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Nergals Coruption

Posted on: August 15, 2007

[This article contains Blazing Sword spoilers as well as some sealed sword spoilers]

Despite all appearances nergal was once a normal human…however events in his life caused his mind to shatter and turned him into a power hungry sorcerer.


Nergal was quite possibly a renowned scholar/shaman in the age of the scouring. He lived in a mansion with his wife and two children. what made this family different from any other family though wasn’t their wealth…but the fact that they were not a human family. Nergal was a human, but his wife was not…she was a dragon. as a result their children were also dragons…or half dragons. The time this family existed in was most likely some time after the scouring, after the dragons began losing the war. Nergal and his family probably lived in secret, or hid their identities so that no one would know of the dragons.they would live together in peace for as long as they could.

however in chapter 19xx of blazing sword a flashback shows Nergal telling his children that he has to “rescue mother from some bad men…” . this could very well be the humans.alternativly it could have been the war dragons who captured a war opposing divine dragon and turned it into the dark dragon. at any rate Nergal tells his children to wait at the mansion for ten days and if he wasn’t back by then to “go to the other side” .the other side is most likely the other side of the dragons gate,the portal that dragons used to flee Elbe. Nergal would have searched for his wife for some time, but odds are he would never find her…she would possibly not even be herself by this time. Nergal probably knew this, and returned to his mansion to be with his children. however his children would not be there. heeding his message the children would have went through the dragons gate as Nergal told them to,putting a gap between them and himself forever. as a result Nergal was left with nothing….an empty mansion.its also possible that Nergal never even returned…knowing what he wouldnt find when he arived.

at this point one thing must have acoured to him…if he had more power he could have protected his family.with that Nergal left on a journey for knowledge…and some time later met up with the archsage athos in the nabata wasteland.they both shared a common goal…but it is unlikely that the shared a common motivation. after years of searching together they eventually found a village where dragons and humans lived together in it they found a library with enough records to last them centuries. as time went on though their motives changed. athos wanted more power to help others…but Nergal wanted the opposite.

nergal began learning the dark art of quintessence…the magic to sap someones life-force to create another being.the elders and athos tried to pursway him to stop…but athos says he was “deaf to their pleas”. eventually the power overwhelmed him and he lost sight of his goals… only seeking more and more power. as their last resort the elders and athos decided to destroy Nergal. they knew however that that would be impossible…they only wished to bring him back to his sences.nergal was wounded in the battle…but his mind was affected the most. at this point he had lost everything….his family, his friends,himself.all that remained was his power….and with that his mind shattered. he fled to Bern to gain his power back and in time conspired to claim the essence of dragons.he would achieve ultimate power,he would rule the world.

so who were nergals children? they were most likely ninian and nils.they are of very noble dragon blood…and this would in my opinion mean divine dragon blood. ninian is the one who remembers the shaman in chapter 19xx telling the girl and boy to wait ten days.ninian is also said to have found a picture in the mansion of a dragon and a human coexisting…these would be her parents…nergal and her dragon other question could be how I know nergal and the shaman are the same people.the answer to that is simple…in chapter 19xx nergal appears at the end and says that he remembers the area…that he left something important there.however he cant remember what it was and say it couldnt have been too important.the thing would have been his children he left at the mansion close to a thousand years ago.

by Saint Of Swords

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deep.. but you know, i bet Nergal was just a nice man, but mind shattered?!?!?! now thats weird!

That was interesting and accurate.

The only thing that is wrong is that Nils and Ninian are Ice Dragons. I can’t quite remember where it is stated, but it’s probably some time when Ninian is slain by Eliwood.

You can’t both be an Ice Dragon and Divine Dragon, since they are different species (well, a Divine Dragon can be forced to become a Demon Dragon, but that’s something else…).

thats true…but perhaps divine dragon just indicates the amount of power they have. ninian seems like a divine dragon to me as she is an oracle in the dragon…place (whats it called again?) .it could also be that the divine blood mixed with human blood changed them,though I highly doubt that 😕 .

I don’t remember any of this stuff.

interesting and neatly put 😀 the picture at the end of the game is kinda creepy, because that was the picture that Ninian was looking at in 19xx. i dont know why they put it in Hector mode only. it would of been nice to get the entire story the first time you play. and Maybe Ninian was a divine ice dragon 😕 divine because shes an oracle and ice because her race is a ice dragon? her affinity is ice too btw

Divine Dragons are a small, unique group of dragons that are seperate from the other types. I’m not sure if they’re different species, per se, but Ice Dragons are definitely different from other types of dragons (or maybe there’s only supposed to be one Ice Dragon at a time? The Ilians only ever refer to one…).

In any case, Idoun, the Dark Dragon from FE6, is not Nergal’s wife (who is called Ninis).

this is from the game

“Ninian : It was a keepsake from our departed mother.
Nils : It was blessed by the spirit of Ninis…”

i dont think their mothers a spirt…

Divine Dragons are a different species.

Other species of dragons (not necessarily from Elibe) include Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Demon Dragon, Flying Dragon, Dark Dragon, Earth Dragon and (the unused) Sea Dragon.

Chiki from Mystery of the Emblem, was a Divine Dragon that she could transform into other species. However I believe it’s just an innate ability of a Divine Dragon.

Ninian is strictly an Ice Dragon (there’s even an unused “Ice Dragon” class, which has the fallen Ice Dragon map sprite).

but shes still a oracle

Being an oracle (or a priestess) doesn’t make you divine, nor make you a Divine Dragon. Chiki and Fa weren’t oracles, and they’re Divine Dragons.

The older games even used to use the term shinryuuzoku (Divine Dragon tribe). The same zoku is used for the Bird, Dragon and Beast tribes in PoR. Don’t tell me you can be a Bird and Dragon at the same time!

well…if they had a kid…. 😉 .

seriously though idoun probably isnt nergals wife based on the bloodline thing,however it is still possible that the mix of dragon and human blood altered the siblings blood.I think nergals affinity is dark in the game,however it could have changed over the…900 some years he went searching for knowledge 😛 .

uh.. maybe I should stay out of this. but it sounds to me like the bad guys all start out the same. Perfect Life, then tragedy strikes, and then they have a terrible loss, and then they search for power. They lose thier minds and then finally crack under strain and sadness. How cliche.

It is kind of cliche, I have to agree.

However there are plenty of bad guys that don’t follow that trend, even in FE. Zephiel, Ashnard being some recent ones. I think a bigger cliche is the demonic “super-beings” that just want to destroy the world, like Mediuth or the Demon King.

(sigh), this article is WAYYYYYY out of subject!

not that they’ll ever do it but it would be cool if they made a FE that takes place durring and after the scouring, Hartmut would be the main lord. you’d meet up with the other legendary heros after the scourring Athos would be the main lord and then they could show when he met up with Nergal who would be a playabe character and eventually they would change paths making Nergal the main bad guy.

either that or Elberts story.. wonder what marcus would look like when he was young.

Not too ugly, but even more crappy.

All these FE bad guys do sound the same. It kinda reminds me of Tales of Symphonia’s Mithos Yggdrassil. he started out as one of the oppressed half-elves. He was trying to build a world where Humans, Elves and Half-elves could live together peacefully. Then he was betrayed by some humans who killed his sister. He continues to try and reach his goal but he took adarker path. He decided to create a world where everyone would be the same lifeless beings, Angels. Its quite a cool game, anyone who hasn’t played it should.

I think that the game should focus on the scouring, not after it. There was nothing to do but rebuild after it.

Shinigami Ninja Said:
Not too ugly, but even more crappy.

actually his stats are decent in FE7, horrible in FE6(hes older in it) so i think he would be pretty good stat wise if he was younger… but i digress

sounds interesting.. anyways the game would/could have two parts before the Scourring and then Arcidi and Nergals plots

like genology of the holy war if im not mistaken?

anyways most bad guys are cliche…but theres nothing wrong with that if its done differently every time.for example lyon faced tragedy after tragedy and in time he snapped…however the events leading up to that moment were all very different and well thought out (by the developers that is) . I think what it is is that the age of the stale old “im-going-to-take-over-the-world-cause-my-script-says-to” bad guys is (…finally) over and villians need some decent back story to keep peoples attention.

now what I cant stand is “poor me” protagonists -_- …

Whats wrong with lyon???? i feel so bad for him..

It’s not anybody’s fault that they’re cliche, and its not just recently, it only seems that they’ve recently become cliche because we’ve just been exposed to enough stuff now that it seems like everything is repeating. Because it is. But its been repeating since the first movies were made.

So let me get this straight. This intelleigent guy named Nergal became power hunrgy and possibly a psychopath because of shocking events in his life? Sounds like Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario 😉 He wasn’t able to go out with his girlfriend, because they were different species, and so he decided to try and destroy the dimensions, and create a giant void.
By the way, SOS, my link is gone T.T [SoS:Fixed it]

I think Nergal is a little more justified than Bleck.

Nergal was cool, and still is.

everything nergal had was taken away from him or-in the case of his friends- went against him. in the end the only thing left to him was his power,and thats what caused him to go mad.

Poké Master Luigi Said:Whats wrong with lyon????

you mean besides the fact that hes being manipulated through the whole game 😉 ? seriously though I said him and his story where done properly.

oh. he is so cool! i’m going to get him soon.

one thing thats kind of interesting about chapter 19xx is that when nergal comes hes an NPC,not an enemy. then again theres also a part where nergals just a druid 😕 .I dont know,what do you guys think @_@ ?

He’s just a Druid because he hasn’t gotten enough quintessence.

its right before the chapter “life or death” actually…hes standing next to limstella and his sprite is a druid…PML pointed that out to me a while back. im fairly sure that that is a glitch,I just cant tell with 19xx when he comes as an thinking that he wasnt himself when he acidentaly warped to the mansion.then again…it could just be a glitch.

glitch slitch. do you want to know who i got today? LYON!! yeah!! he is so cool. oh and note to SOS: that was 100 percent a glitch.

um duh, but what chapter is life or death again… 😕 ? im pretty close to the end, and i want to see that.. but if im not looking for it i might miss it..

Victory or Death, it’s called. It’s the chapter before Light in Eliwood’s mode. :O

I’m stuck trying to survive in Ostia for 11 turns. Sain sucks.

oh ok, i’ll be there.. soon.
i have a super Sain this go round ^_^ so much LUCK and DEF

its during the part where Nergal is telling limstella that her body will not be able to handle the up comming battle. I almost laughed when PML showed it to me,Nergal looks like a fat little man as opposed to his dark druid sprite 😛 !

Hehehe. Nergals a fatso. *snort*

Say, SoS, did I ever send you an article about Zihark?

i have an article about orson SOS.

ah! the angry mob! into the april fools day angry mob bunker! *hides in bunker*

now then: [robot voice] greatings [*normal voice* shinigami ninja],your article has been posted.we apologize for the delay,we try to get submited articles up at our earliest convenience…but we sometimes lose track of time =| .

greatings [Poke Master Luigi],your article has been recieved and will be reviewed in the next 24 hours.we apologize for the delay,but we are really lazy and dont feel like working right now. [/robot voice]


Well, I don’t blame you. i told you to wait a week or so and I can understand that you would have forgotten. Especially if you were in the path of the rain storm that ravaged some Minnesotan towns. Like mine. Although, being that our town is kind of on a hill Eyota didn’t get it to bad. I feel bad for the people at the end of our street who had two feet or so of SEWAGE flood into their basement.


Yep. Coulda been worse.

[narutos being on tonight has nothing to do with nergal -_- ]

how do you get chapter 19xx anyway? o and shinigami ninja did u know that you can get kratos back instead of zelos if you be really nice to him and you treat zelos very unnicely

you can only get it in Hector mode first of all.

The first step is in Lyns mode you have to get Nils a to a level 7 or higher, the second step is in chapter 19x you have to kill the magic seal in one turn. Its kinda hard and basicly all comes down to luck, hope someone criticals him.

so is it worth the time it takes to get it, or should i just skip it and save myself the trouble?_?

its a pretty cool chapter, theres a interesting druid guy in it and you get a dragon shield, eclipse and a talisman if you can get to it before the very fast thiefs do, they’ll steal anything they can from you -_-‘ little jerks

I would say the chapters worth it,but at the same time its not worth restarting the previous chapter if you fail to get it (from a strategic standpoint anyways) .if you’ve never seen it before then I would put the …anoying…required effort into getting it cause its pretty cool 😀 .

i quit hard mode, i kept diing on the one were u get raven so i decided to start lyns mode and do it again on normal how do u people beat each level in the first couple tries? O_O

well, i played FE7 about 30 times, honestly. plus i know all the good units to play with :} you can only play with up to 12 units in HHM. Supports help allot too.

first time i played HHM i used:


nice line up MT but by the time i get some of those characters in the game i would have to master the cheat of returning people back to life. then i could win with any character. i’m hopeless ;_;

if you play FE7 on eliwood normal mode about 15 times then another 15 for hector mode that should get you ready for HHM ^_^

i’m playing FE6 now. n_n my games doing good. n_0

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