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Posted on: July 21, 2007

welcome to the first ever Fire Emblem Blog lotery! here you can win large amounts of gold,wether you be a poor bum or a rich snob 😉 . 


heres how the lotery works;each contestent must pay 50 gold to enter the lotery,that gold is then added to the lotery prize.the more players there are,the more gold that can be can only enter once,so no trying to buy extra tickets 😉 .to enter,E-mail me at with the subject title “Lotery Entry” .

you have until friday to enter,so if you dont have the 50 gold yet you have plenty of time to earn it.just a note though:you wont recieve any gold for posting in this subject.

[Lotery Over]


by Saint Of Swords.



23 Responses to "Fire Emblem Blog Lotery"

I’ll enter, but before I do, how does the lottery work? :p I don’t watch T.V. enough to know, and I only know it involves numbers.

it was my idea…..

I will randomly select a winner,and said winner gets all the gold in the pot.

i need the gold so i can buy a good item for the next roleplaying. so i can protect Orochimaru.

Orochimaru is such a nerd!

um Poké Master Luigi.. try to stay on topic.. ok? See i metioned that i wanted to buy a item if i win the gold.. then i gave my reason

Basically yoou get a number then he’ll probably draw them from a hat or something. Unless he wants to make a power ball system, but that could take a while.

Powerball? On a WordPress site? Nah. But, in regards… I really need some more gold for a weapon… and maybe a staff too…. Is it possible to enter less gold than 50? :p I just don’t have enough gold to risk that,

yup,the old name in a hat rutine.only I dont have a hat,the only headgear I have is a leaf village headband and a bandana 😐 .well…im quite proficient with shuffling so I dont need a hat!

well….. I’M GOING TO WIN!!!!! not to be cocky but. its really everyones game. 🙂

Heck with hats, you can just throw’em on the floor and grab one.

that would work ^_^ you know there was this other FE site that has a lottery and the boss always wins -_-‘ suspicious, no?

Well, if Saint wins the first lottery I’ll suspect something.

i’ll watch to make sure he doesnt cheat 😛 .. actually if anyone would cheat it would be Pokemaster Luigi 😉

lol, Luigi wouldn’t cheat, but if he’s possessed by a ghost, yes. Lol!

Poké Master Luigi WON’T CHEAT!!!! SOS keeps track of the contest! 😉 .

Mwahaha… Little do they know, I, the dark master of the fourth dimension has possesed the ownr of the lottery and will bend him to my will, I shall win even though I did not enter. Mwahaha…

it wont effect me…I am the light master of the fifth dimension (and the third and a half to boot!) and as such will simply brush off any atempts of possesion on me 😛 !

this is turning in to roll playing. 😐 .

not really *hits luigi with a hammer*

YOU JERK!!! this is not roll playing!!!!

heh heh… I am the master of ALL Dimensions!!!!!!!!!!!! You will ALLL bend to my will!!!!!!! Now, give me the gold.

….. sorry uberzeldamaster. it is over. AND I DIDN’T WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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