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Role-Playing: Broken Treaty (Map Update 2)

Posted on: September 24, 2007

alright, time for the role-playing. as of now the armory,market,shop,and forge are all closed.this time the role-playing will follow a map, you can still make up whatever you want, provided it agrees with the addition it takes one post to move to a new square unless stated otherwise.

Many years ago three leaders came together to form what was once known as the Armino Treaty. This treaty was created to put an end to the constant strife between the three tribes led by the treaty makers. However the peace gained by the treaty was not to last forever…

in the age 148 the Mountain Kingdom of Zamino lost its beloved leader. In time the Prince of Zamino succeeded his late father as the ruler of Zamino, but do to his… violent behavior the elders saw it fit to keep the prince from the title of King.

…three years have passed since then,and now in the year 151 in the third month, none of the elders remain alive, and the prince suddenly declares war on Arola. Minta,Arolas neighboring country, comes to Arolas aid..but it may be too late.

[Zamino Soldiers have entered Arola territory]

(click to enlarge)

units cannot cross over water or mountains unless stated otherwise.
moving through forests takes 2 posts per square and gives the ability to dodge one attack.
All RPers start in their respective castles unless stated otherwise.
upon entering a village you will be given information or an item.
upon entering an armory/shop you will have the ability to buy weapons/items.
when moving from place to place, state which square you are on and which one you are moving too.

KING= mario64mario: Swordmaster (S on Swords)
~Assistant: Cavalier (A on Swords)

GENERAL= Shadow Luigi: Sniper (S on Bows)
~Absol: Archer (A on Bows)
EMPEROR= dragoon14: General (S on Lances)
~ Soren: Mage (A on Anima)

VILLAGE LEADER= uberzelda master: Sage (S on Anima)
~Kabuto: Monk (A on Light)


PRINCE=Shinigami Ninja: Swordmaster (S on Swords)
~McMillian: Knight (A on Lances)

WIZARD=Saint Of Swords: Paladin (S on Lances)
~Nino: Mage (A on Anima)

PALADIN= MatthewThief: Falco Knight (S on Swords,Ability:Fly,Weakness:Arrows.)
~Vincent Valentine: Mage (A on Anima)


153 Responses to "Role-Playing: Broken Treaty (Map Update 2)"

Shadow Luigi: hmmmm Absol, you feel it too? hmmmm…. *goes east to Minta*

*Out of Character* What are the red dots for?
And how did a Sniper get an S in Lances? *End OoC*

I smell… death. Come, McMillian, let us see the carnage. The time for Zamino’s revenge draws nigh.

Shadow Luigi: ……. a forest? Absol you can help me get past this. Absol: …. Shadow Luigi: huh what is it? do you smell something? oh no, the king, i left him alone to fend for himself! i’m sorry, but i must go ahead! *goes to the start of the forest*

* Equips Vague Katti and heads west.*

Shadow Luigi: arggg, this is a big forest. huh? who is that? *goes closer*

*Heads South*

“How many are needed?… Where is that Wizard?”

Maybe… no, Zamino Castle is too far away. *Sails for the island with three red dots*

Ah I do fell like a ride through the forest is just what I needed don’t you agree Soren?
Soren:…. this is a waste of time we must get back.
Dragoon: *sigh* Must u my trusted adviser be so blunt. But alas u are right let us return though I must enjoy a little time in the forest *heads to forest*

oops, missed the “can’t move over water or objects” part. I’ll just remain stationary.

*flys around a section of the forest with Vincent*

MT: think we’ll stay here and guard the palace until i think of something…
*grabs Vauge Katti and Delphi shield* might need these.. oh and for you Vincent, a bolganone tome.

Vincent: ok.. *takes tome*

*Heads South again*

Shadow Luigi: ahhh… i hate this forest, huh??? the person is getting closer. *hinds behind a big tree*

*Heads south*
Almost out of the mountains.

Ah this territory seems familierwe must be close to Minta castle. Yes there it is and… is that MT flying around it? There must be something going on.*equips flame lance* here Soren take this u might need it *gives Wind tome*
Dragoon:(booming low voice) Onwrd to the Castle! *softly* Im coming MT!

Shadow Luigi: Dragoon? is that you? hey, oh i was thinking your a big unit and i’m a lay low unit, can you be my body guard?

Shadow!? ah it is good to see u! Come we most go to my castle and feast though I must see what is bothering MT so. Hello Absol manage to keep Shadow alive I see. Oh and to your question of coarse!!! Soren see if Absol or Shadow require any thing.
Soren: Drag…. My lord I dont think it wise to leave you by yourself out here.
Dragoon: relax with MT patroling the skies with Vincent there is no need to worry. Remember that the last match between u two was a Draw!!
Soren: only because I felt the boy needed some confidence I purposely let him match me!!!
Dragoon: of coarse, of coarse. *heads off chuckling and shaking his head*

That last one was me. sorry

Shadow Luigi: huh?? what do you want me to do? are you going to help me? i’ll go with you.

*Heads south*
McMillian, gather the troops. Have them ready to move out when I return.

*OoC yes my avatar is up!!! And this is right before I leave for school so dont expect a post from me for a while.OoC*

Well yes yes that is a good idea Shadow and now Soren cant pester me about being alone. Lets Go! *heads toward Castle Minta*

Heads East to the square above the armory.

*Heads South to the Armory*

Shadow Luigi: hey wait up, where are we going?? oh i know, your going to help my castle? cool. come on Absol we have some guarding to do.

No we are at my castle Remember! Wait your castle is in trouble!? we must leave at once! Though I must still check on MT before we go. Soren let us make preparations.
Soren: must u act so rashly? We must first check on our own defenses before we see to anothers! And how do we know this isn’t a trap?
Dragoon: Grr must u always be suspicious of others and their motives? We will see to their needs at once!
Soren: this in’t how an Emporer should act.

Nino: great wizard! the prin…
Nino: great wizard? *shakes wizard*
Saint: huh… wha..?
Nino: the prince is gone! he must have left for arola!
saint: WHAT!? he left on his OWN?! without…me?! I wanted to have fun with that!
nino: uhh…we can follow him and-
nino: sigh… *puts saint on his horse and heads west*

MT: Emperor Dragoon, me and Vincent will go check the village south of the palace, perhaps they’ll have some usefull information.. i beg your leave..

*heads south into the plains*

Of course report back if u find any thing suspicious. And also check with the village leader. oh and I almost forgot Shadow what is going on in Arola that needs my attention?

*OoC are we able to get items in the villages? And Do I have the impenetreble defense ability being a general and all? OoC*

Shadow Luigi: i need your help dragoon, if not the Zamino well destroy it, we must save it!

*flys south*

MT: I wonder why Zamino started war anyway…

Vincent: perhaps Arola has something of importance…

MT: well.. we’ll be at the village soon… maybe they know why their being invaded…

Shadow Luigi: come Absol, we must go to Minta!

*OoC Im confused where are u shadow luigi first u started like u were already at my area and now your back at your castle? Are you going to continiue at your castle or mine? OoC*

*At armory*
I need an iron Lance. Or even a Slim Lance. The cheapest lance you have. I’ll sell my hatchet if I need to, but I need a lance.

*Sells Hatchet, buys Iron lance*
*Moves to the village just outside the armory*

Vincent: I dont see the enemy…

MT: … after we check out the village we’ll have a look around…

*flys west to area 10 and visits the village*

[Villager:have you heard the rumors? they say the prince of Zamino and his court wizard had something to do with the deaths of the Zamino elders! I wonder if its true? …things might get dangerous soon…take this: *gives a vulenary* {choose an item to drop} .]

*heads south from 36 to 37*

saint: *grumble grumble* …can never wait for me…*grumble grumble* …always runs off on his own! *grumble grumble*
nino: sir,maybe you should pay attention to the road! uhh… sir?
nino: AHHHH! *takes control of horse* phew.

*drops heal rod*

Vincent: …

MT: if those rumors are true, this isnt going to be easy…

*heads east to area 17*

Vincent: it seems were in Arola now..

MT: i have an idea… lets do a little spying…

*Visits village just outside armory*
[Merlinus: your the prince of Zamino! here…take this and don’t hurt me! *gives a thunder tome* {choose item to drop} ]
Great Wizard! Halt! I have been sent to gather the rmaining troops, and His majesty has requested you meet him at Square 40.

(OoQ) we are goign to my casle (OoQ)

Shadow Luigi: i must to to Arola! come absol, we must help MT!

hurry up soren dont be lagging! Acoording to Shadow MT is in trouble lets move! ‘heads to 16’
Soren: once again can we trust them. how do we know its not a trap?
Dragoon:Because King Mario is one of my greatest friends and Shadow just under him in those regards. I feel nay I know I can trust them!
Soren:(mutters) foolish human!
Dragoon: what was that?
Soren:… nothing my leige.
Dragoon: Hmmm

Shadow Luigi: hmmmm we will stay here for now, by the way, Dragoon how long have you known that fello over there? Absol does not like him, can we trust him?

MT: i hear theres a village down on that island, maybe we should check it out..?

Vincent: mmm… its going to take a long time to get there…

MT: i want to see what the villagers have to say…

Vincent: they probally dont know anything, the island seems.. isolated..

MT: well… we can tell them whats happening then…?

Vincent: i.. guess…

*moves south to 18*

saint: area 40? but thats so far away! fine fine *grumble grumble*
nino: maybe…I should steer the horse?
saint: dont be absurd! im perfectly capable of- *crashes into boulder*
nino: gr-great wizard?
nino: oh boy *heads south to 38* .

heh heh. I smell fresh blood… don’t you Kabuto?

Kabuto: Yes sir. Should we move forward?

Absolutely. We must go. Head of Defense I am, but I’m certainly not an immobile unit. Heh… Looks like my training wasn’t for nothing.

(head away from soren and whispers) Dont worry about it u can trust him.Ive known soren all my life. And no offense Absol all animals that soren encounter act that way apon first meeting him please pay that sense no attention. Though I my self have found him odd at times that is just his nature. (normalvoice) I must check and see that village as i last saw MT there and they might have some news of him or other things. By the way soren isnt the village leader there somebody u know? (heads to village in area 9)

*Sorry area 10*

Shadow Luigi: ….. i’m not sure, absol has been with me all my life too, i trust him with all my life, are you sure? *walks over by soren* ahem soren is it? how long have you been with master dragoon? *thinks in head Absol would never do that, i wonder.*

Shadow Luigi: hmmm the enemy is not here, dragoon, i need to get some supplies for when the enemy comes, take my post intil i come back. *goes to area 11* .

*Heads to the village in the south*

*Drops Heal Staff for Thunder tome*
*visits village*
[cormag: they say theres a path through the mountains that wyvren lords used to take to get to Zamino. that was a long time ago though,I wonder if its still accesable? Ofcoarse you would need to have some means of flying to take it even if it was still there!]

Shadow Luigi: ahh hello? anybody in here? i need some vulenarys. Absol: …… !!! Shadow Luigi: what?!?! what is it? ohhhhh no…. the enemy is comeing closer! hurry up shop!!
[Shop keeper: if your in such a rush atleast tell me how many vulenarys you want!]

……. I’ve got a giant moat. COOL 🙂

(enters village) Hello UbZeMa u there! Answer me! Come quickly ive got to get to Arola castle!
Soren: this is a waste of time lets go back to Minta castle!
Dragoon. nay we must help our friends!
Soren:(mutters) such a fool….

saint: almost there! yeah! only a few more miles and then the fun can start!
nino: hee hee… just try to control yourself a bit…unlike last time.
saint: bah! those old fools had it coming! if they hadnt oposed me I wouldnt have needed to use force!….or wait…ah forget it!

*moves south to 39* .

*flys to area 19*

MT: eh… how much longer till we get to that island?

Vincent: about an hour…

MT: well on the bright side, at least were away from all that … noise for awhile..

*Heads to the village in the east of the square*
*visits village*
[dorcas: these are troubled times…I wonder how long the contenent will last? here, take this and leave: *gives a steel lance* {select an item to discard} ]

Shadow Luigi: i need two, and i’m in a rush so come on!

[you dont have enough room! drop an item!]

*OoC does this mean that i can buy a rex hasta if I go to an armory? I mean I am an emporer. 🙂 But really can I? OoC*

[if you have money for it…even emporers have to pay here =P ]

*moves to area 20*

MT: hmm nice place.. might stay here awhile..

Vincent: ….

*visits village*

MT: heloooo?

[Marcus: I was once a knight of arola, but I retired to this place. Arolas greatest weakness was always its bad defenses. here…use this to defend the castle *gives a dragon shield* {select an item to discard} .

*moves south to 40*

saint:there…im here! now…NOTHING will stop me from having my fun! ah hahahahaha!
Nino: shhhh! you’ll alert the enemy! we should be as quite as we-


nino: …

i’ll just take one then. Shadow Luigi: ahhhh oh no, *runs back to arola* oh i hope i’m not to late.

*OoC even in my own country? cant I get taxes to pay for it or at least get half off? I mean dont my subjects lovge and worship me. ;_; any way what about my ultimate-defense-at-random-ability =?

*Drops Iron Lance*

Now, onb to sqaure 40 to renezvous with whatever McMillian dredged up from the unwashed masses.

*Moves north to 46*

(dragoon14 Said:any way what about my ultimate-defense-at-random-ability =?

im going to keep things simple for awhile. )

saint: hmm…well this is a drab area! theres not even a village around here! I guess i’ll just sit and…ZzZzZzZ

*drops wao do*

MT: i think we’ll just stay here for a bit …

*Moves West to 40*
*Kicks Saint*
Get up! come on, WAKE UP! You lousy wizard. GET UP, BAMBI, GET UP!
Oh, hello Nino, almost didn’t see you there.

saint: Gahhh!!! IM UP, IM UP! I…eh? oh its you my prince! what shall we do now? it would seem arola is preparing to defend itself…it may be wise to attack before they have completed their defenses.

Yes, of course. McMillian should be arriving soo with the rest of the soldiers. Here he is now. All Twenty Thousand soldiers of the royal Storm Troopers. MOVE OUT!

*The whole army including myself moves west to 33*

Shadow Luigi: dragoon! i’m back, hmmmmm soren? Absol: !!! Shadow Luigi: thats it soren whats with you?? grrrr i’ll kill you here and now! *attacks soren*

[SoS: first of all you cant attack assistants unless the role player dies, second Minta is Arolas ally so you cant attack him]

*Whole army moves north to 32*
Well, great Wizard, what news of rite do you have?

Vincent: we should track the enemy…

MT: fine…

*flys to area 27*

*Whole army heads east to 25, skirting around the forest.* the target is in sight.

What are you doing!? *uses flame lance to attack Shadow Luigi from 2 spaces away* soren get out of here now! what gotten into you Shadow your King will hear of this! *heads with soren to the village*
Whew that was close what did u do to provoke him into attacking u?
Soren:… I did nothing he talked to that animal of his and then attacked. That animal is controlling him.
Dragoon: Preposterous. We will go see the king and if that MT would show up we might be able to rally an army in case Arola attacks. Hm I wonder why i havnt heard any word from King Mario.
Soren: I told u we must see to our own defenses before we see to others. This is what happens when u dont listen to me.
Dragoon: Silence I must see the village leader and talk to him about preparations. I feel a war coming.

[SoS: forget the attack happened, SL’s nuts @_@ ]

MT: !!! uh.. Vincent… were kinda.. trapped…

Vincent: blast.. it would be foolish to try to fight all of them..

MT: we have to make it to the capital…

Vincent: we’ll take a longer, but safer route

*heads back to area 20*

*Army heads west to the capital and attacks it. Killing all NPCs and taking it with ease because there are no Player Characters to defend it.*

What is the death count?

Soldier: all but a handful of the enemy is dead, thre were a few that escaped. We lost 100.

Out of 20,000, some 100 isn’t bad. Fortify the defenses!

*goes to area 19*

MT: i can see them… looks like castle Arola has fallen.. the same mustn’t happen to Minta

*travels to area 33*
saint: hmmm….what is that nino?
nino: it seems to be a pegusus……yup, a pegusus knight!
saint: hmmmmmmmmm…that could prove bothersome! send a messenger to the prince! tell him I might be slightly delayed.
nino: yes sir! by the way…um….
saint: yes?
nino: castle arola is already…its kinda…
saint: huh? out with it!
nino: the prince has already captured it! all thats left is the king! *hides* … … sir?


(OoC) sorry about that dragoon, the roll playing was getting boring so i wanted to do something, and SoS said i can’t so i’m sorry (OoC)

Shadow Luigi: haaaa haaaaa….. so–ren. you, grrrrrr, ahhhhh! dra—-goon, i can feel what Absol is feeling, and its ohhhh—- dragoon, you must help the king,, argggg before, i can’t,,,,,,, grrrrr, hurry master dragoon before i……….. GO!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

*flys north to area 18*

MT: forget the safe route! we have to get to the capital now..

Vincent: were going to have to try slipping past the enemy soldiers..

Shadow luigi: AhHhhh………. oh……. go to the king, you must not fail, you must not, ohhhh whats happening, OHHHHHH!!!!!!!! can’t, Absol do you hate him so……. Soren,,,, ohhhh whats, AHHHHHH SOREN!!!! *runs to castle arola*

*flys into area 17*

Vincent: ok.. just passed the enemy, just a bit more, and we’ll be at the capital

Oh hello, little pegasus knight. You WON’T be going to the capital today.

*Attacks MT with Vague Katti*
[does not critical, deals 16 damage, leaving MT at 9 HP]
[MT used a dragon shield, dropping the damage from powerful to strong,leaving MT at 19 HP]

Were is that village leader! Huh is that MT?! The prince of Zamino! Come Soren. Prince your quarrel is with me not my vassel.
*attackes from 2 spaces away*
[deals 15 damage to,leaving ShNi with 15 HP]
Soren go check on MT and get him out of here!
Soren: Yes my Lord.
Dragoon: what is going on that the prince must attack another nation?

McMillian, take care of the obnoxious King.

*Mcmillian moves adjacent to Dragoon 14 and attacks*
[Mcmillian is incapable of damaging dragoon 14!]

[ooc: do automaticly counter attack when were attacked up close]
[if you are attacked you can choose to 1) attack and then flee, or 2) attack again]

*after being attacked uses dragon shield*

MT: ugh.. Vincent.. were not ready for this yet..

Vincent: this is too risky, we retreat.. for now

MT: the forest.. it should slow the enemy down, where as we can get through it faster..

Vincent: what happends if we seize the enemys castle?

*moves to area 24 and uses vulinary*
[MT is at 25 health]

*travels north to 32*

saint: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I can hear it! It…Its…
nino: ! what…what is it?
saint: everybodys having fun except me!
nino: … well…we are almost there…
saint: *drinking coffee* im not gonna miss anything this time! I want atleast 1000 of them!
nino: ok ok… *mumbling* i hate when he drinks coffee

Ha Prince you think you can best me !!!! Well let’s if this changes your mind *attacks SN from 2 spaces away*

[shinigami ninja is dead]

Shadow Luigi: arggggg, i’ll ohhhhhhhhhhhh king, i must help you, *goes infront of Mario64* here *gives him a vulinary* say behind me.

*moves to area 25 and uses vulinary*

MT: ah! the prince is no match for are emperor!

Vincent: best if we stay out of this fight, we wouldnt stand much of a chance anyways

MT: we’ll stick around, make sure no mages ty to fight the emperor, fighting against magic is are specialty!

Shadow Luigi: master Mario, i’m sorry but i must go get you something to fend yourself, i’ll go outside use that vulinary if needed. *goes to area 25*

*moves to area 26*

MT: gotta get some supplys soon

Shadow Luigi: haaaa, haaaaa. owww, this forest is hard. i’ll have to stop here. *Absol and Shadow Luigi rests by a tree* ahhhh…. master Mario, i’ll get you something, i know it.

Now how best to proceed?

*McMillian returns to the castle.*

*moves to area 19*

MT: this might take awhile…

What want more! hahaha! feel my rightious flame!!!
*attacks SN again from 2 spaces away(this is not connected to the earlier attack)*

*moves to engage dragoon*
*Attacks dragoon with vague katti*
I slice you!!

[you died…you cant attack 😉 ]

saint: prince! ah! I warned him! dont go running off after the enemy I said! watch your enemy closely I said! wait for me I said! but did he listen? nooooooo. …well…the least we can do is help mcmillian out of there…are you ready nino?
nino: ready sir!

*equips flame lance and travels to area 25*

Shadow Luigi: ah ahHHHHH!!!! what are you doing here???? AHHHH!!! *runs to area 32*
AHHHHHH!!!! i have to get away, oh….. that was to close. Absol, to you feel it too? oh no, the kings castle is being attacked.

Well, crap. I guess revenge will have to wait. Hurry and summon the Magna Daemonicum, Grand Wizard.

*runs to area 40*

Shadow Luigi: i have to get to the armory, its so close. ohhhhh.. Absol: !!!absol! Shadow Luigi: what is it? oh no the person is comeing!!!

we must get to Minta castle let’s go soren.*heads area 8* MT!! get over here and make sure the wizard Saint doesn’t cast that spell!
OoC you said there were stat boosts in forest mountain areas right like +10 avoid. is there one for castles and if so what is it? OoC
[gain 5 HP each turn you remain on a castle and +2 DEF]

*goes in area 47*
*goes in armory*

Shadow: hello? yeah i need a wo dao. i’m in a hurry to so come on!

(OoC) i did give my item to mario so i have room now (OoC)

*moves to area 12*

MT: the prince has been defeated!

Vincent: now we can head back to the emporer, what area is he in?

*moves to area 18 and attacks mario upclose with flame lance*

saint:ha ha! I have a hostage! come anywhere near me and….well…figure it out!
nino: wheres Mcmillian?
saint: good question… HEY MCMILLIAN! HURRY UP AND GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! …think he heard?
nino: ….probably.

Shadow Luigi: oh no! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! hes being attacked. mmmm….. heh heh heh……. i don’t need him, heh heh heh… no what am i saying! AHHHHH!! what is this?!?!? AHHHHHHhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh heh heh….. arggg… *runs to area 40*

*goes to area 11*

MT: so the king of Arola has been captured, oh well.. hes not my king, no use in getting myself killed over it..

Vincent: … we’ll stay here awhile.

MT: mmm

Shadow Luigi: ahhh nooo! *runs to area 32* i have to save him i’ll do anything i’ll even give my life.

Huh mario has been capturd we must help rescue him *heads area 15*

saint: but…hes down here! ah forget it…
nino: it would be wise to attack the remaining enemys…as for the king…I can stay and keep watch…
saint: but thats too…
nino: I know what might happen…but it may be the only way to win the war…
saint: …
nino:… … …
nino: guess his coffee ran out…oh well… *sits down* .

*goes in forest*

Shadow Luigi: ahhh no i can’t belive it. huh? is that? dragoon??? OH NO, get out of there he will kill the king if you don’t stop!

*ominous chuckle* such meager combatants. I wish to see more carnage. Let’s head south, Eh, Kabuto?


Silent as ever. Oh well. He’s a good healer in any case. Good thing I know some ways… oh, fudge. Blocked by rocks. Ok… Looks like we have to take the normal route. *Heads south*

(Ooc) sorry UZM, but you can’t heal in here. well, you can but YOU have to be a bishop and have an S on staffs and an E on light tomes. and Kabuto does not even have a heal staff anyways. i just wanted to tell you. (OoC)

*runs to area 25*

Shadow Luigi:ha haaaa haaaa.. argggg its him! ohhhh ahhha! i’ll seek in to the castle and i’ll save him!

(ooc)I was talking about things that don’t involve battle, like scrapes bruises cuts and the occasional sprain or broken bone(ooc) *beats out from underbrush* *sigh* I will never understand why the emperor wanted a forest for natural protection… oh, what do you know? A village is west of us. *heads west*

(OoC) i think bruises and that are still like that, but if you are talking about when you go in battle then you can’t but if you do that for like bushs then that fine. (OoC)

MT: …

Vincent: …

MT: *finishes combing Vincents hair* done.. were staying here awhile.. and see what the village leader can do… we could head over and sieze castle Zamino, but then Arola would be out a king.. hmm hmm hmm, what to do, what to do?

MT: on secont thought.. were too close to castle arola, i want to be a safe distance away..

*moves to area 12*

Dang it Sage Saint is coming were is MT? Hey is that… yes it is thats UZM/Orochimaru! Finally there you are what are you doing! Hey your a Sage, perfect I need you to go battle that Sage over there! I would battle him normally but… im not to good with magic attacks so you engage and ill get MT for back up support.Good luck my friend. *moves area 1*

(actually im a paladin 🙂 )

saint: I grow tired of this…we’re leaving nino!
nino: but what about the king? arn’t you afraid he’ll escape?
saint: who cares? if we seize control of Minta palace we win this war!
nino: ah…I see.
saint now lets go! *moves north to area 17*

[Ooc: Saints a paladin, with a REX HASTA 0_0” *scarey music plays* quite dangerous for us low DEF units(me: peg knight, vincent: mage), im only good agenst his assistant]

*moves to area 19*

MT: …

Shadow Luigi: *runs to area 18* haaa haaa hahaaaa. almost there. haaaaaaa…… huh? is that talking?

*whoops ^_^* wait thats just his assistant! ahhh lets go then *heads area 15* I could still use UZM/Orochimaru’s help. I guess it cant be helped. *attacks SOS with flame lance*
[deals 11 damage,leaving saint at 24 HP]

*goes to area 18*

MT: *sigh* and i could of had my own empire.. just no more time to do so… pity..

Vincent: .. what will happen after the remaining soldiers of Zamino fall?

MT: mmm…?

Shadow Luigi: *runs in the castle* Mario64 i— huh? what is a little girl doing here? hmmmm i don’t wish to fight you. move. or i will have to use force!

saint: fool! i’ll teach you not to play with magic!
*counter attacks dragoon14*
(deals 15 damage, leaving dragoon14 at 25 HP)
and now again!
*attacks dragoon14*
(deals 15 damage, leaving dragoon14 at 10 HP)

run run or you’ll be well done!

*moves to area 16*

*trys to talk to Saint*

*goes by the Mario64*

SL: haaaa king oh your hurt. *gives Mario wa do* ahhh i’ll help you. *goes in front of Mario64* you must live!

I may not be able to go across water, but I can attack from over it!!! *attacks SoS* Air Calibur, go!… Ooc I think that was a bit pokemonish… Ooc

(@UZM:im not in the water, im on area 16)

saint: eh? oh its you…the little falco knight and that creepy mage of yours. well wadaya want? did you come here to try and kill us? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Vincent: mmnn

MT: make us an offer..

SL: hmmmm i must. *goes to area 18* i’m comeing for you SOS!

blast we must go Soren move *RUNS away*

oh…. stupid binoculars, I should have learned by now nt to use them. They always distort vision, cursed things. And who are YOU calling creepy, you impertinet fool?! (Ooc Sos, I ordered a flash tome in the shop for Kabuto Ooc) *attacks Sos, and if you happen to give poor Kabuto his flash tome, then he attacks too!*
[deals 7 damage]

…. *beady look in my eyes* (Ooc I just want to personify the mood of the RP, so hold on Ooc)

*uses Minta clan spell to make voice bigger* EVERYBODY! COME TO SQUARE 16 SO WE MAY BATTLE SOS!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saint:an offer for what? to join zamino? lets see,lets see…how about..I wont kill you, and when we reclaim arola you will be its ruler. we’ll talk about promotions later.

and now,I bid thee farewell,emporer! *moves to area 15*
*attacks dragoon14 with Flame Lance*
[deals 15 damage, dragoon14 is dead]

oh uh,btw,if you die you can still control your assistants.

*goes to area 16*

SL: ahhh i’m comeing for you!!!

*Goes to square 16, and attacks with the Wa Do* HIYYYA! (and any other battle cry you can think of)

MT: yes, i’ll join zamino

(@ mario: the only person on 16 is SL 😕 )

saint: very well then, your first task is to kill that foolish swordmaster (whose at 18HP btw) and arola is all yours! *uses vulenary* that general hurt me a bit, the nerve of some desperate kings!
[Saint is now at 34HP]
*works on moving north*

MT: very well…
*heads to area 16*
MT: for zamino!
*attacks mario*
[critical hit, Mt deals 76 damage to mario64mario]
[mario is dead]

SL: AHHHHHH *attacks MT*
[deals 7 damage, MT is at 18HP]

Soren: traitors! My KIng I will avenge you! *Attacks Saintfrom 2 spaces away*
[deals 6 damage,leaving saint at 21HP]
OoC have you ever lost an RP SOS?OoC

*uses delphi shield*
*moves to area 23 and uses vullinary*
[MT is at 25HP]

MT: ugh, were going to have to ambush him!

Vincent: what about the last of mintas soldiers?

MT: i wont kill them, i have no grudge against them, i just want us to have our own empire…

(@ dragoon14: this is the first real role-playing on FE Blog, the previous ones were all rather random. so I guess yes and no ^_^ )

saint: you pathetic little cretin! *counter atacks soren for 5 damage*
[soren is at 13HP]
moves south to area 16 and uses vulenary*
[saint is now at 31HP]

*goes to area 23*

SL: haaaaa *attacks MT*
[attacks twice, deals 14 damage. MT is at 11 HP]

Soren: *Move to minta castle and uses vulinary*
[soren is at 18HP] My king……
Mt! you said you wanted your own empire right! then why did you go and help destroy the very kingdom you were to inherate? Now you shall only rule by fear and destruction and your people plot to kill you while you sleep. Come back now and redeem yourself! Or forever be despised and hated and know you helped kill yur own Father!

*uses delphi shield*
[delphi shield has one use left!]

*uses vullinary*
[MT is at 22HP]

*moves to area 24*

MT: cant keep this up!

Vincent: the forest should slow him down, what will you do about Sorens offer?

MT: nothing can be done until i reach minta castle(OoC: due to rules, i have to be on the same area to talk to you) my delphi shield wont last forever… but yet, were no match for that wizard

SL: *moves to forest* i’m comeing for you MT. you killed my king!

*moves back to area 24*

MT: were going in circles because of that blasted sniper! i’ll kill him first then worry about what were going to do. he’d probally still try to kill me if i went back to minta anyways

*MT attacks SL*
[critical hit! critical negated by SL iron rune! MT deals 14 damage, SL is at 16HP]

*moves south to area 17*

saint: hmm…ignore that cur! tell you what…go on to zamino castle, I highly doubt mr. sniper will follow you that far. in addition, you’ll have the castle all to your self! I even heard there are a few villages left around there.I can handle the remaining fools myself!
nino: SL! surrender now or face death!

SL: argg what do you want? you will not truly let me live…… *uses Elixer* ahhhhhh what do you want??? i guess it does not matter. my king is dead. all hope is gone… the land will soon be ruled by dark……ness…. do what you want…..

[ooc: on my last post i ment 23, how can one be on area 24 and move back to area 24 0_o’)

MT: that should slow them down for a bit

Vincent: mmm

*moves to area 22*

SL: min….ta is doomed…….. ohhhhh UZM, you have to save it now. because i’m going after MT. i will die but…. *moves to area 22 and attacks MT* (OoC) if i did anything wrong then sorry. (OoC)

Soren: Cureses he probably didn’t hear me! Gah that Saint is the problem I think I see how the prince could do such things. YOU are the one pulling the Princes strings aren’t you Saint!? And with Lord Dragoon the one who killed him yu must be angry that he upset your plots to rule the continent! AM I RIGHT? And now you wish revenge on him and his people so you try and take Minta’s prince to control. I won’t let that happen. UZM Come quickly to the castle I have something I need to give you!

saint: heh heh heh…your close little mage, however…my plans have only gone…as planed! AH HAHAHAHAHA!

[The Great Wizard casts a spell of revival]
come forth my prince…you…and all your new power as well! AH HA HA HA!
[The Prince Of Zamino has become The Dark Warlock of Zamino]

the broken treaty will continue either later this month or next month

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