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PoR Character Examination #1: Ilyana

Posted on: August 2, 2007

By Shinigami Ninja

This is the first installment in what will likely be a Weekly or Demi-Weekly column/article. It will focus on one or two aspects of an individual Character from PoR or GoD.

For those of you who don’t use her, Ilyana was the second mage you get in the game. She’s convinced to join by Ike in the middle of the battle, she comes with Thunder and Elthunder, tomes.

We find out from her Info and Support Conversations that she never has enough food, depending on who she’s talking to it sounds like she’s either poor or a pig. In her conversations with Gatrie she gets him to buy her a fancy meal, then says she’ll try hard to remember his name, with Zihark she does almost the same thing, calling him Ike, then Bill, then Sword Guy before Zihark tells her his name again. In her talks with Mia she’s hungry enough to try and eat Mia’s foot. It’s also revealed through her supports with Mordecai that she eats like a Squirrel before hibernation.

A level conversation:

Ilyana: Thank you for your generosity the other day, Mordecai… Nobody has

ever done anything like that for me…

Mordecai: Do not thank me. We are friends. But you ate like a starved bear!

A dozen of me could not eat that much mutton stew!

Ilyana: The food was delicious. I could have eaten more!

Mordecai: I would feed you again, but you ate through all my beorc money.

Where do you put all that food?

Ilyana: Well… in my stomach…

Mordecai: You are like the furry little squirrels that live with us in the

woods. Always stuffing food in their mouths. Half beorc, half squirrel. That’s


Ilyana: Haha! Maybe you’re right! Squirrels, huh? That’s cute.

Mordecai: So… when do you hibernate?

Ilyana: Hibernate? I don’t hibernate!

So at this point we know she doesn’t have trouble getting food, but yet she’s really thin. In earlier conversations, Mordecai says she’s a very sickly looking beorc. If she eats so much why is she thin? With Lucia we find out she has an illness of some sort. Her body probably can’t process the nutrients properly and as such needs far more food than normal to sustain itself. I’m no doctor, so I don’t know what she could be plagued by, but she definitely has something wrong with her. I’d love to know what, but that will remain a mystery probably forever, because the makers of Fire Emblem aren’t doctors either. 😉


22 Responses to "PoR Character Examination #1: Ilyana"

i feel bad for her… she is just so fragile.. really she is in the game. poor thing she gets stepped on in one of her supports. she was so hungry she fell over. 😥 . but how does she even survive! 😯 .

Well, she lures guys in with her cute face and then they buy her food, then she fogets them. I don’t know how she survuves on a day to day basis though. At first I was sorry for her, because I though she couldn’t afford ANY food, then i found out that she ate about five-seven times more than a normal person and I thought she was kind of a pig, then I figured out that she’s eating tons but still faintng so there must be something wrong with her, like Lucia said, and now I feel sorry for her again. But, Lucia does promise to help her get through it, so i think sh’ell be fine in the end. Lucia was having her run to build up Stamina so she doesn’t faint, and another remedy may be to steadily decrease her food intake at a constant rate so that her body adapts to eating less food, so in the end she will have more stamina and be able to live on maybe two helpings instead of seven.

I never could figure out why she had to eat so much,I just thought she had a fast metabolism or something.then I read the lucia support and figured it out.I like the way she uses all these guys for there food/money and then just forgets them :p .this is my favorite part:

Ilyana:Gatrie…Gatrie… Remember that name! He’s going to take me out to the finest restaurant! Tasty food… Oh, I can’t wait!

I wonder if she forgot 😕 …

Maybe it’s Lukemia? Lukemia is when you have weak blood, and the hemoglobin can’t carry as much oxygen and the nutrients are absorbed a lot less often. That could be what’s wrong. And as for less food… it won’t work. Unless…

Isn’t lukemia a cancer? I’m pretty sure its a cancer of the blood. She’d be dead in not to long if it were lukemia. It may be a disease unkown to this world. They are on a different planet after all.

maybe ilyana just likes to eat and was messing with lucias mind for free food 😛 .

i never read the one with Lucia, i guess that makes sense..

Lucia is the one that says she has a problem though. And she can’t be just messing for free food if she eats that much and then still faints.

… Ilyana sounds like Wimpy from Popeye. Except she’s skinny. Always, he would say he’s pay, and then “forget”. Stupid Wimpy.

shes not a Wimpy!! shes a cute Wimpy if anything.

She’s cute and I feel sorry for her and want to give her a hug!! I mean, uh… that didn’t, uh, sound right. Anyway, I’ll have you know that she is one of the most powerful mages ever!! She is most definitley not wimpy or Wimpy-like!
I wonder how old she is. Probably about Ike’s age.

I would guess 16 or 17…though she could just be 15. all this talk about ilyana is making me want to play again 🙂 .

Heheh. She looks to be 16 or older, though it is possible that she’s as old as 20. She said she left her family and had traveled with the merchants for a few years, so she’s at least 17 if we keep a the standard age of beorc adulthood on Tellius at 16 for men and 15 for women. In most medieval cultures women were considered adults before men, so I see no reason for FE to be any different.

14 i say.

Girls tend to be older than they look in anime, its hard to be sure what age they are supposed to be by looking at them Take Rurouni Kenshin, 34 but he looks like a 14 year old girl sometimes.

hes 34 0_o’ ?

Yes. They said that in the manga.

34 eh? thats kinda wierd…then again gokus 60 something so…

wow 60!

I just remembered something about ilyana…shes suposed to get sea sick really easily.maybe shes one of those characters that the game developers make so people feel bad for them 😦 .

Her getting seasick is probably related to her other problem. But it is possible that she is one of those pitty characters. I pitty her anyway.

thats what I was thinking…maybe she gets so sick cause she eats so much 😕 ?

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