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The Man In The Shade

Posted on: September 12, 2007

this article was written by Shadow Luigi.

Hello everybody, I’m going to make an article about this odd soul,Knoll ย ๐Ÿ˜ .he’s probably the most weird and dark person in sacred stones. I mean he’s always in the shadows, he never has a real personality. He helped Lyon in the game and Lyon wanted to save his dying father. Lyon used the dark stone on his father and the dark stone had a cost, it took Lyons free life away. and before Lyon did it, knoll had been telling him and I quote. “Lyon, you do not plan to use that do you??” then Lyon said. “if it is for the people then i have no right to stop it.” and then knoll said. “but you mustn’t, if you get taken by the dark stone then who would be the prince of Grado??” then Lyon said once again. “if it was for the people, then so be it.” then Lyon and knoll went to the chamber of the dark stone, and knoll was saying that. “please, its not to late. you don’t have to do this!” then Lyon said. “it is not only for my people, its for my father too. and i have no regrets.” then Lyon used it on his father and then Lyon said. “father? Father can you here me?!!?” then his father said. “….. son? what? is……” then when knoll joins you, he say’s. “my, your an odd executioner.” And then in the later game, Lyons father always does what Lyon say’s.Then when the 8 generals come Lyons father say’s “do what my son wants.” See its weird but yet knoll only shows emotion around Lyon. I never knew why he was so dark. in the end his ending say’s after the war he disappears. And I never got him really. but I know he did like Lyon, but that’s about the only time he shows emotion.


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its good ay?

yes, i like Knol ^_^ just got him today

hmm. interesting, but it could have a bit more meat. anyway, i liked! I’m most interested in characters like Knoll (who reminds me of Dark Link, anyone else think this? >_> <_<)

i picture Dark Link being a bit more agressive, like in Eloze. anyways, who thinks Knolls not human? i think hes Lyons phantom or something like that

he does not really look like a human… but he is. wierd. ๐Ÿ˜‰

He looks human. But remember what Canas says about dark magic. He says that over-use can sap your soul until you become consumed by dark magic. This may be whats happening to knoll, and he can only experience emotion around things of intense dark power. Such as the dark stone.

hmm. thats interesting,


good article. when they say knoll vanished without a trace it leaves you wondering if he left Grado or if he disapeared literally. i doubt it would be the first one as knoll is very loyal to Grado.

He may have completely sucumbed to the darkness and became a recluse, living in a cave or some other secluded place where he could practice his dark magics without interuptions.

maybe and i agreewith uberzeldamaster that it could have had more meat but good nonetheless. i always use knoll as a summoner. the zombies are good for breaking down walls since u dont have to lose any weapon durability.

i like Druids better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ewan as a summoner and Knoll as a druid. It fits the darkness of Knoll better.

maybe but it definitly helped in the very first level u get to use him since though it took EXTREMELY long i could have sent out a level one person with a slim weapon to kill the wyvern and hero guys. forgot the names ^_^’

not really, ewan is meant to be a sage, but i have him as a mage knight. ๐Ÿ™‚

no need to be negative dude u couldv just said yes and not ment it…. though i dont think that would have been the right thing. huhhhhh logicaly thinking about this is giving me a headache so any way i put ewan as a sage and your right he does fit well in that class.

once i had both him and knoll as summoners it was awsome. sending out two zombies at a time really helps and though ewan looks weird i think he looks cool at the same time. what is ur favorite looking promote? %)

i like snipers best

i was not negative… ;_; i…….

dragoon13 Said:what is ur favorite looking promote?

hmm…I think genrals look pretty cool,but then sages do too. well,either or ^_^ .

sorry shadow luigi didn’t mean to get u upset ^_^’ but snipers i think depends on who cause each one differs a little, same with sages, but i like the way the generals look since the only real diference is color.


i think its cool when the units look a little different ^_^ like archers/snipers some theifs, some swordmasters

what would be even cooler is if every unit had their own battle music. laum does from FE6 ,despite being a dancer.

that would be cool, Isadoras music would probally be annoying just like her

how do u do that thing were u cross out the words? Ah…. any way i think that would be awsome if everybody had different music or just a different note and when u used certain people right after each other u could make a little song and that song would give people different powers and and and….. who’s laum? n_n oh and how do u get thoughs little pictures while im at it im still kinda new to the whole online talk thing ๐Ÿ™‚

you have to regester with to get an avatar (the little picture) its free, just go to

as for striking stuff out you can find all the different things you can do with text on the side of FE Blog under “about FE blog” then in “tags”

oh, and Lalum is a dancer from FE6

Hm did you get FE6 yet? (this is to everybody)

i have it.

any body else?

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