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Orsons Dark Secret

Posted on: August 27, 2007

i’m going to make an article about Orson. he is a very wierd fellow. he is always talking about his so called “wife” ,how he wants to be with “her”,even though she was killed about two years ago. and he betrayed ephraim just so Lyon could revive his wifes life. but yet in chapter 15 he gets even wierder, and he said “darling, do you remember what day it is? yes its your birthday” .then a solder comes and it says “orson, were being attacked!” orson: “no, this day is my darlings special day, and i don’t want it to be disrupted!” solder: “but sir, its ephraims troops!” orson: “what? ephraim!?” solder: “yes, and i don’t think he is here for a hello, his troops look like they are going to burst!!” orson: “i’m sorry darling, i must go now. oh don’t look so sad, i will be back” . see, he is not himself. and it was probably the work of the dark stone. i feel kinda bad for him, then again, i would also like to rip him to shreads to!

by Poke Master Luigi


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good article. I cant stand orson…he seems like a baby to me. I mean, half of the younger characters in fire emblem (nino,amelia,rolf,etc) lose their entire familys but they dont go nuts.

true but remember nino still has jafar, rolf (PoR rolf right?) has the mercenary company and his brothers, & amelia i cant think of one right now but im pretty sure she has somebody. Orson just had his wife and he probably blames ephraim just a little bit because he wasn’t there for her because he was busy protecting ephraim or doing something he had asked, and that was why he was able to betray him. [all of this is just my personal veiw not something i found somewhere else online] *whew*

Good article.. i guess its acceptable that he snapped since hes a enemy. and in Amelias supports with Duesel he tells her that he remembers a lady living in a village he went to that reminded him of Amelia and in their alternative ending it turns out to be Amelias mother. choppily said i know, but thats kinda how it went 😉

hey i don’t know everything you know! but i just thought that was how it went.

how do you get the alternate ending?

by getting them a level a support, each board if you keep them next to each other after some turns pass there will be an option “support” they’ll have a small converation which will help their stats a little. each board you can get one support with Amelia and Duesul. Make sure that either of them dont already have a leval a support.

supports are fun but time consuming, wait about 45 turns and then you will get support.

thanks.n_n are there any other alternate endings besides the one with amelia & duesul?

yeah tons, lute and kyle can have one, look at the supports, almost al of them can have an alternate ending.

I would feel a little sorry for him. But its just so cliche…

But, as I’ve said before, that’s what happens after watch over a dozen animes, playing and beating over fifty video games, and haveing read about as many novels/novel series.

Oh, and it doesn’t help that almost every bad guy in FE:SS was the same.

in the japanese version of sacred stones they actually show what orsons wife looks like,or so ive heard. I would imagine that it was too gross to keep in the english version.

dragoon13 Said:thanks.n_n are there any other alternate endings besides the one with amelia & duesul?

heres a link to an FAQ listing all the endings. its got a ton of spoilers though so if you havnt won it yet I wouldnt read it :
heres the link


hmmm so is my article not good?

yes, it was a good article…


yeah it sure raised some interesting questions though like was orson always this devoted to his wife or did he go crazy because he took her for granted and when he lost her he as mathewtheif said snapped.

he probably just loved her so much that necromancy didnt seem too crazy 😛 .

OR maybe he didn’t have to be insanely crazy about her before but the grief of losing the person closest to him much grief. So much that he would attempt the impossible, bringing back the dead. Its very much like D. Grayman. A person loses a loved one and the Millenium Earl tells them to bring them back by calling out to the deceased’s soul.

ahhh ok?? i’m sorry but that kidda gross. 0_o but he has a point.

Well, in D. Grayman the dead don’t come back, they’re called into a shell to become an Akuma, they then kill the perons who summoned them and take their body so that they can use it as a disguise while they kill others. Its the job of an Exorcist to kill the Akuma. Cool show. Worth the watching. This article made me think of it.

it seems all the newer animes use gross tactics lately :/

I would have to imagine they dont want their manga\anime to be a flop so they just copy something else thats popular. for instance every new anime is some sort of spirit/ghost/whatever detective 😛 .all because yu yu hakasho was popular because dragonball Z was popular =D (same makers) .

yu yu hakushos popular because Kuramas in it ^_^

no its popular because hiei is in it. l_l

no,its popular because kazuma is in it I recently got to orson in my ephraim extra-hard-but-still-normal-mode game and he sounds like he regrets betraying the same time though he sounds like hes covering up his regret with…pity maybe? you know how mad men bosses are,they think they cant be stopped 😛 .

hard mode.. hmmm whats that? O_o

whats D. grayman? O_o

in my opinion, its a gross anime/manga :\

gross indeed. even know i did not watch it.. i know its gross.

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