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The First Fire Emblem

Posted on: September 15, 2007

this article was written by Aveyn Knight

The game in question isn’t the Fire Emblem game that stars Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, which is actually the seventh game in the series and known as Rekka no Ken (literally “Blazing Sword”) in Japan.

In fact, I am referring to Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi (literally “Dark Dragon and Sword of Light”), which was released in 20 April 1990, in Japan, for the Famicom (the Japanese NES). The game was the first (if not, at least one of the first) Strategy RPG, worldwide, inspiring many other games of the same genre. The game, however, wasn’t released outside of Japan, so many Western fans did not know about its existence.

user posted image
(Marth finishes off a boss)

The game is set in the continent of Akaneia, home to several nations. Hundreds of years ago Akaneia was terrorised by the Dark Dragon, Mediuth. A youth from Aritia, Anri, slayed Mediuth and brought peace to the lands. However, hundreds of years later, Mediuth mysteriously returns and Akaneia is attacked by Mediuth’s new Durhua Empire. Marth, the hero of the game (and who some fans may recognise as one of the fighters from Super Smash Bros. Melee) loses his homeland of Aritia to the Empire. Years later, Marth decides it’s time to fight back and rallies an army to defeat Mediuth.

[Note: Some of the names that were used were taken from Fire Emblem games and sources, as opposed to from Super Smash Bros. Melee. For example Akaneia instead of Akanea, Aritia instead of Altea, Durhua instead of Dolua, Mediuth instead of Medeus.]

user posted image
(Kain, the first “Red Knight”)

Many fans were won over by the game’s marriage of Strategy and RPG elements, providing a deep story and immersive tactical gameplay from both genres. The cast of characters was last and filled with unique and memorable characters, although their personalities and involvement in the story were very basic. However, the characters would be more fleshed out in later installments of the series.

Naturally, the graphics are now relatively basic and the general gameplay is slower and less stream-lined. However most of the gameplay features in this game should be familiar to long-time or recent fans, although many features aren’t quite as polished. For example, you could still move units to attack, heal, talk to recruit characters and etc. Buildings such as Armouries, Vendors and Arenas were also present. Later on, you can also choose a roster of units to participate in chapters.

user posted image
(Sortie screen)

Despite the familiarity, there are some notable differences.

The weapon system was distinctively different, although the type of usable weapons should be familiar (eg. Iron Sword, Silver Sword, Killing Edge). Weapons were not grouped by Rank (eg. E to A), but by a number called Weapon Level. Each character had a single Weapon Level stat, which determined what level of weapons they could use. The Weapon Triangle also did not exist at this point.

Most of the classes in this game should be familiar as well, including staple classes such as Cavaliers, Mages and Pegasus Knights. However, not all the classes could promote (or class-change). Lords, Fighters, Armour Knights and Hunters were not able to promote initially, despite the latter two having obvious promotion classes. Pegasus Knights also promoted to Wyvern Riders (called Dragon Knight in the Japanese games), and it wasn’t until later that the two classes had their seperate class branches.

user posted image
(Sheeda about to recruit Nabarl)

The next difference is probably the largest thing that I’m glad was removed. That is, healers (such as Priests) could not gain experience from using their staves. Instead, the only way for healers to gain experience and level up was to get attacked by enemies. Actually, it wasn’t extremely difficult to level them up, since they got around 25 experience each time. However it can be a headache for players that like to keep their healers away from danger.

Overall the game is a quality Strategy RPG and one that was well ahead of its time. These days it does seem rather outdated, but it can still be a fun game to play. However, the existence of the far superior remake (Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem) does make the game slightly redundant to play. For those still keen, this is still the original Fire Emblem and does have some extra features over the remake, such as slightly more chapters and characters.

For more detailed information about the characters, classes, items (and etc.) of the game please check out this link.


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oh.. that sounds cool, good article

So they made a remake that had less? Weird.

Good article. I’ve always wanted to know about the grandfather of strategy RPGs.
BTW do you live in Japan, or are you an Import/Export nut?

Well, to be fair, they had to fit in Book 2 (the new game) into the same cartridge as well.

I don’t live in Japan. I do import games sometimes, but I mostly emulate them…

good good GOOD! thats so cool, but i don’t think i’ll ever get it. 😦

*sigh* same here. awsome article though. πŸ™‚ so they remade the first game and it is still only for japan. 😦 all in favor of moving to japan say i.


I . i wish i lived in japan to, it would be fun, and we could have every thing before it comes out. πŸ˜€

great article. I always wondered what FE1 was like exactly,im suprised its so similer to the newer games (in most respects anyways) .

dragoon13 Said:all in favor of moving to japan say i.

hmm…japan would be ideal for me for several reasons so I πŸ˜€ . ofcoarse I would have to to learn japanese…

… I. Though I would kill myself learning the language. XD It’s hard to learn a new language when you already know one. Any way, good article. The gameplay seems complicated to me, but with most games I play, I eventually learn.

i will go to japen some day. πŸ˜‰

Japan would be fun to visit, they have ANDROIDS! when i get enough money i’ll go there and buy one ;P

I. We’ll have to bring a battering ram though, I’ve been told there a big language barrier, we may have to knock it down.

So is there always a red knight and a blue knight?

a red knight and a green knight are the only ones… then again its an old game, by the way, Shinigami Ninja, you probaly will say no, but i opened a pokemon blog, if you want to come just ask, its not about the show, its about the game, but you will probaly won’t come but if you do then tell me your email and i’ll send you the link. πŸ™‚

yeah i think theres always a green and red social knight.. in FE6 Alen and Lance, FE7 Sain and Kent, FE8 i think Kyle and Forde, in FE9 Oscar and Kieren. the red knights are usually the strong ones and the green ones are suposed to be fast, strangely, its reversed with Sain and Kent

hello, hey, i was not only talking about the knights. 😐

social knights are cavailers

sain and kent were kinda funny cause kent is the adult serious knight and sain is the kid like knight and is always getting in trouble. what are there ages again aren’t they both 19 or something around that.

By Blue, I meant Green, its sort of a blue-ish green anyway.

are you both ignoring me?!?!

Yes, we are. We are having a conversation about colored knights. Congratulations on opening your pokemon blog, I don’t watch the show and I haven’t touched a Pokemon game in about, well, when did silver come out? it was about a year after that that I stopped with pokemon entirely.

It is quite interesting that very game has a red and green social knight/cavalier. I wonder if they all have a blue Knight. Like Gatrie and Wallace.

oh, well if we are talking about social knights, then last game in FE7 my sain was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! he got more SKL then he got DEF i like DEF alot better then SKL. πŸ˜‰

sains too random for me.anyways I think wallace is silver isnt he?

yup, i feel bad for him, i going to work on him next game! πŸ˜€

I think he’s blue.

Say, what time of day does TBE come online?

i think 4:00 PM, i think no wait its 2:30 yeah yeah thats right. πŸ™‚

TBE? has anyone ever gotten Geitz? i saw him wile looking at some character profiles and it didn’t have much to say.

yeah i got him, you have to get all your lords to well to put it simpel, in my game i got Hector and eliwood to lv 20 and lyn to lv 15, they have to have lv 50 alltogether. before chapter 24. ok? and to get Geitz, you have to talk to him with dart.

TBE = the Blazing Emblem. The Forum that SOS made.

hey Shinigami Ninja, did i say that right? πŸ˜‰ about Geitz?

I get gietz every time I play. its become somewhat annoying as I would like to get wallace,but its so hard to keep the lords below 50 . wallace still needs about nine supports before hes complete in our game (me and my siblings game!)

Now they clarify the ‘we’!

I have never gotten geitz. I don’t use dart and I hold back on the lords so others will get good.

same here but this go round im gettin geitz! ^_^

i think i might work on Geitz this time, just got Legualt today

legualt RoCkS lOLZ.

legualt isn’t my favorite but he is good. I’m close to getting geitz ^_^

hes my fav. theif. n_n

I found it refreshing that Legault could actually fight…..however, Volke is the most “playable” thief class member in my opinion….especially as an asassin.(I invested quite an unfair amount of time in leveling him up as an asassin… and entirely neglected Sothe….)

*errr* I meant to say, “assassin.” sorry.

remember spelling really doesn’t matter here and the reason I used sothe was that volke cost me too much for long teerm usage. I dont remember do u still have to pay him after he becomes an *asasin* (to many bad words in it)

LOL, ha, i just like sothe. i don’t like volke. -_O

i didnt work on Sothe yet, it just seems more profitable to work on the one who can promote..

*looks at all the off topic posts* how did this article get so off topic 0_o’

ahhh ammmmmm i dunno. 0_o

it always is that way u talk about one thing it leads to another and another and do you think eliwood looks like a lord? JK but ANYWAY I like the way the priests or mages(cant tell) look with the cape covering them and there like mysterious ^_^

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