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Update, September 1st

Posted on: September 1, 2007

I figured it wouldnt be such a bad idea to make an update article every first of the month.this will not only be a great way to keep everybody in touch with whats going on at FE blog,but its also a great way to net me 5 easy gems 😀 !

<_< ‘

anyways here are some of the new things on Fire Emblem Blog,as well as some things to come:

For starters the character profiles for both Sacred Stones and Sword Of Seals are coming along quite nicely,whether or not anybodys reading them I cant tell for sure but they look good 🙂 . Sword of Seals is Matthewthiefs project and Sacred Stones is mine.

 I will be starting up the Path of Radience section in a couple of days,hopefuly i’ll get it all done before Goddess of Dawn comes out and I have to start that 😆 …actually thats not funny :shocked: .at any rate I should have the official art up in a few days, so look for that.

 this dosnt exactly have anything to do with Fire Emblem Blog per say,but I will be starting a forum within the next couple of weeks.the whole procedure looks pretty detailed,and I dont want to rush it,but it should turn out pretty good.this will be my third time trying to make a forum so wish me luck ;_; .anyways I will probably be busy with that so dont be suprised if I dont update all that often.

speaking of I will be making the article I promised a week ago,in fact its almost halfway done,I just need to put some more content in it and fine tune it so to speak.

and thats about it from me,if you have any sugestions for FE blog feel free to use the comments section below.alternativly if you have something completely random your dying to talk about by all means go ahead 😛 .



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I think it would be a good idea to, er… be a little more grammar-aware. If you want this place to look good and respectable, then you should work on shining it up, and that means making your text look professional.

I could edit the FE6-7 character profiles if you don’t want to do that work. *shrug*

ah yes, interesting idea Saint ^_^

a fourm that you own would be nice, because the people on it wouldnt be able to be mean to me because you would own it, unlike the other forums i gladly left. such jerks, ah well, such is life.

Kyusil Said:I think it would be a good idea to, er… be a little more grammar-aware.

I believe i’ve already told you that gramar is the least of my concerns.I have no desire to come across as profesional,I only wish to give people a place to talk about fire emblem.that said I dont see anything wrong with the writing done on FE blog,and see no need for it to be edited.

heh heh heh…..

well… im working on a fan manga. I though of quite an interesting plot, and an interesting character, all by mistake too ^_^

I don’t think its per say. I think its per se. I think its french. Just FYI. Don’t mean to nag.

I wish you luck with the forums.

And I wish you an incredibly larger amount of luck, MT. Writing stories is difficult. I have failed many times. I also failed at drawing manga. Nobuhiro Watsuke I am not.

Also, it may help you to know that Kubo Tite, the creator of Bleach got his first Manga, Zombie Powder published while in High School.

And to be completely random, as Saint so kindly invited me to do, I did many things today.
1.Got farther on Metroid Prime
2.Got farther on Luminous Arc
3.Did my Paper Route
4.Passed a kidney stone
5.Finished ‘Psychonauts’
6.Lied about passing a kidney stone

i dont want to publish it, more of my brothers kinda thing really.. my fan manga going to have two characters i created and Dark Link and Kurama in it and maybe Reyson..

I didn’t think you wanted to publish it. I’m just saying, its not impossible to finish.

im re-playing FE6 (for the 5th time i think) im on the chapter where you get Sue.

My crew so far is:


Shinigami Ninja Said:I don’t think its per say. I think its per se. I think its french.

I know,I just had a ton of other stuff to do (eloze is up 😀 ) and didn’t feel like fishing around for the spelling XP .


its a very popular fanfiction about zelda, and Dark Link is a main character in it!

sorry for the double post, but no bodys posting anymore ;_;

eloze is popular amoung fan fics anyways

anyone else have FE6? i have a link to the text translation… if anyone wants it.

MT ill take it and shinigami ninja is luminous arc good i was looking at getting it but i wasn’t sure about it

ok heres the translation for FE6, but a warrning, they swear a bit in it

FE6 translation

and heres the support translation, once again, theres swearing in it

FE6 support translation

Bors: howdy, i’m playing with me and the two other knights in 6.

say hi to the mages for me 😈 .

im playing hector hard mode,and im working on the three pegusus sisters ^_^ .triangle attack ftw 😀 !

triangle attack.. n_- the some as the knights. n_n

oh and also, Mays so hot. n_n

well, second day of school for me and my brother(SoS, were in the same grade)

Learning about when american govenerment was first founded, so borring -_-

looks like it. :p

i hate amarican history…all it is is one big sob story -_- .

anyways the forum is going to take a while; I have to figure out how to create a custom style sheet before I do anything i_i .

hmmm.. so who here likes school huh? not me. -_-

2nd day i got a couple worksheets 3rd got a project due friday u_u i HATE school… got to meet some friends though n_n

schools not that bad for me, american history just bores me near death 0_o’ im home schooled BTW

i think that home schooling would be easier than real just because u dont have to carry heavy stuff around u know the teacher really really well and u don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom and worry about whats gonna appear in the toilet *shudders*

yeah, its so nice…

oh, and by the by, when is the next roll playing going to start? i’m dieing to use my new weapons. 😈

can u do the RP on the weekend because during the week i cant get on everyday to check the blog.

the RP-ing lasted for a week last time

o by the way in the RP are there class changes or do we just stay prepromoted? ?_?

…. hmmm… i think we stay un prepromoted.

ok, i can post now. hey, did you all know that Saint is going to be opening a forum soon? he showed me and it looks cool. 🙂

you must be excited about it?

regarding the RPing that will start up again in a week or so.your class will be a promoted unit and your asistent will be an unpromoted will be open for seven days and it will be anounced 5 days prior to it actually happening. *gasps for air* oh…and the forums almost done.

yay!!! ^_^

Roll playing is my favorite article of them all.

SOS u said that wrighting this article helped u get 5 gems. ypur kinda the creator of the whole thing so if your low u can just give yourself some. *sigh* the perks of being the boss.

[SoS:well,I don’t like to cheat so don’t worry about that ^_^]

yes.. you can. -_-

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