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The Silent Mage

Posted on: September 2, 2007

Ok, based off of my inquieryquestionarewhateveryouwanttocallit thing I did a few days ago soren is the character I will be writing about. if his story should continue in goddess of dawn,or “radient dawn” as its called now, you still can not list anything here about it, do to the spoiler rule.

soren is an otherwise quite individual who more often then not keeps to himself. only when he’s asked a question of importance will he share his opinions, however only a strict, to the point answer seems to be all he can spare.soren is the first one to warn the griel mercenaries of the Daien war,as he witnesses it first hand at the cremian royal library.sorens views are,as I said before,strict and to the point.he often says that the company should side with the winning side,despite their being in the wrong.this ofcoarse being because he is such a great stratagist that he always looks for the most profitable choice.

Sorens silence stems from the events of his childhood,from as far back as he can remember things were always difficult for him. he tells ike that he never knew his real parents, and that instead he was raised by a women who wasn’t at all fond of him.his real parents were either killed before he got to know them,or they simply abandoned him out of fear of what he was. both ideas are equally plausable,though neither are confirmed (I dont think they are anyway) .

as soon as the chance arrived the women taking care of soren gave him up.her chance came when she was visited by a great sage,who after seeing the mark on sorens head,asumed that he was marked by a spirit charmer, and as such possessed great magical abilitys.what the sage didn’t know however was that the mark wasn’t from a spirit charmer, but a birthmark of sorts.thats what soren thought it was, a simple birthmark,but in reality it was the branded mark, the sign that the individual in question is both human and laguz.the sage was old,and knew that his time was coming soon.his only wish was to pass his skills onto an apprentice.

soren became the sage’s aprentice,and in a short time learned more then the average human would have,given the same amount of time (but then,he’s not an average human is he ^_^ ? )  . unfortunately for soren the sage knew there was little time and had soren train day and night. soren said he hadn’t even enough time to think about who he was.

eventually the sage died, and after all the supplies that the sage had owned were used up soren began to wander. in time he came across civilization,as well as a shocking truth; no one had ever taught him how to speak.he was alone in a strange land with no way of saying what he needed. he would have died if not for the Griel mercenaries finding him and taking him to safety. soren tells ike that the worst of his problems was that he was a branded, and that the sage lived in a result no one would aid him,only adding to his seemingly inevitable fate.

soren might appear to be a child, or at the very most Ikes age, however he is actually much older.the branded age differently then beorc and laguz,so his age and his appearance have nothing to do with each other. Stephen tells soren that someday his “friends” would know him for what he really was, and that at that time he should know he had friends in the desert.ike however dosn’t care what soren is,and tells him he would always be his friend .Soren is most likely a beast tribe branded,as ike points out that he always knows where hes going,despite it being a new area and everything looking the same.




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The article sucked. You have no spaces between your periods and the following words. You used women(plural) instead of woman(singular). You almost never capitalized the beginning word of a sentence. It sucked! Ahem! Nice article, Saint. I think it sucks that its changed to Radiant Dawn. godess of Dawn was so much cooler sounding. And it spelled god whe you acronomized it. Kinda funny though, at they say that you fight oppession in Daein. Any clue as to what oppession might be?*snigger*

The sage wasn’t the only one who thought he was a spirit charmer. Petrine thought that as well.

i like Soren, he reminds me of Dark Link ^_^
anyways good article.. i’ve played with him every game of PoR i’ve played

and i think Petrines branded

Or maybe a spirit charmer. How else does she keep that lance flaming, with no personal injuries to herself?

but Petrine says something like your no spirit charmer, your just like me.

i wonder what kinda laguz hes mixed with, i’ll guess (just a guess, havent read any spoilers) a dragon laguz just cause hes so serious about everything, and their a cool race ^_^’ but he might be a cat, like you said.. cause that kinda makes more sence.

i hope hes a little older looking in GoD or i guess i should say RD -_-‘ and i hope they make thier in game pictures less 3D and more like the older FE’s. i hope this doesnt go agenst your rules of this article, brother..

he has such shiney hair :}

MT said: “i like Soren,anyways good article.. i’ve played with him every game of PoR i’ve played”. me too.

who did you have soren talk to to get this stuff? besides petrine and godess of dawn definatly sounds better than radiant dawn. i think the’re taking it from kingdom hearts 2’s Radiant Garden. i read that if you get sorens support to A with some one it shows his story at the end.

everything happends durring his lvA support with Ike, but they dont get an alternative ending, no one does in PoR.

That was one of the big problems with PoR. That and the fact that you couldn’t reread the supports.

you could’t read supports in FE6 either. but you can’t blame it, its an old game. but its new to me. n_n

I just want it so I know the story behind it. I don’t plan to obsessivley analyze it, like somepeople we both know. Though I’m not mentioning names. You know who you are. 😉

…. me?

Shinigami Ninja Said:That was one of the big problems with PoR. That and the fact that you couldn’t reread the supports.

*heavy western accent* I hear talk that you can view all the supports and view alternative endings in radient dawn.thems just rumors though so dont pay ems much heed.

anyways soren reminds me of someone…but I cant remember who @_@ . it wasnt dark link…it was some one from another FE. well…this spliting head-ache I have couldnt be stopping me from remembering could it 😐 ?

oh i know i know! is it vincent from FF?

You’re one of them MT.

Thus spake the blogmaster:
It was someone from another FE.

That means no Vincent. Which reminds me that the character battles have begun. So go vote!

@ Shadow Luigi:

why would it be Vincent 😕

@ Shinigami Ninja:

i think those polls are rigged, you know putting one character who doesnt stand a chance agenst a popular one, look at last time, almost everyone won by a landslide.

and MT, its because hes never realy nice and energised. and its also because he is rude!

Vincents not rude, Sorens rude, surely you can see a difference.

now on topic

i wish soren had more than 2 supports 😐

The polls aren’t rigged. Its so that at the end, you have only the super popular characters. Hell, Knuckles the Echidna beat Rikku from FFX. But think about it, it would be ridiculous for someone like, say, frogger, be in the semi-finals, when Samus Aran got bet out in Round 3 cause she went up against the Master Chief.

rikku got beat by a stupid rodent -_- ?

anyways I think the person I was thinking of was erk 😕 . just goes to show the power of head-aches…I should have remembered that ;_; .

and Vincent got beat by sonic -_-

oops, forgot to ask what kinda mage does everyone make Soren be?

I usually keep him a wind mage with staves

what are you guys talking about??

we be talking about the character battle. Its a series of daily polls in which you vote for you favorite character on the poll and then the winner moves on to the next round. head over there and check it out. no sign up necessary.

I’ve nevr been very good at the whole elemental only magic system. It annoys me. I always just use whats strongest.

he usually gets double attacked with thunder.

Luigi lost. ;_;

Good news!!!! I found someone with Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance!! That’s the 8th one, right?

i think FE8 is Sacred Stones, which is an interesting game

Okay, Luigi. One conversation is about the gamefaqs poll, and one is about how you develop soren. Now mario64 is talking about finding someone with PoR. I don’t think he’s played it. Still lost?

nope, don’t think so. heh.

That’s good. Confusion leads to frusteration. frusteration leads to angr. And Anger leads to flaming. And flaming leads to a dead blog.

I ordered Fuuin No Tsurugi ages ago. It should be here by now but its not. I’m starting to worry.

if its comming from Japan, it will take a long time to come. everything we order fron Japan takes weeks to arive…

*Mumble*(Again with the ‘we’ stuff. Man thats creepy. i wonder how many people are in that one body.)

How much do you order from Japan?

well,, we get a lot, we used to get yu gi oh cards, but then the game died. ;_;

but, little brother.. we never got yugioh cards from japan, hawaii but not japan.

as for ordering FE6 came from japan, and all the anime merchandice we have ;}

oh… are you makeing me look bad?!

how much do u think FE6 would cost, im dieing to play it. i used the arms scrolls on soren so he could use blizzard, bolting, and meteor :-] double long range attacks! seriously soren gets so much magic he can kill most people in one shot with those things and if not he usually attacks again he’s AWSOME!!!!

FE6 is really expensive, i think it was 50 something (my Mom got it new from a Japan store).

and Soren is one of the best characters in PoR, maxes in so much stuff.

hmmm. more then just much stuff. its called alot of stuff!

Quite a fascinating and enlightening article! Yet please, could someone write one on Volke? He’s my favorite FE character out of all of the series installments I’ve played. Yet, I don’t think he recieves enough attention from the Fire Emblem communities…

yeah. Volke would be interning..

48.00 plus overseas shipping from play-asia. I think I got the last one. Its on back order now.

I think I could do Volke. Leave it to me.

yeah, thats where mine came from

so its only availible from japan or can i go to a specific shop in the US and buy it? volke would be awsome to read about because as volke_fan said he really doesnt get much attention. oh and sothe as well

i dont think any U.S stores sell FE6, or any of the Japanese FE’s for that matter.

the only way to get sword of seals is to order it online (unless you live in/go to japan). so technically speaking you can get it anywhere,provided you have a computer 😛 (which you obviously do if your reading this 😉 ).

“I think I could do Volke. Leave it to me.”
Thank you Shinigami Ninja!!!

hmph. i guess i’m not needed.

(please post a link to the article when it’s finished, there’s not enough Volke on the Internet you know, so I’d very much like to read what has been said about my favorite FE Asassin/Thief)(:

Oh I don’t mind who writes the article, I just want to want to see all the Volke articles I can…..(;

Volke_fan, dont mind Shadow Luigi, hes always like that
-_-‘ hes my little brother so i should know :}

ahhhhh….Thanks MatthewTheif.

It’ll be hear. Most likely. As I have no other outlets for my articles.

so are there any recomendations for a decent site that will sell FE6? wait is the game gonna be in japanese or english? o_o cause i took spanish for forein language not japanese.

Japanese. But there is a plotline translation on and I think some weapon guides or something. will NOT sell it to you due to geographical restrictions, cause you know, airplanes can’t fly over oceans. PFff!

You could try and just keep checking every so often for someone selling it.

Play asia sells it but its on back-order, so there’s no telling when they’ll have a copy.

That’s all I can think of.

[i know your trying to be helpful but lets all stop metioning play asia, because the site has adult rated material on it, and this is a E rated site]

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