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Posted on: July 20, 2007

Zunamna, they are a race that is barely mentioned in PoR. Supposedly they predate both the Beorc and Laguz races. A servant in an info conversation, in Chapter 15 states that there is a group of thieves who some ruins from the time of the Zunamna as their base.

Now what exactly are these Zunamna? Maybe they are a race that evolved into one of the other races. Or possibly they are a separate race altogether. There is always the possibility that they are just another name for the branded and that branded were more common back then.

Here are the clues we have to work with. First, they were able to live in the Grann dessert which would indicate strong survival skills. But this is not certain since it is possible that back in the Zunamna’s time Grann dessert was a fertile paradise. Second, they are not exactly like neither Beorc nor Laguz, otherwise they wouldn’t predate them they would be them. Third, they probably are more similar to the Beorc since the Begnion servant who tells you this information shows great respect for the Zunamna and Begnion is almost as well known for its discrimination against Laguz as Daein is. Once again this one is not set in stone either since not all Begnion citizens are racists.

Now I personally think they are probably the ancestors of either the Beorc or the Laguz. There is also a good chance that they are a still existing race. We can only hope more light will be shed on them in Goddess of Dawn.

by kakashiofthesheringaneye


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good article kakashi,I didnt even know they existed to be honest 🙂 .

…. who are they?????

didnt you read ^_^’ there a tribe from the desert that a maid tells Ike about. interesting i dont remember reading that.. ofcourse i hate all the Begnion people :p so i dont usually talk to them

Like everything not discussed further in Path of Radiance, the Zunanma are completely explained in Goddess of Dawn. Anyway, I almost forgot about them until I heard somebody say “I wonder if the Zunanma will be in Goddess of Dawn?” before the game’s launch.

i still don’t know how they are…..

oh there fine 😉

ok.. i don’t like reading in the first place…… but i do like reading in POR…… and i never saw that.. hmmmm.. i will have to look out for them in Goddess of Dawn….. 😉

I don’t remember them either.

I think I vaguely remember the zunamna…I guess I always just asumed that they were what the bandits were called 😆 .

they don’t ring a bell….

hmm let me go look for a text dump…

Servant: Ahem. You are from the northwest nation of Crimea, are you not? You have my condolences for the terrible misfortune that has befallen your country and people. Yet you remain blessed! Fate has brought you here to the Grand Temple Mainal! To the splendor of Begnion, grandest of all the nations of Tellius. By the way, I hear you are traveling north to the Grann Desert. There are ancient ruins there, you know?
They are the remnants of a race known as the Zunanma, who come from a civilization that predates our own. I’m sure you will enjoy the sensation of being immersed in such primordial surroundings!

Ike: Um…yeah. It’ll be a real picnic.

Servant: Oh, yes, picnics are indeed nice. Oh, but a word of caution. Studying the ruins from afar is one thing, but you would be well advised to keep your distance… For safety’s sake! It’s said that there’s a bandit stronghold near the northwest ruins. And we hear occasional reports of strange figures wandering the dunes in the northeast. Be careful!

oh they sound cool 😀

NOW I REMEMBER!! Yeah, I do remember reading that. It never intrigued me much.

oh yeah……. i remember!!!!! that stupid NPC!!! i was to bored at the time to read it.. 😳 . to busy working on Tormod…….

Looks like Nintendo and Intelligent Comapnies have something to hide. Maybe we find out what later on in the series?

yeah Nintendo has a lot of flaws..

How were you to busy on Tormod that is before Tormod comes in?

ever have it where you skip everything cause you want to use a certain character? odds are thats what he did…I do remember him saying “oooooooh….tormod!” or something along those lines before he started the mission 😉 .

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