to fall asleep.

At 11:14? Thats either a really early or really late bed time.

we just get tired.. im tired almost all the right now

Are you two like one entity? Its always we. Listening to heavy metal gets your adrenaline going. Like when I get tired I listen to Nyartaj by Gire and I head bang (violently) to it, and its a great head banging song and it wakes me up. Or I take my wooden sword and swing it like a crazed samurai. Tiredness goes bye bye.

Haha.. i can’t remember that last time i listened to real music. And that reminds me, i haven’t been able to get my katana yet

I wouldn’t recommend swinging a real Katana in the house. That you should maybe go outside for.

i wouldn’t either 0_o’ . I probally would be afraid to even unsheath it with all my cats running around.

Yeah… a Katana in a house is like a scythe in the wheat fields. 😆 anyways, ZeldaVet, could you advertise my site too? I’ve gotten 0-2 hits a day for the last month and a half. It’s gotten very… sad… and lonely…. over there (it’s zelda heaven, btw). but that’s not the point! the lottery would be very nice for people with almost no gold. *inconspicuously points to self*

the lottery will take place on saturday,i usually have tons of free time on sat so I dont have to worry about…forgetting.

Shinigami Ninja Said: At 11:14? Thats either a really early or really late bed time.

niether.thats just the time our my coffee starts to wear off 😆 .

uberzeldamaster. i would visit your blog. but i don’t even have my own blog. do you think pokémon blog would be alright??

hey i just thought of a cool idea… you could have a quiz or contest and let the winner get a prize. it could be gold or some sort of item for roleplaying

hey that was my idea!!!

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