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Role-Playing:The Endless War

Posted on: August 11, 2007

[Update: The Role-Playing is over…sorry it was so lame =P ,it will be better next time though. ]

by Saint Of Swords


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PML:master mario64!! we are being attacked!!! we must fight back!!!!! the rod of kaietsu must not be stolen! my partner will be comeing soon, but we must protect the rod until then! *runs out side* .

MT: Emperor.. it appears that our attack came as a surprise to the Azulians hehehe… Soldiers! proceed with the invasion… heh


outside of the castle

MT: Kurama… the soldiers are taking to long..if their even still alive.. i want to go there myself, and see just how much “resisance” they have heheheh

[SoS:I cant believe I got the lowest position possible ;_; …oh well]

saint:ah…so thats the dark general of Seiha,eh? dosent look too bad a fight…not worth the miserable pay though.ah well,such is life…
Rikku:enemy reinforcments are ariving boss!
saint:hmm…so they are! take this heal staff and stay behind me *rikku recieved a heal staff* . *runs past PML* hey…ide get back in the castle if I were you…you dont even have a weapon! *saint and rikku enter the battle field* .

What the *navi* is a spy supposed to do if EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS I’M A SPY?
*Stops Saint and Rikku*
*In heavy northern Azul dialect*
Halt Merc and Co., what banner doth fight ye under? Thou bearst no telltale colours.

[umm…you get to sneak into places 😕 ? well think of something better and i’ll change it]

Saint: hi there…we were just going to go kill the enemy…hope thats not a problem?
Rikku: …

PML: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *hides behind SOS* oh no whats going on!! May: don’t know, this isn’t good. PML: Saint, your ah big strong Myrdrimon right??? you can battle while me and May kiss.. wait, i will,,,, not fight ahhh!!! *runs into the castle*. (phew) .

*MTs watching SoS and PML and May*

MT: heh what a fool, i could easily kill the two without weapons… but what would be the point of that…? here i want you to have this Kurama
*gives a heal rod to him*
stay behind me, i will protect you.. but if i tell you to flee, flee…

Kurama: if.. that is what you wish…

MT: well then.. lets go!

*MT runs toward SoS*

[SoS: email the respective owners if you have a question]

Why yes, there is a problem with you killing my comrades. Perhaps I can convince you to switch sides? Money is no object, I assure you. Of course, if your one of those weird mercs with morals or some odd devotion to your country, then I’ll just have ot kill you here and now.

MT: i enjoy a one on one battle more that fighting with others, i beg your leave.. and Kohtid.. i would buy sword before battling SoS.. come on Kurama
*leaves with Kurama*

morals,eh? never heard of ’em.though that said I think i’ll stay with Azul for a while longer…its in my best interest for what I seek…despite them slowly losing this war.
unfortunatly it seems you cant even defend yourself right now,which wont be much fun.ill tell you what…we’ll meet again sometime,maybe ill even consider your offer *grins* . *heads towards Seihan capital* come on rikku…we have to arange a little….meeting with someone…

I’m glad to see people are faithful. We will make the Seihans pay for trespassing. SOLDIERS ATTACK!!! Wait. Do I even HAVE soldiers?

I have a Wo Dao now.
*Follows SoS in a covert spy like way*
I wonder how Aftir is doing back at the base camp.

I would assume you have soldiers, as your waging a war, and are the king of a country.

*Attacks and kills nameless enemy NPC with ease, then resumes stealthy following of SoS and his fanatsy girlfriend*

[yeah you have soldiers M64M …however they are at their oponents mercy]

Saint:we should be at the capitol within a days span,rikku…*looks behind* . … however I think it best we go through the forest vs the trail…

[saint and rikku enter a forest]

[noises can be faintly heard from the basement of the Azulian palace…unearthly noises]

PML: *kisses May* . ahhh is this not a nice view May? May: it is love. PML: ahhh SOS does all the fighting and we can just set here…….. May: what if the King finds out we are here??? PML: don’t worry, it will be fine.

MT and Kurama are following SoS and Rikku from a half a mile away

MT: heheh i wonder whats in this forest anyway…

Kurama: i guess we’ll just follow them… i hope its not a trap…

*After pursuing SoS and marking his path for a considerable distance, I turn around and head back to the main battle*

Hark! Great General! I have marked the trail of the one you pursues for quite some way into the forest, I return now to the field of battle. beware, this forest is home to vicious beasts. I now take my leave of you, Sayonara.

*in the forest*
Rikku: *gets stuck on branch* ow ow ow! …why did we have to go through the stupid forest?
Saint:we are being followed…and our pursuers are no jokes.
rikku:creepy…so why did we go through the forest?
saint:to lose them…or at any rate to gain some advantage over them. odds are we’ll be fighting at least one of them.
rikku:*sigh* why are we going to the capital anyways? shouldnt we be fighting the invasion forces?
Saint:true that would help azul,however it would not stop the inevetable outcome.azul will fall,and if we dont work quickly the rod of kaietsu will also fall…into the wrong hands.
Saint:anyones who arnt mine! …lets go,were losing time…
Rikku:…why me…?

[human like figures are pouring out of the Azulian capitals cellars]

PML: ah May, whats that noise?! :May i don’t know,, but whatever it is we should RUN!! PML: ahhhhhhh!!! *runs*. ohhhhhh!!! i hate this!!! May: yeah! PML: follow me!! *runs to the Seihan capital*. ohhh no! how could i forget! May: what? PML: we left the king with those horrors! May: yeah,, but we don’t have to work for him anymore.! PML: you know,, thats right! well we should go into this forest i heard about. May: i guess your right,, but you have me right? PML: yeah haveing a cute girl like you will make this easy!

[You can’t just run to our capital, not only is there an army in the way, but you also have to travel, that’s kinda like warping what you just did.]

AHA! Experience points!! Oh look a pre-promo sage NPC who thinks he’s invincible. *Kills the NPC* WOOHOO! EXPERIENCE!

As you have guessed by now, I am outnumbered. But. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. 😉

*halfway through the forest*
Saint: hyyyyyyah! *kills a cyclops* .
Saint: hmm…we must be nearing the capital…that would explain the dark creatures we’ve been facing.
Rikku:like that entombed? *shivers*
Saint:mmm…we have to hurry,were runing out of time.

*back at the azulian capital* Soldier: halt! who goes there? wh-what…? who are…? *soldier is criticaled and killed* human figure: heh ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Ah, Look here, Poke Master Luigi and May. *Attacks May with Wo Dao equipped* [critical hit against PML!]
Your next, coward.

[SoS: you have to attack the main player first, then the assistant so your in battle with PML now]

PML: heh heh heh… you hardly hurt me, heh heh heh HA HA HA!!!!! *attacks Kohtid long ranged*. oh my dear May, are you alright? May: yes, just a little scared. PML: ohhh its going to be alright love. quickly we must help SOS! *flys toward Azul capital*. oh no! May: what?!?! PML: an entombed!!! May: eek!!! *hides behind PML*. PML: master Mario mario, i’v failed you,, but i’m not going to let this monster kill me!!! *kills entombed*. haa ha haaa.. May: oh PM, your so cool!

[Dude, PML, your bordering on psychotic methinks. It’s a little disturbing]

SCHEISSKERL!! YOU COWARD!! Back to the main battle I suppose. Oh, hello partner, perfect timing. *Gives her Heal Staff* I think that lovesick coward actually hurt me a little. *Healed*

Back to the frontlines!

*Returns to the mindless slaughter of green NPC’s.*

MT: lets just stay here for awhile…

Kurama: i feel like were being followed…

MT: a wyven.. hmmm that should make for an interesting battle

PML: huh, what a nice view. ah whats that down there? May: don’t know, it could be an enemy! PML: hmmmm.. i’v been waiting for a battle.. *flys down* hmmmmm, whats your name? May: ah! you look strong. but not as strong as poke master here!

MT: heh fine then…
*attacks PML with a wo dao*
yah! *trys to critical* [critical failed]


*Kills 50th NPC*

Now time to go and corner the coward and his worshipper so they can’t flee.
*Kohtid and Aftir begin sprinting like mad*

Note to Shinigami Ninja, he’s not psychotic. Just obssesed. 😉

PML: MT!!!! *attacks MT long ranged*. hmmmm.. a very worthy battle, but your no match for me. hmmm i wonder how the king is doing? May: yeah, i’m worried. PML: yeah, hey who is that wimpy guy behind you???! hmph, that no good Kohtid was annoying, but that guy looks even worse! May: hmmmm, ah!!! cy..cyclops!!!! i’m sorry MT, i have work to do. haaayyyyaaa!!!!! *kills cyclops*. ha…. haa… haaa… that was hard, but its dead! your next MT!!!!

Saint:their still at it!? give me a break!
Rikku: dont worry! all we have to do is get back to the capital and use the spell of piercing! then we can claim the rod and wipe them all out!
Saint: its getting back thats the problem! getting the spell was one thing…but I see at least three fighters out there…and…
Rikku: ….let me guess…”their no jokes” .
Saint: mmm.
Rikku:well lets just avoid them! we have to hurry before kaietsu is reborn!

*rikku and saint head for the mountain trail*

[ (at the azulian palace) *a necromancer enters the throne room* ???:hahahaha! at last! all your hatred! all your strife! all your violence! its all almost enough….and you…king of azul,are to thank for it! hehehehehahahaha! *summons entombeds* ]

MT: !
Kurama: that energy!
MT: Blast! whats going on!! forget this fight!
Kurama: it feels like it came from about 15 miles away in that direction
MT: ! Azul’s capital!

*rushes to the castle*

PML: hey. you!!! get back here!!!! *runs after MT*. haaaa…haaaa…haaaa… i will get you!! May: oh my love, don’t get so mad. PML: alright May,, but SOS, it is all up to you now. but i’m not giveing up *flys to the capital*. huh?? is that a big army of soldiers?? May: i don’t know love, but whatever it is Kohtid is down there!!! PML: that loser.. but well we are up here how about we kiss? May: sure love. *kisses PML* ahh..

*Khotid throws a rock and beans PML right in the left temple for 500 anoyance damage*

Cool thing is, even though hes flying he has to come down and fight me if I challenge him. Rules of Fire Emblem and all that.

*Atacks PML with attempt at critical* [Critical hit!]

hey, you can’t take out that much.

PML: fine, i’ll challenge you. but first, you have to not use your partner. its going to be a one on one fight! unguard! *attacks Kohtid long ranged*. ha! you can’t take this much longer. and remember, no useing your partner!!!

Annoyance damage just makes you angry.

*Attacks PML, attempt at critical* [failed critical]

*MT and Kurama arrive near the Azulian capital and see many strange creatures around the area*

*MT kills an entombed*

Kurama: what is this? is this why… the two countries always opposed each other?

MT: ugh, were are all these.. things are comming from!? is it becase of that blasted rod!? Kurama what would happen if we could destroy that thing

Kurama: i.. i dont know.. what other choice do we have?

*both of them head into enemy teritory*

Remember, you still have your wounds from our last engagment as well as those from your engagement with the Dark General. I on the other hand have had my partner heal me numerous times throughout the course of this battle. NPC damage adds up. I came into this at full health, where as you were already significantly injured.

*in the Palace*
Saint:can you feel the dark energy? its coming from the throne room!
Rikku: I can see it! *dodges an entombed* how could this be happening?!
Saint: the seal on the rod of kaietsu *kills entombed* is breaking itself! at this rate we wont get a chance to claim the rod…and Kaietsu will be reborn!
Rikku: lets hurry…the path leading to the rod is right down these steps!
Saint: we can bode no more detours…we have to get down there *criticals and kills elder baal* no matter what gets in our way!

[Necromancer: just a few more deaths…and I shall be reborn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

MT: Kurama heal me
Kurama: ok..

*both jump down the stairs*

MT: that rod.. will not be yours.. i’de rather die! fight me!

??? Don’t you guys see? If anyone else dies, Necromancer will be reborn and own us all. -.-

MT: I dont care! im going to die either way! yahh!
*attacks SoS*
come on!
[Critical hit!]

Saint: ahhh….so the dark general decides to stop lurking in the shadows,eh? …its too late…I will claim the rod and theres nothing you can do to stop me!
Rikku: heal! *uses heal staff*
Saint: now lets have some real fun! *uses energy ring and speed wings* now im faster AND stronger then you! hahahaha!

*trys to critical* [critical failed]
*trys to critical again* [Critical hit!]

MT: uggh.. *coughs*

Kurama: Heal! *uses heal rod*

MT: *cough*

Kurama: Answer me this.. why do you want that rod? What are you planning to do with it?

saint: haha! fool! I will conquer this world! I will be the ultimate being! and this world will suffer for it! HAHAHAHAHA! so…if your just about ready…shall we go on? hahaHa! *uses energy ring and speed wing again,resuming previous stats*
Rikku:heal! *heals saint* .

*trys to critical* [Critical hit!]
*trys to critical again* [Critical hit!]

MT: *falls over* uggh *cough* K..Kurama…
Kurama: no…! blast you! she’ll be avenged! i’ll make sure of it!
*puts MTs body over his shoulder and escapes*

Saint: heh heh heh…such is the fate of all who would oppose me…and all who ever will!!!

*chants the spell of piercing and breaks the seal*

Rikku: we did it! we broke the seal before kaietsu did!
Saint:at last….THE ROD OF KAIETSU IS MINE!!! *takes the rod*

uggggghh…gaaaAAAAA!!!! *saint is now merged with kaietsu (stats:strong,very fast) *

*echoing* no one can stop me now! NO ONE!!! I am REBORN!!!

PML: oh……no!!!! what….is this, truly i can’t be, oh….what… May, run, RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!! RUN!!!!! May: no Poke master, no ahhh no (sniff) . ahhhhhh!!!! Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *run away* oh!! this world is doomed!!!

outside the castle

Kuramas holding MT close to him

Kurama: no more… Saint, i’ll kill him

*runs back into the castle*

May: oh no, i’m all alone.. i can’t defend my self! somebody!!!! anybody!!!!! *crying* oh my love where are you now!!! what??!? Kurama? is that you?!?! please, you have to help me! my love have left me. but we need to kill that madman!

Kurama: have you forgotten, were on opposing sides..leave me alone… SAINT! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!

[SoS: PMLs still in it, hes just over reacting -_-‘ ]

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even get to play!!! Oh well. May? Sure, shes pretty, but c’mon!
[SoS: ok your back in]

PML: M….May. May: Pokemaster!?!?!? oh! *hugs PML* i thought you were dead! PML: May, no affection, it will make it more sad when i leave.. May: but you can’t go- PML: i’m sorry, but i going to kill SOS!!! and protect Kurama! oh and here May, take this tome, it will help you if i die. HAAAAA!!!! come out Saint!!!!! *runs to SOS*.

Seihan soldier: sir Kurama! we heard what happend to the Dark General…

Kurama: ….

Seihan soldier: The Dark General, she wouldnt of wanted you to do this, please sir! We have no leader anymore, please sir, come back to the capital with us!

Kurama: … very well. *takes MT and heads for the capital*

*Attacks PML with Wo Dao* Please give me a critical. [Critical hit!]

Saint/kaietsu: hahahaha….it looks like that ones almost done! what a bore! oh well….that ones still fresh! *runs behind kohtid* mind if I….cut in? EH HAHAHAHA! *uses speed wing*

*attacks kohtid* [Critical hit!]
*attacks again* [Critical hit!]

[MT has posted three times since her death,per the rules she regains consciousness but can not fight]

PML:!!!!!!! ahh…………..i……i…….kohtid!! you to? this is madness!!!!! *falls over* . May…… May: Poke master!! PML: May, i’v always loved you, and i always will, but this time…….. May: Poke master! PML: i’m…….so….so….. sorry May….. i’m useless to you now, i’m to weak to fight…. May: you madman!!!!

*attacks SOS trys to Critical* [critical failed]

Why do you have unlimited speedwings? Isn’t that GM abuse?

Aftir, Heal me!
Aftir: *Heals khotid*
*Attacks Saint* crtical

That’s what you get for using my name with no capitals again!

Shinigami Ninja… Saint KO’d you

Back at the capital.. somewere inside the basement

MT: ugh.. im..alive? how? K.. Kurama..?

Kurama: MT! your ok!

MT: that last time you healed me.. it must of been enough.. to survive Saints attacks…

PML: ohh……. i’m hurt…… May: Poke master, its ok, don’t move, you will make it worse. PML: right. ah.. May! you shouldn’t be protecting me!!! May: but Poke master, your wounds have not healed yet. saint!! you did this!!! i hate you!!!!

[Shinigami Ninja Said:Why do you have unlimited speedwings? Isn’t that GM abuse?

*sigh* no body reads the rules ;_; …most stat boosting items have three uses as they are so expensive]

Saint: heh…you call that an attack?! bare witness to TRUE POWER!

*attacks may* [critical failed]

May: ahhhh!!! oww…. PML: M…..May! stop it SOS!!! ahhhh!!! *goes in front* you will have to go through me!! haaaaa!!! *attacks SOS long ranged* haaaa….. to tired………… ahhh……… this…… *falls over* owww.

hmm. I hope luck and all that is with me! *attacks… SOS*

Saint:wh-whats happening? my power….is…fading!? not yet! I will have you….dead!

*attacks PML* [Critical Hit!]

Saint:uggggghhhh GAAAAAAAH!!!
Rikku: Saint!
Kaietsu: hehahahaha….FOOL! none can control me! I am the most powerful being in the world! did you think you could seize my powers?! die!
*saint vanishes,leaving Kaietsu in his place*

[Kaietsu the Necromancer is completely reborn. Stats: powerful,fragile. Skill: Necromancy]

Kaietsu: I offer the fallen one chance…side with me,and I shall restore you! break your allegiance however and you shall die once more!

PML: ……… haaaaa….haaaaa…….haaaaaa…….. no……. th….this…….. to weak….. to…………….. I’LL NEVER JOIN YOU!!!!! *attacks Kaietsu*. i may die here…. but i’m not going to be enslaved by you!! May: Poke master!!! no your to weak! PML: i don’t care! i’m going to kill you Kaietsu!!!!

[Kaietsu: heh…the offer wasnt open to you,acursed human!

*attacks PML with nosferatu,gaining life back*

how does that feel?! Ha ha ha ha ha!]

PML: arggg… *falls over* i’m not good enough to…..May: Poke master… no……..argg…. this……. thing,, is not….. you…Kaietsu, your a….. *falls over* life as we know it is doomed… PML: *attacks Kaietsu*. ohhhh…. this pain is….. to……

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