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The Copy Cat Mercenaries.

Posted on: July 22, 2007

within the series of fire emblem there are many different look alike,or sometimes act alike characters.the most note able of these would be the griel mercenaries and the gerik mercenaries.

…what? no I don’t think their the same cause their both mercenaries! don’t be ridiculous! its because they both have shoulder pads =p .but if that’s not proof enough to call them look alikes,which it should be mind you,look at some of the other evidence.

first of all,gerik and griel have a very strong resemblance as far as looks go.they are both very strong looking,and are both well known for being powerful warriors.both have similar colors as far as their clothing and armor go as well,showing that perhaps one leached off of the other (hint hint).in addition,they are both the leaders of a mercenary guild…something that isnt exactly easy to brush off as coincidence.and lastly,consider how similar their names are to each other 😉 .I would say sir griel wants to copy gerik.or is it perhaps that gerik entrusted his last wish with griel of becoming a famous mercenary 😕 ? either way its kind of suspicious.


next lets look in the assistants department,starting with gerik.he did, by all accounts, start the mercenary thing who is gerik’s right hand man? who among his group is the closest to him? I mean that literally,too! who is often seen clinging to him!? that would be the red haired dancer with the screwed up character portrait,tethys.she is pretty much the second in command in the gerik’s mercenaries since she is always by geriks side,more then anybody.odds are she helps gerik make a few desicions too.that,at least in my opinion,sounds like a second in for griel,same questions; whose his right hand man? ,whose the closest to him? ,and whose often seen clinging to him? well…no one if you count that last on 😦 .but ignoring it, who would the person be? it would be the red haired paladin with the screwed up face,titania! now for some comparisons;they both have red hair,they both wear white,they both dance,they are both closest to their respective  mercenary guilds leader,they both have a crush on their respective mercenary guilds leader,they can both fly,and they both start with a “T” . …ok,I threw in a few fillers,but the resemblance in uncanny,no 😉 ? again,I would say titania is copying tethys…or perhaps tethys always wanted a horse…? :


with that,it is possible that nintendo liked the whole mercenary theme invented in sacred stones,but decided that sacred stones didn’t give it the attention it solve their problem they made the greil mercenaries,and this time devoted most of a game to them. 

so is griel guilty of copy-right infragment? is titania a dancer in training? well…the first ones probably true anyways.but this begs an even greater question…is gerik guilty of copying anybody??? eh…lets leave that for another time.

by Saint Of Swords



26 Responses to "The Copy Cat Mercenaries."

haha i think after FE7 the makers ran out of ideas and started making copy characters

hmmm…. titania danceing.. 😆 .

Dieck was made before Gerik so i like him better XD

Gerik doesn’t look anything like Greil! Are you color blind? If your gonna do humor make it make sense. Blue and Yellow isn’t remotely similar to purple and brown, and Gerik had big green hair, Greil had normal brown hair. Although Tethys ans Titania to look similar.

If I recall correctly I believe they made mention that a certain Lyndis’ Legion was a mercenary company at one point, so FE7 started it.

Actually, I started the whole mercenary fad back in ’98. It was all me, ever since I wrote that wikipedia article on the subject its been the hottest thing around.

actually Shinigami.. it wasnt even filed under humor…
“Published in: Sacred Stones,Path of Radiance”

and Titania most likely was created from Tethys..

And Dieck is teh best!!!111one XD

I really don’t think they meant to copy a group that is mentioned like, once in the entire game and only as a reason to have them join you. The fact is, mercenaries are cool, and you can’t have a softy mecenary leader so they always end up similar.

the makers of FE copy ideas from older characters..
in FE1 theres a female paladin with red hair
Dieck/Gerik (same personalities but Dieck came first but Dieck copied someone else too)

Well when you have over five hundred all told you run out of designs and personalities.

gerik and griel… they both start with a G!!!!! they have so much in comon!! good article!!!

I didn’t pay much attention to Gerik, he was just another tough among the many other toughs (both street and otherwise) that join you.

geriks personality is actually quite similar to diecks personality.

Don’t know Dieck.

meh, don’t even know what you guys are talking about, but, it’s true–once you’ve designed lots of the same game, you most likely run out of ideas.

hmmm.. you know. the only thing that griel and gerik don’t have in common is you don’t get to play with one of them..

true, that and one is entirely critical to the story while the other is just another fighter.

BTW SoS, I sent you an email with a question. It was accidentally anonymous. It will say its from the email adress jtt9@somethignimnotgoingtobroadcasttotheworld.seeprevious
From the name Jedidiah Taubel.
No spamming intended.

‘nother look a like, Stefan the Swordmaster and the green haired wyvern rider from FE7.

those two do have a strong resemblence,the only difference (besides class) is that stephen dosn’t have the white in his hair that heath has.

And Heath has a slightly more angular face, but that could be my TV too.

yeah Heaths face is kinda skinny

I am surprised noone has mentioned Ike, Marth, and Ephraim.

who is Marth??? is he from a old Nintendo game???

aww come on poke master luigi,
you know who marth is -_-‘

… 💡 he’s from SSBM!! W00t! I didn’t find him very powerful though. I like Roy better.

ha i’m just pulling your leg!

For those who don’t know Marth is the original Fire emblem Lord and was the main character of FE1 and 3. He also apeared in SSBM as an unlockable charcter, and yes Roy was better in most peoples perspective and this makes since for unlike other lords who turned out as great characters once leveled marth was only mediocre at best. But marth was much better than ROy for me Melee but thats just me.

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