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Role-Play Recruiting

Posted on: August 8, 2007

this saturday I will (…hopefully) be starting a new role-playing,however this one will be different from the last two one.

this time everybody who decides to role-play will be randomly given positions into a story and world.this means you could become a king in one day…or you could become a janitor.before you play you must decide what Fire Emblem class you would like to be in the story and whether you want to oppose the winning side or the losing side.below are the list of classes to choose from and their stats:

Pegusus Knight:resistent,fragile.
Wyvren Knight:defensive,unresistent.
Sword Knight:fast,fragile.
Lance Knight:fast,unresistent.
Bow Knight:fast,fragile.
Axe Knight:strong,slow.

just a note,clerics arnt included in this…they cant fight :/ .

the stats are there simply as a referance…there is no system thats followed.if someones strong they can hit harder,if someones weak they deal weak hits as well as recieve big hits,if someones defensive they take less damage,and if your slow you get double attacked, addition to yourself you can select one partner who you will also control.your partner can use an item of yours if you have a spare,and only one of you can be battled/can battle at a time. if you have any questions just ask in the comments section below.

by Saint Of Swords.

21 Responses to "Role-Play Recruiting"

i will be a Shaman! oh as for my partner, i want him to be a Wyvren Knight.

i’ll be a mercenary.. and i want my partner to be Kurama ^_^

I will be a Myrmidon, my name shall be Kohtid (That’s not bad for blind typing). My partner shal be an Archer, her name shall be Aftir. (Again, not bad for blind typing). Both nomads from the wherever nomads are gonna be from.

your partner can be whatever type you want,but they dont get the stats,they can just use that classes weapon.also note that you cant have,for example,a pirate with a heal staff 😉 …it would have to be a pirate with an axe or a cleric with a heal staff.

I think i’ll be a Myrdrimon too,and my assistent will be rikku from FFX =P ,she will be a cleric (yes…it was hard to pick through my favorite girl list 😦 ).

i want Kurama to be a cleric too, and i’ll protect him with my life XD

OOHH. You didn’t say that. she’s a cleric then.

i changed my mind then. i will be a Wyvren rider and as for my partner. MAY yes my from pokemon…. shes hot,,,err i mean ah,,shes going to be a mage. shes going to look so cute,,errr,,,ahem..

Heh….. I’d like to engage in this activity, if I may. I don’t play much FE, but I plan to in the future, so this site may further my knowledge for gameplay in the future. Nice crib you got here, SOS. Okay. I think I’d like to be an Axe Knight, because he (or she) reminds me of the Dark Nut, from Zelda TP. The knight had massive armor, and a giant axe-like sword. 🙂

Ok I will be a wyvern rider and my partner shall be Onigoumo my pre-promote sage from the last two rps.

i think he might have to be a mage 😕

yup…Onigoumo has to be a mage if anything…being able to use two different items would be too much of an advantage.

mario64mario Said:I don’t play much FE, but I plan to in the future, so this site may further my knowledge for gameplay in the future.

cool,just watch out for spoilers ^_^ …if your looking for information theres a lot of info in the pages section (located on the right of the blog) that might help you .we’re still developing that area though 😕 .

mario64, you would like the games of FE.

yea, I’m addicted to RPG’s 🙂

you asked to know about the axe knight,correct mario64mario? there isnt much to know about them that pertains to the role-playing besides that you will hurt your foe more and get attacked twice by “fast” units.hope that helps.

ha ha, I’m addicted to any kind of games! but in a good way. 😉

okay, thanks for the tips.

uh… I want to be a mage, but… how the heck are they both resistant and fragile at the same time? Ah, what the heck. I’m a mage, my partner is a monk.

Well, I hope I’m for Azul. But… Celestia (my academy for mages, monks, and clerics, and also magical beings defensive/offensive army, belongs to whomever SoS gives me to.

Resistent means they arent affected much by magic,fragile means they break like glass 😛 .also i’ll add you on azuls side.

Ill be a wyvern cause look dragoon= dragon related to wyvern XD and Ill take soren as a mage AND I would like to be on your mercenary team SOS, thank u

this role playing is actually over.. it started Aug 8th. My brother, SoS says he usually has a role playing article every month so in a few weeks there should be a new one up ^_^

wha! *goes wide eyed and face burns up*whoopsy. well if there is another role playing like this i know what im gonna be:-)

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