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New Smash Bros. stuff

Posted on: August 1, 2007

The official site anounced a new Character AND a new Item. Click to find out what it is…

The new item is the pitfall from Animal Crossing


It works kinda like the mine does, when you throw it into the ground it disappears and when someone runs into it they fall into the ground. Alternatively you can use it as a throw weapon.

 Now for the new character…

Ike from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance!



His big attack is Aether, his special accult skill from the game. and might i add he looks really good in it 😉



21 Responses to "New Smash Bros. stuff"

its sad that he looks better in here than he does in his own game.

One question why is he in his ranger clothes if he has ragnell? Oh thats right he gos back to those clothes at the end of the game.

ike looks suprisingly well,he dosnt have that stereotypical protogonist look to him.

and the pitfall looks fun 😛 .

i like how he looks… i like the shape of his face XD

hmm… I wonder if I could sketch him… XD probably not.

I think he looks a lot like Marth. its prolly the hair. Ragnell is a lot cooler looking up close.

really? it kinda looks like plastic to me 😕 .anyways he does look a lot like marth…guess we can count on him not coming.

There’s a new stage up. And its a fire emblem stage. Its a castle under siege. It says that its not any particular castle nor from any particualr FE game, but there are plenty of scenes like that in the FE series, so we can just pick one. You start on the wall/roof. Eventually the floor crumbles and you fall into the throne room, then it crumbles again and you fall underground. Sweet.

hmmmm… what pokemon do you think are in it?? the pokemon that you can play with???? probably the usual jigglypuff and pikachu. (sigh)

maybe they will put a zubat in it so I can slowly shread it into ribbons 😈 !….ahem…

I wonder how long/high pit can fly?

Pit the character, from kid icarus I mean.

Hrm… I sincerely hope that Brawl won’t be Tellius-centric, even though Sakurai seems to want to go for the ‘new and recognizable’ approach with everything… here’s hoping for something Elibe-related! :3

its hard to guess…on one hand ike is the only FE character in SSBB so far so it might be tellius…but on the other hand they are using ocarina of time stuff even though the only zelda characters in it are from twilight princess….whose to say what they will do? watch it be magvel 😆 .

hmmmm…… i hope daisy is in it.

Magvel, eh? Ephraim could be fun. Eirika would be way too much like the other rapier users, Eliwood and Roy. But a Spear, now thats would be cool.

valter would be awsome 😀 !

valter would be stupid!!!!!! now guy would be cool!

not really -_-‘

what?!!! he would to! and the BK and ike are the only ones who are going to be in the game.

thats not for sure…those are just the only two rumored to be in it. valter FTW 😛 !

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