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Posted on: July 18, 2007

to keep things interesting todays “poll” will actually be a top ten put things simple you can pick characters from any game,but they have to come from a game first…not an anime (this saves me some frustration of sorting through my anime and game list 😉 ) .

 my top ten list….has been greatly revised.instead of my real list of favorite characters I decided to put some new people in…you know…so they aren’t all girls? (though 75% is a new record 😉 ).

10.) Link~Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time

To be honest link dosent have much of a personality in ocarina of time,but thats pretty much why everyone likes him.the fact that theres nothing to him allows the player to come up with their own personality for him.I just happen to be so origenal that I picture him acting like he does in the manga 😉 .

9.) Galuf~Final Fantasy V

Once you play final fantasy V you cant help but like galuf.hes funny,hes cool,and…hes a depressing character who makes eliwood look like hes got it easy 😦 .

8.) Midna~Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess

Whats not to like about midna ^_^ ? shes a cute little imp with a braty all honesty though shes actually one of the most diverse characters in any game with one of the most interesting personalitys.

7.) Lethe~Fire Emblem:Path Of Radience

*sigh* if only she had more plot time.I like how lethe struggles to hate traveling with Ike and his company,and how shes always getting confused on what to say to them 🙂 .plus I like how she looks and all…

6.) Karel~Fire Emblem:Blazing Sword

how can you not like a guy who laughs as he goes into battle 😛 ? again,I wish he would have had more plot time as he could have been a very interesting character.

5.) Seymour Guado~Final fantasy X

another nuts character 😀 ! Seymour has some of the coolest quotes from any game,and hes got one of the coolest personalitys as well.

4.) Auron~Fanal Fantasy X

well…hes sane infact that-despite a whole town being ripped apart around him-he hardly pays it any mind.

3.) Vincent Valentine~Final Fantasy VII,Dirge Of Cerberus

vincents one of the only characters who can pull off the quite personality without turning into a pity party character.vincent wins extra points for being just about as calm about things as auron…plus he looks cool 🙂 .

2.) Yuffie~Final Fantasy VII,Dirge Of Cerberus

despite the fact shes given such a small roll in dirge,she is one of my favorite characters.the way everything she does always ends up as a disaster for her is hilarious,if not some what sad :p .

1.) Rikku~Final Fantasy X

and my favorite character…rikku! rikku has the most interesting personality in a character i’ve ever seen.shes funny,happy,sad,scared,and just about any other emotion you can think of.the funny thing is it never seems fake,unlike most characters hiding their true personalitys.

and thats that I dug up every memory I have of every game i’ve ever played feel free to share yours 😛 .be sure to include why you like the characters,too.

by Saint Of Swords.


34 Responses to "Top 10 Characters"

Blast! Saint now I have to put them in order!
OK fine then..

10.)Idoun the Dark priestess, Fire Emblem 6- The last boss of FE6.. she has cool hair, sounds so sad all the time. and unlike Lyon ;_; , you can get her a good ending.. i mean she didnt do anything wrong, she was being controlled.

9.)Ninian the Dancer, Fire Emblem 7- Shes a neat character.. i like her music, her dressthe fact that shes a dragon.

8.)Rutger the myrmidon, Fire Emblem 6- Umm i alwasy liked him.. he has such a sad story..

7.)Geese the pirate, Fire Emblem 6- Well, hes a cool pirate.. and he has pirate clothes.

6.)Link from Legend of Zelda:OoT- hes cool exspecially in the manga ^_^ .

5.)Alen the social knight, Fire Emblem 6- hes cute and kinda dumb.. which is cute.

4.) Matthew the thief, Fire Emblem 7- hes a cute litle thief who should of been a main character.

3.)Reyson the heron, Fire Emblem:Path of Radiance- Well i like how.. whats the word.. well I can’t think of the word but I like how he acts and he sounds cool in the cutsene when he chants and he looks cool too.

2.)Vincent Valentine, FFVII:Dirge of Cerebus- Err I hate having to chose -_-‘ I like my 2 favorite game characters equally so im baseing my disision off of what game we got first.. we go dirge 2nd so ;_; . yeah.. anyways hes really cool he looks really cool and sounds really cool ^_^.

1.)Tidus, FFX- Um.. hes too cute not to like. Plus I really like how he acts ^_^

Darn you to heck for this. I hate picking Favorites. In no particular order:

Krunk – Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
This guy is hilarious! Metal arms is a game with all robots, no humans, so the jokes are modified to match. My favorite conveersation of the game is this:
Krunk: All right, everybody out!
Glitch: No, I can move faster on foot without you guys. You take the RAT around and cut him off at the pass!
Krunk: *whiny mocking voice* “Cut him off at the pass!” Who the hell says that? What is he, some kind of *navi* cowboy?!”You better be right about this, Dirtwad, or I will personally weld you exhaust pipe to you ball bearings!!

Regal Bryant – Tales of Symphonia
I really like all of the characters in this game but Regal is the king of Corny sayings. “What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us?!” Yeah, corny, but in a ridiculous way that makes you laugh.

Samus – Metroid Series
She’s got an awesome suit, awesome power, and she’s hot. ‘Nuff said.

Kratos Aurion – Tales of Symphonia
He’s the cold harted mercenary with a secret and he knows everything about the conspiracy controlling the world. Plus, he can rock a blade like mad or cast some mean magic.

Lloyd Irving – Tales…
He dual wields, has the best moves in the game and can swing those swords like a samurai on Vault.

Hector – You know the one
You all know the reasons why someone would pick hector so I’ll let you figure out my reasons.

Shinon – Path of Radiance
I like him, he always decides for himself and doesn’t do what Ike tells him to because he believes Ike to be incompetent. Plus, he’s got a cool face.

Mia – Path of Radiance
I like how she disrespects Ike, but she does it with respect. She’s cool and she’s got a good face. And she’s got a sword that isn’t a rapier. Rapiers annoy me, as does anyone that uses them unless they are in the movie “The Princess Bride”, which is hilarious.

Canas – Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

Pikachu – Pokemon
Whats not to love about htis cute cuddly little

Greil – from Path of Radiance
The coolest Mercenary I’ve ever seen. He had a yellow cape and a giant Axe, if that doesn’t earn your respect, then go to heck and rot.

i don’t think i have time to write all of this…

doh.. i always forget someone -_- Siegfried from SCIII i’ll update the list later…

Is there a story to the Souls Caliber games?

its not a real RPG but yeah theres a story for each character in SCIII. and kinda like a mini story in SCII. i dont know why i always forget Siegfried ;_;

I have problems with picking favorites because they’re all cool. Eureka SeveN is only my favorite anime for really weird and slightly embarassing reasons that I’m not gonna tell you. For games I judge them by which one I’ve played the most, and that would be Tales, I’ve clocked over 250 hours total on that game. I think its around 280-300 hours on all my play throughs and half-throughs.

how about soren or elincia…

10)Ken; Street Fighter

9)Zelda; OoT

8)Jill Valentine; Residen Evil

7)Hector; FE7

6)Samus; Metroid series

5)Luigi; Mario games

4)Matthew the theif; FE7

3)Link; ALttP

2)Leon S. Kennedy; Resident Evil 4, not what he was in RE2


1)Albert Wesker; Residen Evil series

And I’m to tired to give reasons, mostly they’re just charaters I like and I don’t know why. Oh and Siegfried is Nightmare, or am I an idiot?

no Siegfried is merged with him at first but he breaks apart from him in SCIII

Ah…I never played SCIII, I only have SCII.

Ok here is my list of favorite characters

#10: Jak-Jak2
He is a badass character with dark powers that fights for revenge. He isn’t exactly your classic heroe and that is what I like about him.

#9 Daxter-Any jak and daxter game
Ok he is funny – and a osselot (or soemthing like that) what more do you want.

#8 The main hero in the first pokemon game for gc don’t remember his name.
Ok he started as a badguy then blew up their base and now works to purify shadow pokemon.

#7 Matthew-Fe 7
He is thief who looks bad-ass. Plus he has an interesting personality, and can’t forgive the man who killed his lover which shows pasion.

#6 Jannaf-PoR
Ok he can fly, has incredible eyesight, can turn into a giant hawk,and looks young but is 105 (I think). He is just awesome plus he has a killer personality unlike the ears dude.

#5 Leathe-PoR
Ok she is hot and has cat ears and tail. If she whad a slighlty better face she would be the whole package. Plus she has an interesting personality.

#4 Kurthnaga-PoR
Ok he is nice and royalty add in the fact that he looks young even though he is over a hundred and you already have enough to make it into my top ten. But there is more HE TURNS INTO A DRAGON.

#3 Rolf-PoR
Ok he is quite an excelent character statistacaly but lets ignore that for now. First he has green hair. (If only it were a Boyds shade, Oh well.)Second he puts his life on the line to protect the people he cares about. Third He dosn’t give up on his goals just because they are lofty. All of this makes a great character personality wise and then they added in great stats what’s not to like about this character.

#2 Boyd-PoR
He is proud of his strength, speak his mind almost as much as Soren, and he is never depressed. Ok normaly this would only get him as high as maybe #5 but there is one more reason. His hair is my favorite color right down to the exact shade.

#1 Sothe-PoR
Nice hair (If only it was Boyd’s color), cool personality, a Daein citizen who realizes how corrupt ashnard is, and he has great growths. Roll that all together and you have my favorite character, but there is more, I don’t know something about him just makes me think he is cool.

This was a hard descision and I am sorry to those who didn’t make the list but hey that’s life.

Monocle’s make the man, I don’t understand why know one else realizes that. I’m the only one with Canas on the list.

Canas is #11 for me, and yes it’s because of the monacle.:)

At least someone here has sense. I’ve always wondered though, how do monocles stay there?

The nose holds it up. (I think)

uh… monocles have that string that loops around your ear, thus the tiny-but-still-there strength of the string holds the monocle up on your eye. but as for my top ten,

10. Ganondorf-TP

He survived something he wasn’t supposed to, and he blew up Hyrule Castle. there is a lot of other things, but I have a headache at the moment, and it makes my eyes want to be gouged out with a fork, ;_; but anyway,

9. Agitha-TP

I can’t help it, she just is oblivious to everything around her except those… damned golden bugs… plus her music is nice and calming.

8. Ingo-OoT

Who doesn’t like this guy? The Answer? Everybody! The reason I put this fat-ass up on my top ten is because if you hop over the gate he closes with Epona, it looks like a hoof manages to hit him in the head as your going over the gate, which would explain his drunken-like manner when you come back in.

7. Malo-TP

This kid is creepy, condescending, and mean. Take in the fact that he looks like a four year old day-walker vampire, and you have Malo. Plus, the music from his shop after you complete the Castle Branch side quest is enough to make me heave (The first time I walked in that Castle Mart I thought I was going to take an Uzi to the TV for Farore’s sakes). But… I enjoy trying to shoot this kid with a bow, because no matter how many times you hit him, he keeps getting up, like a punching bag. It’s rather fun to combine the bow with the Hawkeye and shoot him in the forehead.

6. The fishing guy-OoT

The guy has no name like just about every character in the ZS (Zelda Series) and it’s fun to cheat on him by taking his hat and perform this glitch where you get off for free. Guess he isn’t serious, after all.

5. Armaghoma-TP

OK, this guy wasn’t what he seemed. A huge spider that could simultaneosly crawl on the ceiling and support that fat body of his. Plus, the music made me play the game over again. Also, the eye itself was the spider, I guess he was controlling the actual body, somehow.

4. Dark Beast Ganon-TP

The music was awesome, and when you throw him to the side, it feels kinda like your wrestling a big… pig like goat with red hair that can create interdimensional portals…

3. Romani-MM

She was a classic character… she felt real, just like Cremia. She had problems she needed your help with… she didn’t feel like an NPC, she felt like a soul trapped in my TV. Yes, sappy I know, but… what are you gonna do.

2. Cremia-MM

ALong with Romani, she had life problems, along with the fact her father had died, just like a real family would in the world. She had to take over before the farm settled into debt and they became homeless, but they somehow managed… until the Ingo Brothers or whatever the hell their names are, came and broke her milk bottles. Oh well… I love helping this character.

1. Midna-TP

Who doesn’t love her? She was bratty, selfish, and unfeeling for awhile. She eventually grew closer to Link, and eventually, she felt like Romani and Cremia do… like a person with a soul trapped in my TV. This… was Nintendo’s greatest acomplishment.Not to mention, her music was superb. I couldn’t help listening to it over and over again.

I like the noises midna makes 🙂 .they always sound different.

I know! You can even try this out. Tape her saying what she says when you first meet her. Then, you restart the game, and tape it again, the same thing. Then, compare, they should sound completely different.

OK heres my new one..
these are the ones I really like.. I mean how they look and how they act.

1.) Tidus
2.) Vincent
3.) Siegfried
4.) Reyson
5.) Matthew
6.) OoT Link

ok here!

10- Nightmare) he is cool. i like him in SCIII.
9- Vaida) vaida is a funny women. that is why i like her.
8-Zihark) i like him because he is a cool looking purple haired Myrmidon.
7-Tormod) tormod is a cute boy. and i like him a lot. he always turns good in my game.
6-rolf) i like him to much. i always play with him.
5-Guy) is my favorite character in FE.
4-Vaati) is my favorite bad guy.
3-Rikku) is a cute girl.. shes hot.
2-Brenden) is from pokémon ruby. i like a lot. no one knows about him but i do.
1-Luigi) is my favorite. he is so cool. ever since i was 5 years old i liked him.

Who doesn’t know about Brendan? I mean he apears quite a few times in Ruby and saphire aswel; as making a brief apearance in Jirachi the wishmaker.

I don’t know about BRendan, I don’t like Pokemon. I hate it because it caused me to be part of a mainstream fad. I hate mainstream. Dumb-*navi* conformist culture!!!
SoS!! You deleted cowboy when you censored my list. It went “…some kind of *navi* cowboy?!”
Also, I’ve noticed a lot of people have forgotten about the no swearing rule.

That might of been me, i took a editing shift the other day ^_^’ .I think I fixed it.. there is too much swearing lately.. i know there small ones but.. it makes it very hard to try to figure out what and what not to edit 😐 .

I don’t know much about Brenden either, just from what pokemaster luigi has told me.. i dont watch pokemon.. or have really played it.

dont you people know “cowboy” is a swear 😡 ?!? jk,but I have noticed an increase in swearing lately…guess i’ll have to start giving out warnings if it continues 😦 .

anyways Pml thats one interesting top ten list you have,I had no idea you liked vaida that much 😀 .

Brenden.. i don’t know what is so wrong about him.. but i like him…. and SOS!! i like Vaida in a funny way.

…. what’s wrong with swearing? they are soundwaves that travel through the air and make sense only to the people that can decipher the pulse of the air in thier ears. In short–words are soundwaves that have no meaning, except to us. And yet… we find cursing something more than just a strong way to get our point across.

soundwaves that arent allowed here 😉

anyways i should probally finish this.. im wishywashy and in a bad guy mood today -_-‘

1.) Tidus
2.) Vincent
3.) Siegfried
4.) Reyson
5.) Matthew
6.) OoT Link

7.) Seymour (FF X)
8.) Wiess (FFVII dirge)
9.) Shuyin (FF X-2)

hmmm!!! you do like Wiess!!!!!

only if its Weiss and not Hojo controlling him

hmmmm….. do you also like oh i don’t know…… Nero????????? hmm….

nope.. he was borring

I agree with UZM on the swearing thing, although, too much makes you sound stupid, coloring you language is one thing but when every othr word is a swear word, it gets annoying.

I can’t argue with that. I can’t change your minds though.

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