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The Great Dragon

Posted on: August 4, 2007

Be warned…this article is full of Sacred Stones spoilers.

remember that It article I made a while back? well…this article is its brother :\ .

I have recently become-once again-interested in Sacred Stones.and I have to say this is probably the first time ive ever replayed a fire emblem and had a full interest in the story a result I remembered something that has always confused me…just who is the great dragon?

 you start hearing about the great dragon when you pass through Caer Pelyn (forgive the spelling….my memory of strange words is lacking) and grandmother slug tells you how “great” the great dragon is.I tell you…between that old ladys goopy face and her arogant atittude….anyways the great dragon is the one who was suposed to have helped save the world some eight hundred years ago…give or take a few centuries.he has imense power and watches darkling woods to prevent the evil resting there from growing.its all interesting information that grandmother gives you,and all very easy to understand…most of it anyways.

some time into the conversation grandmother says how the great dragon left darkling woods in order to search out and stop the evil flows of do so he took the form of myrrh.

lets back up a bit before we go on.myrrh is the cute little dragon girl you meet early on in the story…the one who was looking for the source of the dark energy.only that…wasnt the real her? acording to grandmother (and saleh) that was actually the great dragon.

once you get to darkling woods myrrh says not to worry cause her father is protecting the forest.obviously that would be the great dragon as thats what grandmother said he does.but myrrh…arnt you the great dragon…? a cutscene comes showing one by the name of morva talking to lyon.Morva tells lyon that evil grips his heart,and that he would destroy it like he did so many years ago.again that means hes the great dragon.well…morva gets his tail kicked and turns into a draco-zombie.Ephraim and Erikas army defeat him…and myrrh starts crying and says how that dragon was her father…but that she didnt want to say anything cause she didnt want to cause extra trouble.

so after alls said and done…what the heck happened? did morva myrrh teleport out of your party at some point and switch places with the real myrrh? is myrrh just the great dragon? nothing makes sense anymore @-@ .

 by Saint Of Swords


25 Responses to "The Great Dragon"

I blame my ISP the translators and the story writers. I hate it when people switch things around like that.

its very confusing.. i dont think they thought it out too well :/

Yeah, very confusing.

I think Morva is the true Great Dragon. Perhaps Morva has been guarding the Darkling Woods since the first battle with the Demon King, and hasn’t been seen since? So when Myrrh first appeared, maybe the people of Caer Pelyn mistaked her for the Great Dragon?

to make this extra confusing after you win the game myrrhs title is “the great dragon” .

…you dont suppose there are more then one great dragons o_0 ?

It may be that “Great Dragon” is a title or station and Morva, may have fought 800 years ago and then Myrrh, who was to succeed him most likely, also was given the title “Great Dragon”.

that makes sence..

hmmmm.. Myrrh…. nope to cute to be the great dragon. 😉 .

Cute’s got nothin to do with it. Besides that, she’s ugly.

If you want to be more confused…

Saleh’s grandmother uses the term Dragon-sama in the Japanese version, which would be along the lines of Lord Dragon (like Lord Nergal). So it’s probably not a title, but just a way to refer to the dragon tribe.

Also, in the Japanese version, Myrrh’s Epilogue title isn’t Great Dragon. It’s Pure Dragon o__o

So, perhaps the translators *are* for blame.

thats weird.. i’ll just blame the translaters for the headache i get when i tried to think about what was what..

and PLEASE DONT KILL ME SAINT!! but i dont really care for her either :/ *cough* sorry

*kills MT* how can you say those little eyes are ugly?

sounds like the translators did screw it up…but then I dont hold it against them,language translation can be so confusing.

she has horns and an ugly shade of purple hair. She’s ugly.

translators are the problem. i guess engrish isn’t dead.

if you look ~here~.those are actually wings, not horns

you are HORRABLE Shinigami!! shes so small and her stats kinda creep me out. she can kill the last boss so easily! 😯 .

no, your mistaken.. the last boss can kill her with ease.

I think she’s ugly. Her hair has streak of a brownish color in it. and besides, she looks like a ten year old girl, thinking she’s cut the same way I think Illyana is would like ******, and thats disgusting. She’s ugly and that all there is too it.

err Shinigamii i had to edit that, it was kinda gross >_< . it would be like saying a baby or an animal is cute.when someone says that

Well, I hope so. But she’s still ugly.

wheres that delete acount button 👿 ?

If you delete my account I’ll just keep doing this.

hmmm…I guess ill just let you off with a warning then 😆 .

Heheh. Are you mad because of the deleted comment or because I say she’s ugly?

deleted comment? im talking about myrrh! im not mad though…im FURIOUS!!! I just feel kinda bad for poor myrrh 😦 .

yeah its not like shes sick or anything.

myrrh is awsome the fact that you can get her to level 20 really fast and has an almost ipenetreble defense,devastating attack (and attack scene), means that she can be a great help if your losing a chapter multiple times. !beware the weakness to bows! any way the only drawback is she has to use a stone to change. i think thats how the got the system for the laguz transformation in PoR.^_^

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