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Role-Play Recruiting

Posted on: September 20, 2007

its once again time to decide your information for the next RP on Fire Emblem Blog.there are a few things I want to mention first though.

You all may be aware that I have recently started up a forum,The Blazing Emblem. besides being a forum and not a blog,TBE is much different from FE blog do to a simple fact; it allows the use of HTML . for those of you who dont know, HTML is how you tell computers what you need to tell them 😉 .in other words ,you can add a multitude of different effects by simply inputting a of those codes (or many actually)  are codes that would make role-playing a lot more fun and enjoyable for both the RPers,and me who would no longer have to count every post made to decide your money ^_^ .as such the Role-Playing will be moved to The Blazing Emblem after this one,making this the last RP on FE blog. unless ofcoarse I cant install the stuff ;_; . 

now onto the actual role-playing.

 •this time you will choose your class from a list of promoted units. they are:

  • Paladin:HP:35 STR:12 DEF:15 RES:8 [Equip: Swords,Lances,Axes]

  • General:HP:40 STR:15 DEF:20 RES:2 [Equip: Lances,Axes]

  • Warrior: HP:50 STR:20 DEF:5 RES:0 [Equip: Axes,Bows]

  • Sniper: HP:30 STR:15 DEF: 8 RES:8 [Equip: Bows]

  • SwordMaster: HP:30 STR:10 DEF:6 RES:4 [Equip: Swords]

  • Falco Knight: HP:25 STR:15 DEF:8 RES:20 [Equip:Lances,Swords]

  • Sage: HP:30 MAG:15 DEF:10 RES:18 [Equip: Anima Tomes,Staffs]

  • Druid: HP:35 MAG:20 DEF:0 RES:16 [Equip: Dark Tomes,Staffs]

  • Bishop:HP:25 MAG:20 DEF:5 RES:25 [Equip: Light Tomes,Staffs]

•After choosing your class you will then choose your weapon that you want to have S ranked.the other weapon will be E ranked.if your class has only one weapon this does not apply to you.

•Now you must choose an assistant,and your assistants class from the list below:

  • Knight: HP:30 STR:10 DEF:10 RES:0 [Equip:Lances]

  • Cavalier: HP:25 STR:12 DEF: RES:5 [Equip: Swords,Lances]

  • Fighter:HP:35 STR:15 DEF:4 RES:2 [Equip:Axes]

  • Archer:HP:25 STR:8 DEF:5 RES:5 [Equip:Bows]

  • Pegusus Knight:HP:20 STR:6 DEF:5 RES:12 [Equip:Lances]

  • Brigand/Pirate/Cosair:HP:40 STR:14 DEF:0 RES:0 [Equip:Axes]

  • Mage: HP:18 MAG:10 DEF:5 RES:10 [Equip:Anima Tomes]

  • Monk:HP:19 MAG:15 DEF:0 RES:14 [Equip:Light Tomes]

  • •If your assistants class can wield two different weapon types you must choose which one will be A ranked, the other will be E ranked.

    •Now finally choose a number: 1,2, or 3.

    This role playing is going to follow a map btw,so things will be a bit more organized.the role playing starts in three days,and when it does the Shop,Armory,Forge, and Market will be closed,so if there’s something your waiting to buy don’t wait for the RPing to start to do so 😉 .finally if your random position in the Role-Playing story and your class you choose are compatible you will be given a special class 🙂 . with that I wish you all good luck in your Role-Playing,and may I slaughter the whole lot of you!!! the best man win!



    52 Responses to "Role-Play Recruiting"

    I’m a general with S in lances with a mage that has A in anima magic… oh and im number 1! ^_^

    ok i’ll be a falco knight, S on swords and mu assistant will be Kurama a mage

    oops i’ll go with 3

    i’ll be a Sniper, and my assistant is going to be a Monk, and my monk is going to be Rei, if i can pick him. n_n and i’ll be 2.

    i don’t want this, i don’t want a monk, i’ll be a Sniper and i’m staying number 2. i’ll think of my assistant later. ;_;

    Sword Master with an S in swords. Like I had a choice. I’ll keep my name. My Assistant will be Knight with an A in Lances. His name will be McMillian.

    I guess I’ll pick a 2.

    By the way, HTML is how you tell the internet what to do. C++ is how you tell the computer what to do. Well, C++ and numerous others.

    i’ll be a Paladin with an S on assistant will be nino and she will be a mage (duh) with an A on anima magic (…duh).and i’ll go with 2 cause its my favorite number 😛 .

    Shinigami Ninja Said:By the way, HTML is how you tell the internet what to do. C++ is how you tell the computer what to do. Well, C++ and numerous others.

    actually CSS (cascading style sheets)is what I was talking about,I just didnt want to get too technical =? .

    oh, i want a little bit of change so.. can my assistant be Vincent Valentine (still a mage)

    sure,everything is changable up untill the role-playing actually starts.

    i don’t know what to do, there is not enough units here. 😥 i’m sorry, i can’t pick, but i may pick something random at the last second.

    don’t know what to do. ;_;

    ugh! dont double post pointless things about it -_-”’

    my mage is soren and im still no. 1! ^_^

    I’ll be the Swordmaster, and my assistant will be the Cavalier with a S on Swords. Thank You ^.^

    whats your number mario?

    fine, i’ll have a Knight and he will be Luigi2 happy? -_-?

    hes a rowbot. n_n

    i’m sorry i’m sorry, i already bought a bow for him. can he be an Archer?! oh come on. i’m sorry. ;_;

    He’s a rowboat?

    luigis a… robot 😕 ?

    oops. a robot. -_-‘

    I don’t think there are robots in FE.

    well i have nothing else to do. i would like it if there were more units, but i don’t know who to pick. odds are this is not going to be as fun.

    SOS said : whats your number mario?

    …. what does it mean? I mean, what are the advantages and such?

    he said it would be a surprise. and SOS, this may look weird but can Absol be my assistant? it would make me happy. n_n or sad ;_;

    I have a feeling it will determine who is what.

    mario64mario Said:…. what does it mean? I mean, what are the advantages and such?

    im not tellin’ =P …since…not even I know 100% what it will do, the effect of the numbers will be completely random to an extent.suffice to say it dosn’t matter right now what number you pick,but you have to pick one anyways 😆 .

    Shadow Luigi Said:this may look weird but can Absol be my assistant?

    well,they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what the heck…just dont expect him to ride a horse or something like that as I do believe you need opposable thumbs for such activities.

    hes not old and whoohooo i get him!

    good luck with that Shadow luigi. i still need help getting the picture u_u i cant find the right page on wordpress that explains it so that i understand. any tips?

    mmmmm well ok here it goes. you have to have a pic be a jpg, and it has to be a good size, and pick a pic wi wii. ho ho ho. 😉

    ok, I will be a sage, and my assistant is a monk.

    I forgot. My assistant is Kabuto. And if you could, I would like to be called Orochimaru.

    Gah! I keep forgetting stuff. I choose 2, and I want A on Anima Tomes.

    okay. My number is 2 then. :S

    UZM said: Gah! I keep forgetting stuff. I choose 2, and I want A on Anima Tomes.

    😆 😆 hahahaha!

    dont be mean. at least he got the info. besides in the RPG hes your KING remember! Mario dont take that from one of your vassals! (just kidding) 🙂

    whoops had a little mix up of characters sorry UZM and Shadow Luigi. ;_;

    uberzeldamaster said: Gah! I keep forgetting stuff.

    dont worry about it,most of the stuff is automatic anyways 🙂 .

    dragoon14 Said: whoops had a little mix up of characters sorry UZM and Shadow Luigi. ;_;

    heh heh heh. and i’m not mean, man does everybody hate me??

    No i don’t hate u its just that you laugh at some things that I think shouldn’t be laughed at. SoS whats going on u havent been posting as much as i thought u would.

    dragoon14 Said:SoS whats going on u havent been posting as much as i thought u would.

    I have a lot of stuff to do, I dont usually have a lot of time to post. maintaining FE Blog and TBE, practicing manga, and taking care of a puppy (whose worse then gietz btw) makes it kinda hard to find spare time 😛 . plus theres other things I do for fun (though not that many) and I share a computer so I cant always get on.

    busy for you.

    Practiceing manga, taking care of a puppy, sharing a computer, maintaining blogs. Hm the only thing we have in common sharing the computers. Do you practice drawing older manga or is this something you made on your own that will become a big hit in years to come and make u billions of $$$$ and we will become moochers so we say that we were 100% behind you so give us a cut of the $cash$? either way thats awsome! 🙂

    well, kinda both. first im going to make a FE manga so I can practice formating the panals and similar things. then once I feel im competent enough im going to start my own manga, and then make billions 😀 .(actually $40,000 is the most common salary in manga, but it never hurts to dream, eh?). I already have most of my characters done, I just need to know if I can draw backgrounds, speech balloons, panals,etc.

    hmmm i’m not in to drawing, just fan art. n_n

    (sarcasm)yea only $40,000 (end sarcasm) but can I get a copy of the finished manga. I can’t draw too well but I still like it and reading manga. 🙂 what are the characters anyway?

    in which one? the FE manga or my manga? neither are done yet, infact I only just started my Fe(7) manga this morning. I plan on using all the characters, though some might come more then others. my characters I made have to remain secret though untill I get them copywritten….I dont know what ide do if someone stold my ideas @_@ .

    hmmm yeah people can be bad.

    awww come on can’t u just E-mail it to me. I mean I wouldn’t do something like that *looks through SOS’s bag for manga* honestly 🙂

    hmmm hes not even ready to give it out yet, oh, are you talking about the FE manga? well same thing.

    *sigh* oh well.

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