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PoR Character Examination #2: Zihark

Posted on: August 22, 2007

Here is the next installment of the now random article series. I have no clue when the next one will be, but it will be within the next two weeks.

As if you couldn’t tell from the title – and the only excuse for not knowing is that you illiterate but then you couldn’t read this either – this will be about Zihark. In this I will focus mainly on his approximate age, mostly because I have no clue how old he could be. I know it seems odd that I would write about his AGE, when he has an interesting personal background, but I can’t find enough about his love to write about it. So without further ado, Zihark’s age.

Firstly, Zihark has to be old enough to have been on his own and in love long enough to consider marriage. He said at one point that the reason he and his lover separated was because they would have no where to live and their families would likely disown them. For purposes of my articles, the age of legal adulthood is 16. So if he was about 16 when he left, traveled for probably a few months at least before meeting a pretty Laguz woman, then was seing her for probably about a year to two years, then he would have been about 18 or 19 when he found that they could not marry. We don’t know how long he had been away from her when he joined up with Ike in Toha, but he was probably around 20 or 21. When he talks to Brom in the Support conversations they get along very well. Brom decides that Zihark should marry his oldest daughter, since they are the same age. Brom can’t be THAT old, as he was in a militia and he has all of his and hair color. So if brom got married soon after he became an adult, about 16 or 17, and had his first child shortly there after, she could be around 19-21 and Brom couls still be in his late 30’s. So Zihark can’t be more than 22 nor can he be less than 20, unless he was traveling at the ridiculously irresponsible age of 14 or below, like in medieval Europe (no wonder they were the dark ages) .

Thus concludes my second character examination. I will hopefully find a new subject to write about soon. Any suggestions are welcome, but, please, don’t turn the comments section into a poll. I’d like to be able to deduce Ike’s age, but there’s isn’t much material on that, so I doubt I can.

 by Shinigami Ninja


29 Responses to "PoR Character Examination #2: Zihark"

Zihark huh? cool! i always like to get Brom and Zihark Support.

I think its kind of funny that Brom tries to get Zihark to marry his daughter. And on top of it his daughter is huge. Brom says that she’s “about my size”.

good article. ziharks one of those characters who have a distinctive personality,but at the same time its very hard to peg what they exactly act like. almost all of zikarks supports are funny,and at the same time hes a depressed character.anyways im guessing your right with his age.

The big throw of is his hair color. Its that very white-ish blue/grey. It makes him look older. I don’t think he’s depressed, I think he has deep regrets about leaving the one he loved. He does have his moments of joy and such, and he doesn’t seem overly sad.

zikark is so cool. and yes, that is a funny Support.

i like Zihark, hes one of my favorite characters (Reysons my #1 favorite)

Zihark is a pretty cool guy. I wish i could be a roaming swordsman.

Well, I don’t really know who to do next. So if anyone has someone they want me to wright about then just say so. But don’t turn it into a poll, I won’t write about a Character just because they got more requests. Reyson is out of the question though.

do an article about that general guy whose name I cant recall. hes the one who has the occult skill,white armor,comes in the board that you fight ena? he would probably be interesting.

I dont think ive ever worked on zihark…I just like mia more 😳 .

Tauroneo? Hmm. That’s a thought. I think that’ll work.

yeah,theres a lot to him,hes actually a very interesting character.

…just dont do leathe ;_; …shes mine! *hides leathe in a bag*

anyways I dont think they gave zihark enough plot time.come to think of it I dont think he gets any save in his recruiting board and a info thing. i cant stand when they do that,its fine with some series (like zelda) where there are tons of fan fictions and people fill in the holes left by the games.however theres really no point in doing it with fire emblem as not many people make fan fictions for it,or atleast I dont see many.

Sorry i know this is off topic but i want to ask SoS if its ok to tell alittle about the magic system of GoD.’-‘

this is an article all the stuff you can and cant talk about from GoD 😀

well then here goes *takes big breath* the whole magic system for GoD (so ive heard) is the same as in SS but instead of being able to have a mage use fire,wind,etc, there is going to a fire mage,wind mage, and thunder/lightning mage, and a dark magic user a.k.a. shaman and of course the cleric(staff user) and monk (light user). same thing about light beats dark so on & so forth

multiple type mages sound cool, thats how it used to be. im glad shamans are back,PoRs magic system was so boring…none of the magic bosses seemed dark.

wait are you saying that in previuos FE the mages were divided up like that?_?

yes, in FE 5 i think, maybe FE 4 too.

well ive never played any thing below blazing sword so thats why i didn’t know

I never played them either ;_; …I just do a lot of reading up. I would like to play them someday though.

i wish i could get them u_u

yes, i want them to.

yeah it would be so awsome if we could play them, wait O_O you’ve never…. PLEASE give me the links to the places were you read about the previous FE games pLLEEEEEEase!!! *breathing hard with crazy look on face*

you can find allot of stuff at


what u thinking aboout Shadow Luigi?

oh… just FE6. ;_;

I’m getting it in a few weeks!!

what did u get it or did someone just die. u know if u feel like the game is too annoying or dificult ill take it off your hands (totally innocent face) 🙂

its actually not his game,its *multiple voices* our sisters game.but if your looking for the game Ebay should have it.

its……its……BARTH! hes not good in my game….

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