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Zephiel’s dream

Posted on: July 25, 2007

First i would like to say that this article has really big Fire Emblem 6 spoilers in it..

FE7 ends with Hector and Eliwood talking about strange reports comming from Bern about Berns King and Prince Zephiel. One saying that the prince was killed, the other said that the king was killed.

At the end they show Zephiel talking to a cloaked man.. who asks him why he wishes to bring back the dark dragon.  Zephiel just smiles.

At the beginning of FE6 the story starts off with Zephiel, King of Bern sends his his forces out to conquer
the rest of Elibe. Sacae and Illia have already fallen to Bern. And Bern has its sight set on the Lycia Alliance.

Lord Eliwood tells Roy, his son to go to Ostia and see what he can help with since Lord Hector isnt in Ostia right now. On his way he meets up with Guinevere the princess of Bern, Zephiels sister. She tells Roy that she wants to end the war peacefuly. Roy agrees and takes her to meet with Lord Hector.

However, when Roy was only half a day away from Castle Araphen, a messenger brought him news that he could not believe. The message was this.”Bern has a trio of elite generals called the Three Dragon Lords.  Two of these, General Brenya and General Narshen, have attacked Castle Araphen and have nearly decimated the Lycia Alliance Army”.

General Brenya tells Zephiel that they captured the enemy leader. Zephiel tells her to bring him to me. Hector apears. Hector asks him why?
Bern and Lycia were always on good terms.

Zephiel answers: “Respect?  Don’t be ridiculous.  Lycia…no, this entire continent must go under my rule.  That is the only way to liberate this world.  I lack the time to be worrying about such trivial matters as respect.”

Hector: “To liberate…this world?  What do you mean…?”

Zephiel: “It is of no importance to you.  You are going to die anyway.  Someone!  Take  him away!”

After a soldier takes Hector away Brenya asks Zephiel is its wise to trust sinister people? Zephiel asks her if shes talking about Idoun, and tells Brenya to have faith in him.

Later, Roy arives at the castle and talks to a spy who tells him he’s sure that Hector is still alive inside the castle. Roy finds him in the castle severely wounded. Before he dies Hector tell Roy that he didnt think it was possible for Bern to bring back the dragons that humans fought during the Scouring. And leaves Roy in charge of the Lycia Alliance Army.

Through the story Roy makes his way through all the countries that Bern had conquered reclaiming them.

When traveling through all these countries he hears of a strange rumor that Zephiel was the one who killed the king. He desides talk with Guinevere about this strange rumor. She’s shocked when he first tells her about it and tells him to give her some time before she talks about it.

Later Guinevere approches Roy and tells him in sort.. the rumor is true. Then Roys confused and responds by saying that King Zephiel killed his father so he could have the throne? Guinevere who is now very emotional tells Roy, no your wrong our father tried to kill Zephiel first. She starts to say something but stops and says its nothing.

The next day Guinevere meets with Roy again and tells him that shes actually Zephiels half sister, Zephiel’s mother was the Etrurian princess and Guineveres father was the king of Bern. The King already loved someone else but he was forced to wed the Etrurian princess to strengthen the bond between Bern and Etruia.  She continues by telling that Zephiel always tried gain our father’s affection, he excelled in everything and gained the respect of Berns people but it just made our father jealous. She continues her story by telling one day the king said that Guineveres husband would be the next king. Zephiel didnt even mind, but the people were looking forward to Zephiel being king. The king had enough and desided to kill Zephiel.

At a banquet our father handed Zephiel a poisoned drink, for 10 days he lingered between life and death, Guinevere says. Durring those 10 days General Murdock cared for him.

“She continues by telling Zephiel made believe that he was dead.  Our father then checked the coffin to confirm Zephiel’s death.  At that moment, Zephiel rose up from the coffin and…with his sword…” She was young so she had no idea what had happened but after that day Zephiel never smiled again. She tells Roy no matter what he has to stop him.

Later Roy makes it inside Zephiels castle. He walks toward Zephiel and asks him why did he start this war? Zephiel tells him he wants to end the age of men. “Jealousy.  Hate.  Greed.  Friends, even family members would be driven to kill by these stupid emotions.  Such emotions create fathers who try to kill their own sons to save their own flesh.  As long as humans control, as long as humans dictate, as long as humans exist…this madness will never end”

then he tells Roy if he knows how the scouring ended, Roy answers: yes the dark dragon was sealed away.

Zephiel tells him it was a mistake, dragons have no “self” and if they ruled, the world would be fair and peaceful. After Zephiel is defeated he tells Roy “…So you have defeated me…  But remember…  My will shall never die…
As long as…humans retain control…madness will persist…”

I feel kinda bad for him.. seeing as it was never his fault..



35 Responses to "Zephiel’s dream"

great article 😀 . zephyels probably the most interesting villian in all the FE series.he has intentions that would destroy mankind…yet they are pure intentions at the same time.usually…that would mean someones being an idiot,however zephyel is quite smart o_0 .

SoS what about Lyon? He had pure intentions. But this is an interesting article.

but Lyon ended up likeing being evil ;_;
as much as i like Lyon.. i think Zephiel has the worst story

Not in Eirika mode. Plus Nergal has a way worse story.

I wish they wpuld release it in English. I want to play it.

i have the jappanese version.. i looked at the translation as i played.

nergel just lost it.. zephiel was basicly abused his entire life

Kakashiofthesharinganeye Said:SoS what about Lyon? He had pure intentions

true…however his intentions were simply to save grado,where as zephiels were to destroy the human the end both were pure intentions,however only one was evil at the same time.

Last time I brought up the idea of destroying a race for the greater good, I got called a sadistic lunatic. I’m pretty sure its not Pure! It’s just stupid!

you’d have to play the game to understand him

nergel just lost it

This is not true his story may be over looked by most because of the dificulty to find it but it is the saddest.

i played the game over 30 times.. i know what happends 😉

Did you get 19xx?

yup.. everytime i play on hector mode i make sure i get it.

Then I am surprised you haven’t figured out nergal’s story.

-_-‘ but i know what happends in Nergals story… Ninian and Nils…

i just like Zephiel more and feel more bad for him..

-_-’ but i know what happends in Nergals story… Ninian and Nils…

But you said that he just went mad but if you figured out his whole story you would know that, that is not true.

stop being ridiculous, i have won the game about 30 times like i stated above.. i know the game and all of its story, inside and out. Saint doesnt like when conversations turn into a “yes it is, no it isnt” thing.. so think of something else to talk about.

What is his story, for some one who’s only won it twice.

well,I plan on making an article about nergal soon so I wont go into too much detail,but suffice to say he lost everything he had,became power hungry,and snaped when his only friend (athos) tried to stop him.

poor guy, that seems to be how FE/Anime villains always are though.

there is more to it though

…which will be explained when Saint makes a article about it

You know what, I argee with Zephiel…

“Jealousy. Hate. Greed. Friends, even family members would be driven to kill by these stupid emotions. Such emotions create fathers who try to kill their own sons to save their own flesh.As long as humans control, as long as humans dictate, as long as humans exist…this madness will never end”

…I think this makes total sense

Yeah, it does, but thats its not really true to the extent that he says it is.

Those arn’t the only emotions we have. In a sense… Zephiel sounds like the All-Case. His mission is pure, yet evil. It makes sense, and yet it doesn’t. He is right, and yet he is wrong. *sigh* Life is cruel.

I just wish I could get the dang game. Is the GBA slot on the DS Localized along with the DS slot?

are you asking if FE6 plays on a DS? because it does ^_^

Sweet, maybe I can find it at the worldwide garage sale known as eBay!

Lol, but now that I think about it, your right, it is a world-wide garage sale! Do you know what I found on eBay? Someone was selling maxie-pads. can you believe that? Apparently, eBay is also a garbage can that spits out money when you put stuff in it, too.

my mom got mine from a jappanese site.. i cant post the name of it here because she said it wasnt a very decent site and i uhh dont remember what is was called ^_^’

I’ll find it somewhere. I’ll just check Ebay every week or so until I find it. Or I could buy yours…

the games rediculously hard.just normal mode is like a harder version of HHM.thats how the FE games should be,but they’re dumbed down because….you know,americans are so much stupider then the japanese 🙄 .I guess they assume we dont enjoy a good challlenge -_- .

Not so, my good man. The American version of FFXII: Revenant Wings will be harder and feature an extra optional dungeon. The reason being that to Japan, the RTS genre is still fairly new and, quite frankly, they suck at it. At least thats what the developers say.

Zephiel was always my favorite villain from the series… I would like him a lot more if he hadn’t been the one who killed Hector, though. XD;

Although it’s fairly clear that he did end up going insane at some point (just like Nergal)… I believe Guinevere notes it somewhere in the game.

yeah me too.. at least Hector died cool

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