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Fire Emblem PoR Characters of Radiance 3

Posted on: September 8, 2007

Yeeees, I changed the name. Character Examination sounded like I was giving them a physical for summer camp. This is one of the up sides to Goddess of Dawn being so rudely changed to Radiant Dawn, now the word Radiance applies to characters of both games.This one’s about Volke due to a request. I know, I said I would do Tauroneo, but that proved rather, eh… difficult. This one’s not much easier, but, here goes nothin’.Volke, the shady thief who wants you to pay him 50g per lock, outrageous. Plus fifty thousand for the information he’s carrying. I didn’t really like him at first, but I like getting people, so I hired him. Turns out, he’s lived a life of secrecy. He does what he’s paid to do and not much else. He’s got more secrets than anyone could buy and most of which no one will ever know of. He has very little dialogue in the game, speaking only to tell Ike what Ike’s father told him, and to offer his services. The only time he reveals anything about himself or his work ethic is to Bastian. A character I liked in personality but hated in stats. Anyways, in his supports with Bastian we find that he and Bastian know each other rather well, at least by Volke’s standards. Bastian has hired Volke before, that much is implied. It is never said what he was employed for, only that the fee came out of Bastian pockets. We also find that Bastian requires his services again. Volke then reveals one part of his work ethic: he never works two jobs at once, and as he is employed by Ike to fight in the war, Bastian will just have to wait.

The other tidbit we know is that Ike’s father hired him to relay his deeds to his son. We have no way of knowing why Greil would trust a common thief and spy with a secret like that, it suggests that the two knew each other, but we may never know. The simple facts are that Volke is a thoroughly mysterious character who has seemingly no personal life and will do just about anything for money, including kill. But that’s all we know. Hopefully Goddess of … er rather Radiant Dawn, holds more answers.

How’s that Volke_Fan?

by shinigami ninja


27 Responses to "Fire Emblem PoR Characters of Radiance 3"

hmmm… good… but ahh i only use Sothe. n_n hes cuter.

Thank You. It only took me about 15 minutes to write.

I don’t generally use my Thieves. I’m using sothe this playthrough though, well, I was, until I loaned to my sister to take to college.

I hope Volke gets a his background revealed in RD. I want to know more about the him.

sothe i used only because he didn’t cost me but once i rack up enough money i started to use volke. volke I think looks better than sothe though sothe is on the top ten in coolest looking on my list ^_^

hes can’t be that good looking -_-.

Top ten in the game or in the world?

in the game. -_-

Oh, well that makes a little more sense. he’s still no that cool, though.

good article, i never use Sothe, it feels pointless since he cant promote and Volke can.

as for my opinion of the playablity of thiefs in FE

my order would be:

Astore (i let him die this go round)
Cass (just because she comes so late)

Personality wise would be:

Astore (i hate him so much)

so much that you let berserkers eat him ;_; .

anyways good article,volkes got a pretty cool personality.its a shame hes such a minor character in PoR.

shadow luigi said:hes can’t be that good looking -_-.

wait…wern’t you just saying how cute he is 😐 ???

gonzales: cass… she give her life for me…. this is my story, and i will not let her down. ;_;

HUH??? okayyyy what are u talkingt about shadow luigi?

He does that. Ignore him when he goes off on tangents like that.

I think if they gave Volke more screen time he would lose his mysteriousness. That Mystique is what makes him so cool. if he didn’t have that air of darkness and secrecy about him he would be rather cliche and dull.

like kakashi would.but what I meant was if he came more often,say about as much as nasir does maybe? (though not necessarily talk as much as he does) then he would be a little more important but still keep his secrecy.

do any of you even know who gonzales is?? and i’m not asking you SOS and MT. -_-

well, Gonzales isnt a theif, thats for sure 😉

but yeah, i wish Volke had more support options, i go crazy if me people dont have supports 0_o’

It is dumb that he can only talk to Bastian.

I don’t remember any Gonzales.

he should have at least 3 support options.

as for Gonzales, hes a stupid brigand that you get in FE6 -_-


i’m working on him and treck. two ugly people is better then one.. i think.

Hmmm. Gamefaqs said only one… Oh well. This run through I didn’t actually hire Volke, I wante to see what happens if you don’t/ Then I went and lent in to my sister who isn’t coming home until thanksgiving.

he does only have 1 option, they should of gave him like 3, i mean even Jaffar, Ninian and Hawkeye have 3 😕 and their all kinda secretive ;_;

Ninian’s just shy. Hawkeye’s just quiet. Jafar is the only secretive one. As to what he secretes is beyond me, but it’s probably toxic. LOL.

Hurray! Thank you ever so much *round of applause*

[Theres a spoiler rule on FE blog about Radient Dawn, so you cant mention any facts about can find the link to the things you can mention on the side of the ‘blog]

Shinigami Ninja Said:
Top ten in the game or in the world?

Well of course in the world…

Yup, his enigmatic behavior makes his personality…

errr…sorry about that…the spoiler rule…

what are u talking aboutVolke_Fan?

well…I’m commenting….on other people’s comments…or do you mean the apology?

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