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Poll: Favorite Prepromote.

Posted on: August 10, 2007

well,the role playing is tomarrow so I figured I mine as well make some extra gems put a poll up before that.just incase anybodys wondering by the way that nergal article I was talking about is still being worked on.just so no one thinks I forgot 😛 .but ive digressed long enough,on with the poll:

~Who Is Your Favorite Prepromoted Character?~

1.) Percival
2.) Niime
3.) Marcus
4.) Karel
5.) Pent
6.) Saleh
7.) Innes
8.) Calil
9.) Stefen

 you can only vote for one character,and only your first vote counts.

by Saint Of Swords

66 Responses to "Poll: Favorite Prepromote."

NIIME!! i’ll go with Karel XD

Pent. i like him the best.

Karel… is that FE6 or FE7? He’s quite a bit different between the two games…

I choose Pent, in any case. :O

I’ll have to say Pent.

uhhhh, Percival? Buh. :s I dunno. I’m gonna haev to find someone with Fire Emblem….. WAIT! I know! This kid. In my school. I vaguely remember, but I think he said he remembered someone named Shingami Ninja on a blog. -.- If only I could remember his user name.

*By the way, can I get some info on my axe knight character? Like, strengths, weaknesses, skills, etc. Please and Thanks.

[SoS:*i’ll answer you in the previous article so it dosnt go off topic].

PENT!! He owns hardcore!

Well, that could have been the now defunked, or FEblog’s sister site (quite literally) subrosia. So he doesn’t necesarilly own an FE game, but he might, quite a few people do.

BTW, what did this kid say about me?

he loses points in my opinion because hes married to Louise 😐

i’ll vote karel…I wish he would have had more plot. quit honestly though hes a minor character in both games.

Kyusil Said:Karel… is that FE6 or FE7?

umm….hmmm…either?…both 😛 ? same goes for marcus I guess.

Shingami Ninja, all he said was that he remembers the name from a blog. I’ll try and contact him before school, but it’s probably not going to happen….

i don’t go to school, i’m home schooled but i haveing a good time on this blog! on and Pent rocks!

pent comes too late in my opinion…plus his whole overly dedicated to his wife personality kinda freaks me out :\ .

I think its good. That’s the way a marriage should be. But I have always been awed by the fact that he pwns that whole army single handedly in the desert.

Poké Master Luigi spake thus:
“i don’t go to school, i’m home schooled but i haveing a good time on this blog! on and Pent rocks!”
SWEET!! So am I!! It rocks doesn’t it. All the peeople who go to the school I would go to are a*navi*s.

Oh, and I have no clue where to ask this, I know its off-topic though.. Does anyone know of a site other than gamefaqs that has a translation guide to fe6?

does gamefaq include gamestop? if so then im not sure…if you look around online you should be able to find something…

i just like pent because he has cool hair and,,, well hes cool looking.

I lint pent because he’s the coolest Sage in history. He rocks, and for a Pre-Promo, he pwns, he’s on par with Erk through the whole game.

pents pretty cool,I just dont like lousie very much.shes kinda cute,but she acks geeky =/ .

Well, you know, there are a lot of people who would say YOUR a geek. I mean, you run an onlne community based around a strategy game. I proudly proclaim that I AM A GEEK! I’m a gamer and an anime lover, you don’t get more geeky than that. Besides, Louise is the best Sniper in the game. I have never had either her or pent die. Dang it, now I want to go play FE7 and I can’t because my brother is. The loser’s stuck on the last battle.

I have FE6 on its way though, but that nor for like, two weeks.

i would say Rebecca is the best sniper then Wil then Louise.

yeah im probably considered a geek =| …but she just acts dumb sometimes (thats probably what I meant) .for instance the support where pent has to promise her he would have tea with her.not that I have anything against her…she actually has a lot of personality.

also congradulations with Fe6 …im playing it right now =D *continues playing FE6 and typing on the computer in a geeky fashion* .

i’m the geek master!! i play Sacred stones all day! its fun!

Dude, I play a tabletop wargame called Warhammer 40,000. I spend countless hours buying, building and painting the models for this game. Tabletop games are right up there with pen and paper RPGs as being the epitome of geek-ness.

im just.. borring :/ i hardly play a hour of games and less than a hour of tv u_u Louise is a tea geek :p

How do you survive?

I think Etruria is supposed to be more british than the rest of the continent, what with monocles and tea.

The ultimate in geekiness is a pocket protector. Hands down. 🙂

*checks shirt for pocket protector* phew…I dont have one of those @_@’ .

Who else here is a Mathlete? 😉

“I think Etruria is supposed to be more british than the rest of the continent, what with monocles and tea.”

But… Canas is from Ilia. :O I’m sure that’s what they intended with Etruria, though.

And… not meaning to mini-mod or anything, but shouldn’t you stop arguing about who among you is more of a geek and get back on topic?

Mathlete : 1. A math athlete.
2. Someone who excells at Mathematics.
3. Someone who obsesses over Mathematics.

to Kyusil:
its not done in a rude way but we should get back on topic now.
this is my order

Saleh (i know Pent it better but i like Saleh more)

poor niime! dosnt her some 2 defense strike you as useful??? just kidding. I mostly only use prepromotes if I like how they act,working on prepromotes gives me the feeling of using someone elses unit…wierd as that may sound.

that makes sense, you feel that way because you did not work on them, they come prepromoted!!. and lets take Guy for example, LV:20! dum,,,dumdudum,dududumdumdumdumdumdadadada
dadadadum. see he LVs up and you did it, prepromotes are just lazy.

i dont like Guy 😐 .. i like Karel

mm-hmm…besides blowing guy out of the water as far as looks and personality go,hes suprisingly durable for a swordmaster.

YOU JERK!!!! he is my fav. person in FE!!!!

but Karels s0 hawt!! XD

more like GEEK!!!

pent & karel are both awsom but, i hate the fact that you get both alot later in the game. 😦

besides whats wrong with liking math and video games?

yeah I hate when they come so late,it almost completely guarantees your team will be full or that you will be short handed untill you get them.

SOS i red erlier that you beat a fire emblem game 30+ times.O_O did you keep everyone in the game or did you lose people and just kept goin?

i played FE7 about that many times too.. and i never let anyone die, not even in hard mode

even in HARD MODE!!! what was the most amount times you restarted a level? My guess around 20 times.

Pris is the only one who died when i played Hector hard mode. i restarted about 4 or 5 on the chapter when you get Nino, Zephiel kept dying on me and like i said above Pris died and i had to restart..

and i restarted sands of time once because i accedently had one person all alone at the bottom starting point ^_^’

i trying hard mode for the first time -_- with hector but matthew the theif :-} keeps dieing

dragoon13 Said:SOS i red erlier that you beat a fire emblem game 30+ times.O_O did you keep everyone in the game or did you lose people and just kept goin?

I try not to let people die,and if they do I restart the mission,even on hard mode =? . the only two times I willingly let a character die would be in FE:6 (tate got killed in her recruiting board) and in sacred stones ephraim hard mode (serene in her recruiting board) .

hmmmmmm i used to get wallace killed all the time, wallace: but today i lived!!!

i got passed the first couple levels but it took like 3/4 times each:{ how do you people do stuff like that. oh and i think i found out how to get karla (karel’s sister) you have to get Bartre (i think thats how its spelled) premoted & to level 5 by a certain chapter thats in the 20s (like 25/26)then talk to her with him or one of the lords + it has to be in hectors whatchamacallit oh story

yeah, thats how you get her. i usually dont work on Bartre, i only got her twice, unfortunately u_u

is she good enough to try and get? And what does she come with? will i regret training bartre?

shes not that good, she comes with a wo dao, like Karel.
i wish she was easier to get because theres allot of supports with her and other people that SoS and me havent gotten yet. I got her support with Karel, My brother got Bartre’s support with her. If you want to support her 1st you have to keep the unit who you want her to support with’s supports empty through basicly the entire game -_- and 2nd it takes a long time for her to support, so you waste allot of time on chapters.

thaaaank YUUUUU! ^^

hmph! no one like my advice. u_u

what are you talking about PML -_-‘ ?

i agree what ARE you talking about? o_O

dragoon13 Said:is she good enough to try and get? And what does she come with? will i regret training bartre?

bartres actually a really good unit so I doubt you’ll regret it.on the other hand karlas stats are no great prize… but shes hot so I try to get her every time XP .oh yeah…if you do recruit karla give bartre a bow and the iron rune cause theres a forced battle and bartre will probably kill her if he has a weapon ;_; .

hmmm did anyone try Dorcas? hes not that bad.

yes, unfortunately i did

hmmmm i’m going to play FE6 soon. and the 7 paladins live!!

getting karla is going to be tough because even though Bartre’s a couple levels higher than dorcas (how do you pronounce that?) he cant kill anybody in one turn unless its a regular soilder while dorcas is taking down multiple enemies each turn *sigh* why cant bartre have the SPD & skill of dorcas and keep his own STR & DEF?

I think dorcas is pronounced door + cuss 😛 .

anyways in order to level bartre up you have to strategecly plan who hes going to that I mean try to keep him around cavaliers,knights,soldiers,and pretty much anything with a addition if you can put him on a terain spot (a helpful one ofcoarse *pictures bartre getting burnt* ) do that.once he reaches level 10 or so he should be good enough to battle any units,save ofcoarse myrdrimons and nomads 😕 .

and i’ve seen what Bartres like when my brother works on him, i have to try him again next game :}

hmmm…. did anyone try Guy?? hes the best!

yes, Karel’s better

yeah, but Guy has more spe and skl. if that how you spell it. n_n

Percival’s a really good pre-promote too :} but he always has to block Dougles :{

yeah, your telling me.

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