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The Dark Priestess

Posted on: September 6, 2007

Just to warn you, this article contains huge FE6 spoilers.

Through more than half of FE6, Zephiel always has a shaman girl next to him. The only time she talks in when he gives her a command, her name is Idoun, the Dark Priestess. The cloaked girl has the ability to call dragons whenever Zephiel wishes.

Late in the story, just before Roy and his crew head to Bern’s castle, Roy goes to get the legendary weapon, The Sword of Seals. The sword once belonged to Hartmut, the leader of the eight legendary heros.

When Roy draws the sword from its altar, he see’s Hartmut’s memories of a purple haired girl.

Later when Roy fights Zephiel, he talls Roy that he revived the Dark Dragon, that Hartmut defeated durring the Scouring. After the battle, Zephiel was defeated, the war was finally over, but Roy decided to search for the Dark Priestess, who could also be the Dark Dragon.

Roy arives outside the Dragon Temple in Bern. The last remaining General of Bern, Brenya gives Idoun to a dragon, named Jahn. She says she and her troops hardly have a chance of winning but they’d fight in the name of Bern one last time. After the Loyal General was defeated Roy heads inside the Dragon Temple, where he meets the red haired dragon, Jahn.

He introduces himself as the last remaining dragon of the Dragon Temple. Roys asks him if he’s the Dark Dragon? Jahn tells him no, he’s a full blooded dragon much different than the Dark Dragon. Jahn continues by saying that the Dark Dragon is more of an ‘object’ that is ment to bring hope to dragons again.

“War Dragons are created by the Dark Dragon.  And the Dark Dragon was created out of the Divine Dragon, the most powerful of our kind” he tells Roy, who is now confused asks why the Divine Dragon would agree to something like that. Jahn tells him that it didnt, they destroyed its soul so it would listen to its master’s every command.

After the humans found out about the Dark Dragon they started constructing weapon’s that could pierce their scales. However, the weapon’s were so powerful something unexpected happend, the laws of nature collapsed. It snowed in summer and stars shone in mid day.

Jahn tells Roy that after that, something happened, dragons couldn’t maintain their dragon form and the Eight Heros mercilessly crushes us. Jahn says that Hartmut felt pity on Idoun, and sealed her away instead of killing her.

Roy makes his way to Idoun’s chamber and tells her that they have no reason to fight. She responds that she feels like she’s heard those word’s before, like a warm breeze. When Roy defeats her with the Sword of Seals, the temple starts to collapse. Everyone rushes outside and on Roys back is Idoun (who is unconscious from the battle).

Later Roy visits Arcidia and asks how there doing with restoring her soul. The Elder tells him that it her soul was restored but she still shows no emotion. Outside Fa, a young Divine Dragon is showing Idoun a tree and the fruit that grows on it, Idoun just repeats “tree”. Fa shakes the tree and a fruit falls on her head, Idoun laughs. Fa gets excited and says you laughed! Idoun responds this is to laugh? Fa runs to the village saying she has to tell Roy that Idoun laughed. The wind blows, Idoun responds a warm breeze…



12 Responses to "The Dark Priestess"

gentle… and kind. sad… but good… she always confuses me…. but she is also cute.. a mystery..

writing this makes me feel like i won it the first time again.

anyways, im glad you can let Idoun live, unlike poor Lyon ;_;

Must… resist.. temptation… to read…

theres actually 3 endings you can get in FE6. There all pretty different too.

good article. I wonder if being around another divine dragon caused idoun to get her emotion back? or maybe it was roy 😕 .

who does not like Idoun?

i need to get that game so if you have any info could u tell me ~_~

like Shinigami Ninja said, keep checking ebay.

yeah, you will get it i’m sure.

I like how idoun has two different colored eyes.I believe thats to show that she was origenally a divine dragon.

FE 6 appears to have quite an interesting storyline, what platform is it on may I ask?

its a GBA game

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